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(--------), Catherine (marriage to John Sutton) (i8461), b.1762-d.1813
(--------), Charlotte (marriage to Samuel C. Doty) (i7876), b.1876-d.1959
(--------), Margaret (marriage to Moses Martin) (i7499)
(--------), Mary (marriage to Henry Sutton) (i8456), b.1768-d.1818
(--------), Mary (marriage to Zebulon Sutton) (i3973), b.1712-
(--------), Zerviah (marriage to Mulford Martin) (i7509)


ADAMSON, John (marriage to Elizabeth Sutton Doty) (i226), d.1881


ALLEN, Elizabeth (marriage to Joseph Doty) (i3975), b.1784-d.1806


APGAR, Helen W. (marriage to Clarence Raymond Griggs) (i2648), b.1888-d.1980


AUGER, Susanna (marriage to Joseph Martin) (i7455)


AXTELL, Stephen D. (marriage to Nancy C. Sutton) (i6622), b.1820-


BABBITT, William (marriage to Elizabeth Ann Sutton) (i6579)


BAKER, Christiana F. (marriage to Samuel S. Doty) (i84), b.1816-d.1855


BEACH, Julia Ann (marriage to James Sutton) (i6581), b.1800-d.1862


BEARDSLEE, Martha (marriage to Nathan Sutton) (i8467)


BECKER, Dorothy (marriage to Richard Tice Bunnell) (i7437)


BEDELL, Sarah (marriage to Stephen Sutton) (i598), d.1807


BLACKFORD, Benjamin (i8113), b.1713-
BLACKFORD, Benjamin (i8154)
BLACKFORD, Daniel (i8115), b.1716-
BLACKFORD, Daniel (i8117), b.1719-
BLACKFORD, Daniel (i8118), b.1720-
BLACKFORD, Daniel (marriage to Ruth Hull) (i8108)
BLACKFORD, Isaiah (i8153)
BLACKFORD, Jeremiah (marriage to Zerviah Martin) (i8157)
BLACKFORD, John (marriage to Hannah Martin) (i8151), b.1713-d.1786
BLACKFORD, Joseph (i8114), b.1713-
BLACKFORD, Kezia (i8109), b.1704-
BLACKFORD, Mary (i8152)
BLACKFORD, Mercy (i8110), b.1705-
BLACKFORD, Rachel (i8112), b.1709-
BLACKFORD, Rebecca (i8111), b.1707-
BLACKFORD, Ruth (i8119), b.1723-
BLACKFORD, Samuel (i8116), b.1718-


BOCKOVEN, Jane (marriage to Nathaniel Doty) (i611), b.1767-d.1850


BOCKOVER, Elizabeth (marriage to Uriah Sutton) (i103), b.1751-d.1815


BONHAM, Benjamin (i8165)
BONHAM, Nehemiah (i8166)
BONHAM, Nehemiah (marriage to Elizabeth Martin) (i8162), b.1703-
BONHAM, Zedekiah (marriage to Anna Martin) (i8163), b.1707-
BONHAM, Zerviah (i8164)


BROWN, Ann (marriage to John Martin) (i1699)


BUNNELL, Catherine May (i7433) (living status unknown)
BUNNELL, Dorothy Elizabeth (i1982), b.1894-d.1991
BUNNELL, Dorothy Elizabeth (i7434) (living status unknown)
BUNNELL, John Ball (i7439) (living status unknown)
BUNNELL, John Ball (marriage to Kittie M. Doty) (i1966), b.1871-d.1965
BUNNELL, June (i7435) (living status unknown)
BUNNELL, Phyllis Joan (i7438) (living status unknown)
BUNNELL, Richard Tice (i1984), b.1900-d.1976
BUNNELL, Robert Street (i1983), b.1895-d.1982
BUNNELL, Robert Street, Jr. (i7436) (living status unknown)


BURNETT, Aaron W. (i180), b.1875-d.1925
BURNETT, Edward M. (marriage to Eliza A. Doty) (i179), b.1849-d.1932


CAIN, Ethelind (marriage to Robert Street Bunnell) (i7432)


CAMPBELL, Ann (marriage to Jacob Sutton) (i8457), b.1732-d.1811
CAMPBELL, Margery Pauline (marriage to John Harvey Doty) (i117), b.1904-d.1986


