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Abstracts of old newspapers

Jan Bennett has abstracted two reels of microfilm on The McKinney Enquirer and Miscellaneous Newspapers.
These films are not at the Plano library

available issues:

Reminiscences of 1862, J. Horn
***NEW***McKinney Messenger Feb 28 and Nov 13 1868
***NEW***McKinney Enquirer Sept 11 1869
McKinney Messenger Vol 14 June 19 1869 through Apr 30 1870
1870 recipes from the Messenger
***NEW***McKinney Messenger June 1870
***NEW***McKinney Enquirer April 15 1871
***NEW*** McKinney Enquirer April 29 1871
***NEW***McKinney Enquirer May 6 1871
***NEW*** McKinney Messenger June 24 1871
McKinney Enquirer September 11, 1869 through July 1871
Settlement and Indian Encounters
McKinney Messenger Vol 16 June 24 1871 through Apr 20 1872
McKinney Messenger Vol 17 June 8 1872 through July 31 1873
McKinney Messenger Vol 18 Aug 28 through Dec 25 1873
McKinney Messenger Vol 18 Feb 12 through Mar 19 1874
Free schools and Teachers 1880
Churches in McKinney 1880
Jan 5 1878 through Dec 11, 1880
History of Early Communities
Businessmen in McKinney 1880
Dec 9, 1882 to April 21, 1883
May 5, 1883 - concerns Confederate Reunion, and has many names and locations
Delinquent Tax List 1882 - from May 12, 1883 issue
May 12, 1883 to July 21, 1883
Aug 4, 1883 to Dec 22, 1883
True story 1884
Delinquent Tax List 1885 - from June 12, 1886 issue
Jan 5, 1884 - Oct 30, 1886
McKinney Gazette May - December 1886
McKinney Gazette Jan 1887
Daily Gazette 1889
Daily Gazette 1890
Sep 30, 1893 - Dec 23, 1893
Daily Gazette 1897
Daily Gazette Christmas Issue 1897
Semi-Weekly Courier 1899
Daily Gazette 1899
Daily Gazette July 27 1899
African American References from several issues
includes articles of Collin county interest and articles printed in the paper which were copied from other papers
Humor in the News
***NEW ***McKinney Gazette June 2 1900
Available issues of The McKinney Daily Courier, April 1898 - March 1901.
The Democrat, November 13 1884 - July 4, 1901
more from The Democrat July 11, 1901 to August 1901
McKinney Gazette Dec 25 1903
African American References 1901-1905
The Democrat 1905
Obituary of an Ex Slave, Jake Chamberlain, age 107, 1905
A collection of Obituaries
More Obituaries
More Obituaries
McKinney Examiner 1908
Last Legal Hanging in Collin County 1909
Collapse of Building 1913
and the rest of the news from that issue.
Teachers attending Institute Sept 1913
McKinney Democrat Gazette 1917
***NEW ***Draft Exempt Men 21 through 30 Yrs Old in 1917
The Southern Jerseyite 1920.
McKinney Examiner Apr 1922
McKinney Examiner Dec 1922
McKinney Examiner Sept 1925
McKinney Democrat-Gazette Anniversary issue 1934
Boyd High School, McKinney, 1934
Boyd High School, McKinney, 1935
McKinney Examiner 1936
Meyer Levy, owner of property which includes Collinsworth cemetery died

These are not in chronological order

Jan's Poem to her Ancestors

If you find anything on these transcriptions please email her and let her know how much you appreciate her efforts
email:Jan Bennett

Members are encouraged to submit an ahnentafel chart for submission to the quarterly
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Using the Civil War CD ROM at Haggard Library
article by Myrna Wells

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