CARSON, Aaron (marriage to Martha Lupton Sutton) (i6580), d.1823


COLE, Charlotte M. (marriage to John H. Doty) (i23), b.1851-d.1923


COLYER, Rachel (marriage to Jonathan Sutton) (i581), b.1740-d.1810


COMPTON, Abigail (marriage to Stephen Sutton) (i600), b.1786-d.1859
COMPTON, Jonathan (i8168), b.1706-
COMPTON, Jonathan (marriage to Esther (Easter) Martin) (i7471), b.1674-


CONKLIN, Charlotte Elizabeth (i7421) (living status unknown)
CONKLIN, Harriet Marie (i7422) (living status unknown)
CONKLIN, Joseph (marriage to Harriet May Doty) (i7420)


CONKLING, Luther (marriage to Rebecca Sutton) (i6574)


COOK, Benjamin (marriage to Ruth Sutton) (i604)
COOK, John B. (marriage to Martha Haines Doty) (i3970), b.1820-


DAVISON, Mary (marriage to Abner Sutton) (i573), b.1742-d.1798


DECKER, Rose (marriage to George Sutton Wright) (i7873)


DOTY, (female) (i6029), b.1851-d.1851
DOTY, Agnes (i214), b.1852-
DOTY, Albert C. (i168), b.1852-d.1854
DOTY, Amidee (i243), b.1839-d.1839
DOTY, Ann (i207), b.1801-d.1865
DOTY, Ann B. (i3976), b.1805-d.1841
DOTY, Anna M. (i221), b.1836-
DOTY, Barnabus (marriage to Elizabeth Sutton) (i82), b.1771-d.1835
DOTY, Barnet (i237), b.1824-d.1862
DOTY, Catherine (i2030), b.1898-
DOTY, Charles Raymond (i176), b.1869-d.1870
DOTY, Charlotte Burnett (i173), b.1864-d.1944
DOTY, Daniel Southard (i210), b.1808-
DOTY, David Douglass (i217), b.1860-
DOTY, Edith (i119), b.1931-d.1932
DOTY, Edith Gladys (i2), b.1902-d.1959
DOTY, Edward Milton (i16), b.1874-d.1953
DOTY, Edward Wilbur (i172), b.1862-d.1863
DOTY, Edwin Alonzo (i222), b.1838-
DOTY, Eliza A. (i166), b.1845-d.1917
DOTY, Elizabeth (i220), b.1834-
DOTY, Elizabeth (i3981), b.1810-d.1853
DOTY, Elizabeth (marriage to David Martin) (i400), b.1695-
DOTY, Elizabeth Sutton (i208), b.1803-d.1868
DOTY, Elizabeth Sutton (i238), b.1827-d.1856
DOTY, Emma (i6026), b.1851-d.1857
DOTY, Fannie C. (i4114), b.1866-d.1868
DOTY, Frederic P. (i165), b.1841-d.1861
DOTY, Gaius Halsey Leonard (i236), b.1823-d.1853
DOTY, George Searing (i174), b.1867-d.1929
DOTY, George Wood (i164), b.1838-d.1906
DOTY, Grace M. (i63), b.1877-d.1880
DOTY, Harriet May (i1985), b.1892-
DOTY, Helen Searing (i1987), b.1896-d.1954
DOTY, Jacqueline (i118), b.1930-d.1956
DOTY, Jesse M. (i3971), b.1849-d.1873
DOTY, John H. (i22), b.1844-d.1937
DOTY, John Harvey (i47), b.1907-d.1983
DOTY, John Rankin (i215), b.1854-
DOTY, Jonathan (i386), b.1756-d.1854
DOTY, Jonathan (i3978), b.1792-
DOTY, Jonathan (marriage to Patience Sutton) (i379), b.1724-d.1810
DOTY, Joseph (i389), b.1764-d.1811
DOTY, Joseph (i3979), b.1799-
DOTY, Joseph Harvey (i209), b.1806-
DOTY, Joseph Thompson Leonard (i241), b.1834-d.1866
DOTY, Kittie M. (i175), b.1872-d.1949
DOTY, Lydia Ann Leonard (i239), b.1828-d.1851
DOTY, Martha (i224), b.1845-
DOTY, Martha Haines (i235), b.1820-d.1852
DOTY, Mary Alward (i216), b.1858-
DOTY, Milton Shipman (i44), b.1894-d.1972
DOTY, Miranda (i279)
DOTY, Myra Charlotte (i150), b.1896-d.1908
DOTY, Myrtle Cole (i45), b.1896-d.1903
DOTY, Nathaniel (i388), b.1761-d.1848
DOTY, Olive (i123), b.1935-d.1992
DOTY, Olive Grace (i46), b.1900-d.1981
DOTY, Olive J. (i62), b.1871-
DOTY, Phebe (i206), b.1798-d.1822
DOTY, Phebe Elizabeth (i1986), b.1894-
DOTY, Rebecca (i391), b.1770-
DOTY, Robert (i6027), b.1856-d.1858
DOTY, Samuel C. (i61), b.1869-d.1958
DOTY, Samuel Dunham (i223), b.1841-d.1876
DOTY, Samuel S. (i70), b.1814-d.1871
DOTY, Sarah Emily (i6028), b.1862-d.1863
DOTY, Sarah Maria (i240), b.1831-d.1846
DOTY, Stella May (i219), b.1867-
DOTY, Stephen (i211), b.1811-d.1834
DOTY, Stephen (i245), b.1843-d.1863
DOTY, Stephen (marriage to Anna Sutton) (i276), b.1784-d.1843
DOTY, Tobias Hall (i3977), b.1789-d.1850
DOTY, Uriah Sutton (i205), b.1796-d.1883
DOTY, Uriah Sutton (i242), b.1836-d.1859
DOTY, William (i390), b.1767-d.1833
DOTY, William (i3972), b.1851-
DOTY, William Henry (i218), b.1864-
DOTY, William Henry (i244), b.1840-d.1846
DOTY, William O. (i167), b.1849-d.1913
DOTY, Zebulon (i387), b.1758-d.1818


DOUGLASS, David A. (marriage to Ann Doty) (i225)
DOUGLASS, Harvey (i230)
DOUGLASS, Perrine (i231)
DOUGLASS, Samuel (i232)


DRAKE, Ebenezer (marriage to Anne Dunn) (i8179)
DRAKE, Elizabeth (marriage to Hezekiah Dunham) (i8148), b.1710-
DRAKE, Jeremiah (marriage to Martha Dunn) (i8187)
DRAKE, Mary (marriage to John Martin) (i1742), b.1698-
DRAKE, Mercy (marriage to John Dunham) (i8140), b.1709-


DUNHAM, Anna (i8144), b.1734-
DUNHAM, Benajah (i1733), b.1712-
DUNHAM, Benajah (marriage to Dorothy Martin) (i1731), b.1684-d.1742
DUNHAM, Benajah (marriage to Hannah Martin) (i1733), b.1712-
DUNHAM, Daniel (marriage to Elizabeth Martin) (i7518), b.1728-
DUNHAM, Delilah (i8190), b.1738-
DUNHAM, Dorothy (i8145), b.1737-
DUNHAM, Eli (i8146), b.1739-d.1827
DUNHAM, Elijah (i8143), b.1730-
DUNHAM, Elisha (i1741), b.1728-d.1729
DUNHAM, Eliza Ann (marriage to Daniel Southard Doty) (i212), b.1807-d.1847
DUNHAM, Elizabeth (i1736), b.1715-
DUNHAM, Elizabeth (marriage to Jonathan Martin) (i7456), b.1689-d.1713
DUNHAM, Esther (i1738), b.1720-
DUNHAM, Francis (i8188), b.1735-
DUNHAM, Hannah, Smith (marriage to James Martin) (i7454)
DUNHAM, Hester (i8196), b.1743-
DUNHAM, Hezekiah (i1734), b.1707-d.1740
DUNHAM, Hezekiah (i8191), b.1740-
DUNHAM, Jemima (i8193), b.1737-
DUNHAM, John (i1732), b.1705-d.1740
DUNHAM, John (i8147), b.1740-
DUNHAM, Josiah (i8194), b.1740-
DUNHAM, Martin (i1735), b.1714-
DUNHAM, Mary (i1737), b.1717-
DUNHAM, Mary (i8195), b.1741-
DUNHAM, Nathan (i8198), b.1747-
DUNHAM, Priscilla (i1739), b.1722-
DUNHAM, Priscilla (marriage to John Martin) (i1739), b.1722-
DUNHAM, Rachel (i1740), b.1724-
DUNHAM, Rachel (i8189), b.1737-
DUNHAM, Rachel (i8197), b.1745-
DUNHAM, Ruth (marriage to James Martin) (i7516), b.1728-
DUNHAM, Sarah (i8192), b.1746-


DUNN, Anne (i1722), b.1705-
DUNN, Benjamin (i1727), b.1717-
DUNN, Elizabeth (i1723), b.1707-
DUNN, Hugh (i1721), b.1700-d.1759
DUNN, Hugh (i8178), b.1697-d.1700
DUNN, Hugh (marriage to Elizabeth Martin) (i1720), b.1678-
DUNN, Jeremiah (i1725), b.1712-
DUNN, John (i7453), b.1724-
DUNN, Kezia (i7452), b.1722-
DUNN, Martha (i1724), b.1709-
DUNN, Martha (marriage to Jonathan Martin) (i8182), b.1714-
DUNN, Phinehas (i1728), b.1719-
DUNN, Rebecca (i1730), b.1723-
DUNN, Ruth (i1729), b.1721-
DUNN, Zecharias (i1726), b.1715-


ELLSTONE, Margaret (marriage to Benjamin Martin) (i786)

Fitz Randolph

FITZ RANDOLPH, Sarah (marriage to Jonathan Smalley) (i8129), b.1682-
FITZ RANDOLPH, Temperance (marriage to John Martin) (i7486), b.1687-


FOSTER, Benjamin (marriage to Martha Sutton) (i8384)
FOSTER, Johanna (i8459), b.1753-
FOSTER, Priscilla (i8458), b.1751-
FOSTER, Sarah (i8460), b.1755-


GARDENER, Mercy (marriage to Benjamin Smalley) (i8174)


GRIGGS, Charles W. (marriage to Charlotte Burnett Doty) (i2646), b.1861-
GRIGGS, Clarence Raymond (i2647), b.1886-d.1974
GRIGGS, Lois (i3415), b.1913-


HALL, Ann (marriage to Joseph Doty) (i3974), b.1770-d.1804
HALL, Justinian (marriage to Mary Martin) (i1686)


HIGGINS, Rebecca (marriage to Thomas Martin) (i789), b.1666-d.1715


HILL, Elizabeth (i228)
HILL, James I. (marriage to Phebe Doty) (i227)
HILL, Thomas (i229)


HOLTON, John (marriage to Martha Runyon) (i8106)


HORTON, Persis (marriage to Joseph Pierson Sutton) (i6573), b.1802-d.1858


HOWELL, Anna (marriage to Uriah Sutton) (i6630), b.1785-d.1842


HULL, Abigail (i1692), b.1681-
HULL, Benjamin (i1698), b.1693-
HULL, Esther (i1689), b.1674-
HULL, Hopestill (i1688), b.1672-
HULL, Hopewell (i1695), b.1685-
HULL, Hopewell (marriage to Mary Martin) (i1579), d.1693
HULL, Joseph (i1697), b.1690-
HULL, Lydia (i1696), b.1687-
HULL, Martha (i1690), b.1677-
HULL, Mary (i1687), b.1670-d.1757
HULL, Ruth (i1691), b.1679-d.1682
HULL, Ruth (i1693), b.1683-d.1683
HULL, Ruth (i1694), b.1684-


KENNAN, Phoebe (marriage to Peter Sutton) (i633)


KERR, Mary (marriage to Tobias Hall Doty) (i3982), b.1796-d.1853


KINSLEY, Louisa E. (marriage to Henry Horton Sutton) (i6627), b.1838-d.1922


LADNER, Anna (marriage to Peter Martin) (i7517)


LANGSTAFF, Henry (i1702), b.1676-d.1676
LANGSTAFF, Henry (i1707), b.1686-
LANGSTAFF, John (i1705), b.1682-d.1682
LANGSTAFF, John (i1709), b.1691-
LANGSTAFF, John (marriage to Martha Martin) (i1701), b.1647-d.1707
LANGSTAFF, Lucilla (i1703), b.1677-
LANGSTAFF, Mary (i1704), b.1679-d.1689
LANGSTAFF, Mary (i1708), b.1689-
LANGSTAFF, Mary (marriage to Henry Sutton) (i593), b.1725-d.1819
LANGSTAFF, Priscilla (i517), b.1694-d.1762
LANGSTAFF, Sarah (i1706), b.1683-


LEONARD, Martha Haines (marriage to Uriah Sutton Doty) (i234), b.1796-d.1854


LEWIS, Mary (marriage to Zebulon Sutton) (i588), d.1856


LOUGHRY, Rebecca (marriage to Thomas Sutton) (i1945), b.1787-


MARSH, Elizabeth Armstrong (marriage to Uriah Sutton Doty) (i233), b.1793-d.1878


MARSHALL, Edward Nash (marriage to Edith Gladys Doty) (i28), b.1901-d.1929
MARSHALL, Robert Edward (i29) (still alive)


MARTIN, Abigail (i799), b.1691-d.1694
MARTIN, Abigail (i7462), b.1704-
MARTIN, Ann (i7466), b.1715-
MARTIN, Ann (i7476), b.1720-
MARTIN, Anna (i7491), b.1714-
MARTIN, Anne (i795), b.1705-
MARTIN, Benajah (i1744), b.1719-
MARTIN, Benajah (i7511), b.1742-
MARTIN, Benjamin (i777), b.1656-
MARTIN, Benjamin (i782), b.1681-d.1682
MARTIN, Benjamin (i784), b.1685-d.1757
MARTIN, Benjamin (i7489), b.1709-
MARTIN, Catharine (i7482), b.1735-
MARTIN, Catharine (i7510), b.1734-
MARTIN, Daniel (i7470), b.1708-
MARTIN, David (i413), b.1696-
MARTIN, Dorothy (i725), b.1686-
MARTIN, Edmond (i7460), b.1702-
MARTIN, Elizabeth (i415), b.1718-
MARTIN, Elizabeth (i724), b.1681-
MARTIN, Elizabeth (i7480), b.1730-
MARTIN, Elizabeth (i7490), b.1711-
MARTIN, Ephraim (i7464), b.1709-
MARTIN, Esther (i722), b.1678-d.1678
MARTIN, Esther (i723), b.1679-d.1682
MARTIN, Esther (i7492), b.1716-
MARTIN, Esther (Easter) (i783), b.1683-
MARTIN, Gershom (i1657), b.1691-
MARTIN, Gideon (i7512), b.1745-
MARTIN, Grace (i7467), b.1717-
MARTIN, Hannah (i7465), b.1711-
MARTIN, Hannah (i7493), b.1718-d.1784
MARTIN, Hannah (marriage to Benajah Dunham) (i7465), b.1711-
MARTIN, Hezekiah (i1747), b.1716-
MARTIN, Hezekiah (i7515), b.1737-
MARTIN, Isaac (i1656), b.1689-
MARTIN, Jacob (i792), b.1698-
MARTIN, Jacob (i7484), b.1741-
MARTIN, James (i728), b.1669-d.1677
MARTIN, James (i797), b.1680-
MARTIN, James (i7463), b.1705-
MARTIN, James (i7478), b.1724-
MARTIN, Jeremiah (i796), b.1711-
MARTIN, Jeremiah (i8469)
MARTIN, Joan (i416), b.1720-
MARTIN, Joanna (i1749), b.1721-
MARTIN, John (i718), b.1620-d.1687
MARTIN, John (i720), b.1650-d.1703
MARTIN, John (i726), b.1691-d.1721
MARTIN, John (i790), b.1683-
MARTIN, John (i1745), b.1721-
MARTIN, John (i1748), b.1718-
MARTIN, John (i7473), b.1715-
MARTIN, John (marriage to Priscilla Dunham) (i7473), b.1715-
MARTIN, Jonathan (i785), b.1688-d.1768
MARTIN, Jonathan (i7459), b.1709-d.1780
MARTIN, Joseph (i776), b.1652-
MARTIN, Joseph (i798), b.1683-
MARTIN, Joshua (i7503), b.1734-d.1793
MARTIN, Joshua (Josiah) (i800), b.1698-
MARTIN, Lydia (i775), b.1654-
MARTIN, Margaret (i7501), b.1727-
MARTIN, Margaret (i7506), b.1764-
MARTIN, Martha (i1700), b.1648-d.1694
MARTIN, Martha (i7474), b.1716-
MARTIN, Mary (i787), b.1691-
MARTIN, Mary (i1578), b.1646-
MARTIN, Mary (Mercy) (i7458), b.1707-d.1758
MARTIN, Mercy (i7475), b.1718-
MARTIN, Moses (i801), b.1701-
MARTIN, Moses (i7508), b.1770-
MARTIN, Mulford (i7495), b.1713-
MARTIN, Nathaniel (i8158)
MARTIN, Patience (i98), b.1684-d.1724
MARTIN, Patience (i1750), b.1728-
MARTIN, Peter (i788), b.1693-d.1756
MARTIN, Peter (i7479), b.1727-
MARTIN, Peter (i8159)
MARTIN, Prudence (i7497), b.1716-
MARTIN, Rachel (i1743), b.1718-
MARTIN, Rachel (i7481), b.1733-
MARTIN, Rachel (i7488), b.1706-
MARTIN, Rachel (i7502), b.1731-
MARTIN, Rachel (i7505), b.1757-
MARTIN, Rebecca (i793), b.1700-
MARTIN, Reuben (i7513), b.1733-
MARTIN, Reune (i7507), b.1768-
MARTIN, Richard (i727), b.1694-
MARTIN, Richard (i1751), b.1730-
MARTIN, Rosanna (i7468), b.1719-
MARTIN, Rosanna (i7469), b.1721-
MARTIN, Ruben (i8471)
MARTIN, Samuel (i1655), b.1687-
MARTIN, Samuel (i7498), b.1717-
MARTIN, Sarah (i414), b.1714-
MARTIN, Sarah (i791), b.1686-
MARTIN, Sarah (i7483)
MARTIN, Sarah (i7487), b.1704-
MARTIN, Sarah (i7500), b.1723-
MARTIN, Thomas (i778), b.1659-d.1715
MARTIN, William (i7461), b.1702-
MARTIN, William (i7485)
MARTIN, Zachariah (i794), b.1702-
MARTIN, Zephaniah (i8470)
MARTIN, Zerviah (i7514), b.1736-
MARTIN, Zerviah (i8160)


MCBRIDE, Sarah (marriage to Daniel Southard Doty) (i213), b.1822-


MCFARLAND, Mary H. (marriage to Samuel C. Doty) (i149), b.1866-d.1934


MCNEILIE, Jeanette (marriage to Gaius Halsey Leonard Doty) (i3181), b.1825-


MILLER, Florence Elizabeth (marriage to Edward Milton Doty) (i17), b.1876-d.1956


MORAHAN, Anna (marriage to George Searing Doty) (i1967), b.1871-d.1920


MULFORD, Marie (marriage to Peter Martin) (i7494), b.1694-


MULLHOLE, Anna (i7431) (living status unknown)
MULLHOLE, William (i7430) (living status unknown)
MULLHOLE, William (marriage to Catherine Doty) (i7429)


MUNDY, Abigail (i8084), b.1692-
MUNDY, Benjamin (i8169)
MUNDY, Elizabeth (i8089), b.1701-
MUNDY, Hope (i8087), b.1697-
MUNDY, Hopewell (i8086), b.1696-
MUNDY, John (i8170)
MUNDY, Joseph (i8085), b.1693-
MUNDY, Margaret (i8173)
MUNDY, Mary (i8172)
MUNDY, Nicolas (i8090), b.1704-
MUNDY, Nicolas (marriage to Hopestill Hull) (i8081), b.1668-d.1734
MUNDY, Samuel (i8171)
MUNDY, Thomas (i8088), b.1699-


PARKER, Elizabeth (marriage to William Doty) (i6602), b.1774-d.1845


PAYNE, Bernard M. (marriage to Lydia Ann Leonard Doty) (i3179), b.1825-


PIERSON, Martha (marriage to Joseph Sutton) (i632), b.1754-d.1842


PITMAN, Paul Everett (marriage to Olive Doty) (i6087), b.1928-d.1993


PYATT, Dinah (marriage to Jonathan Martin) (i7477), b.1704-d.1789


RANKIN, James Campbell Watson, Jr. (marriage to Edith Gladys Doty) (i1), b.1897-d.1966
RANKIN, John Ramsin (i4) (still alive)
RANKIN, Milton John (i3) (still alive)


REID, Sarah T. (marriage to Samuel S. Doty) (i85), b.1816-d.1909


RENNALS, Margaret (marriage to Benjamin Martin) (i781), d.1688


ROBERTS, Esther (marriage to John Martin) (i719), b.1625-d.1687


RUNYON, Anna (i8099), b.1702-
RUNYON, L------ (i8097), b.1699-
RUNYON, Martha (i8096), b.1697-
RUNYON, Martha (marriage to Jonathan Martin) (i7472), b.1693-d.1722
RUNYON, Mary (i8098), b.1700-
RUNYON, Mary (marriage to Joshua Martin) (i7504), b.1733-
RUNYON, Reuben (i8101), b.1707-
RUNYON, Reune (i8102), b.1711-
RUNYON, Rezia (i8103), b.1713-
RUNYON, Sarah (i8094), b.1693-
RUNYON, Sarah (i8095), b.1695-
RUNYON, Vincent (i8093), b.1692-
RUNYON, Vincent (i8100), b.1704-d.1728
RUNYON, Vincent (marriage to Mary Hull) (i8092), b.1670-d.1724


SALYARS, Mary (marriage to Richard Martin) (i1746), b.1695-


SCHNURE, Frederick Oscar (marriage to Dorothy Elizabeth Bunnell) (i3984), b.1890-d.1974
SCHNURE, Frederick Oscar, Jr. (i3985) (still alive)
SCHNURE, Robert Bunnell (i3987) (still alive)
SCHNURE, William Harold (i3986) (still alive)


SEARING, Phebe M. (marriage to George Wood Doty) (i171), b.1838-d.1908


SEWARD, Fanny (marriage to Shadrach Sutton) (i6575), d.1806


SHARP, Samuel (marriage to Priscilla Sutton) (i8383)


SIMPSON, Clementine (marriage to James Compton Sutton) (i605), b.1818-d.1901


SLATER, Philoreta (marriage to Benjamin Martin) (i1660), b.1691-


SMALLEY, Benjamin (i1719), b.1702-
SMALLEY, Benjamin (i8204), b.1741-
SMALLEY, Elisha (i1718), b.1700-
SMALLEY, Elizabeth (i8136), b.1725-
SMALLEY, Experience (i8202), b.1735-
SMALLEY, Isaac (i8130), b.1708-
SMALLEY, John (i1711), b.1681-d.1682
SMALLEY, John (i1713), b.1685-
SMALLEY, John (i8131), b.1712-
SMALLEY, John (i8203), b.1737-
SMALLEY, John (marriage to Lydia Martin) (i779), b.1644-d.1733
SMALLEY, Jonathan (i1712), b.1683-
SMALLEY, Jonathan (i8132), b.1714-
SMALLEY, Lydia (i1710), b.1679-d.1682
SMALLEY, Lydia (i1714), b.1687-d.1700
SMALLEY, Martha (i1715), b.1693-
SMALLEY, Martha (i8135), b.1721-
SMALLEY, Martha (i8200), b.1726-
SMALLEY, Martin (i1717), b.1697-
SMALLEY, Mary (i8133), b.1716-
SMALLEY, Mary (i8201), b.1727-
SMALLEY, Phebe (i1716), b.1695-
SMALLEY, Sarah (i8134), b.1717-


SMITH, Abbie Axtell (marriage to Samuel Dunham Doty) (i3983), b.1844-
SMITH, Dorothy (marriage to John Martin) (i721), b.1657-d.1698


SOPERS, Sarah (marriage to Joshua (Josiah) Martin) (i7496)


STAATS, Jane (marriage to Joseph Doty) (i3980), b.1773-d.1859


STEWART, Alexander (marriage to Susannah Sutton) (i1944), b.1789-d.1841
STEWART, Sarah (marriage to Shadrach Sutton) (i6576), d.1822


STURGIS, William (marriage to Mary L. Sutton) (i603), b.1814-d.1895


SUTTON, Abigail (i740), b.1812-
SUTTON, Abner (i544), b.1741-d.1791
SUTTON, Abner M. (i739), b.1810-
SUTTON, Amy (marriage to Hugh Dunn) (i495), b.1699-
SUTTON, Anna (i278), b.1778-d.1827
SUTTON, Anne (i462), b.1705-
SUTTON, Anne (i474), b.1750-
SUTTON, Anne (i540)
SUTTON, Caroline (i744), b.1819-
SUTTON, Caroline (i746), b.1826-
SUTTON, Caroline Wells (i6624), b.1832-
SUTTON, Caty (i8465)
SUTTON, Charles Albert (i6629), b.1843-
SUTTON, Daniel (marriage to Patience Martin) (i97), b.1682-d.1761
SUTTON, Daniel Stewart (i6625), b.1835-
SUTTON, David (i575), b.1771-d.1852
SUTTON, David (i1956), b.1830-d.1830
SUTTON, Dorothy (i465), b.1717-
SUTTON, Eliza (i736), b.1804-
SUTTON, Elizabeth (i83), b.1771-d.1821
SUTTON, Elizabeth (i539)
SUTTON, Elizabeth (i6617), b.1828-d.1847
SUTTON, Elizabeth Ann (i1805), b.1789-
SUTTON, Esther (i466), b.1721-
SUTTON, Frances Elizabeth (i8388), b.1815-
SUTTON, Gawin (i1795), b.1774-d.1851
SUTTON, Gawin A. (i742), b.1816-
SUTTON, George (i576), b.1773-
SUTTON, Gertrude (i733)
SUTTON, Hannah (i585)
SUTTON, Harriet Louisa (i6618), b.1833-d.1854
SUTTON, Henry (i520), b.1724-d.1806
SUTTON, Henry (i595), b.1757-d.1840
SUTTON, Henry Horton (i6626), b.1838-d.1904
SUTTON, Jacob (i522), b.1730-d.1790
SUTTON, Jacob (i587), b.1773-
SUTTON, James (i1807), b.1796-d.1872
SUTTON, James (i1948), b.1812-d.1870
SUTTON, James Compton (i601), b.1813-d.1904
SUTTON, Jared Landon (i6620), b.1810-d.1884
SUTTON, Jeremiah (i470), b.1738-
SUTTON, Jeremiah (i543)
SUTTON, Jeremiah (i577), b.1774-d.1848
SUTTON, John (i464), b.1713-
SUTTON, John (i578), b.1776-d.1779
SUTTON, John (i580), b.1783-d.1806
SUTTON, John (i594), b.1753-d.1820
SUTTON, John (i1949), b.1814-d.1877
SUTTON, John (marriage to Mary (Mercy) Martin) (i486), b.1701-d.1761
SUTTON, John Stewart (i6628), b.1841-
SUTTON, John Stewart (i8385), b.1810-
SUTTON, Jonathan (i469), b.1736-d.1818
SUTTON, Jonathan (i1804), b.1787-d.1840
SUTTON, Joseph (i473), b.1747-d.1822
SUTTON, Joseph (i521), b.1728-
SUTTON, Joseph (i745), b.1823-
SUTTON, Joseph (i8462), b.1752-
SUTTON, Joseph (marriage to Priscilla Langstaff) (i476), b.1693-d.1762
SUTTON, Joseph Pierson (i1808), b.1798-d.1879
SUTTON, Katharine (i732)
SUTTON, Katharine (i734), b.1800-
SUTTON, Letitia (i735), b.1801-
SUTTON, Lewis (i591), b.1791-
SUTTON, Lois (i541)
SUTTON, Malachia (i1796)
SUTTON, Margaret (i1954), b.1825-
SUTTON, Margaret (i8387), b.1813-
SUTTON, Maria Beach (i6619), b.1835-d.1851
SUTTON, Mark (i592), b.1802-
SUTTON, Martha (i518), b.1719-
SUTTON, Martha (i589), b.1787-
SUTTON, Martha Lupton (i1806), b.1792-
SUTTON, Mary (i472), b.1744-
SUTTON, Mary (i542)
SUTTON, Mary (i583)
SUTTON, Mary (i1797)
SUTTON, Mary (i1951), b.1817-
SUTTON, Mary (i8464)
SUTTON, Mary L. (i602), b.1828-d.1912
SUTTON, Nancy C. (i6621), b.1824-
SUTTON, Nathan (i590), b.1789-
SUTTON, Patience (i385), b.1719-
SUTTON, Patience (i468), b.1732-
SUTTON, Peter (i471), b.1743-d.1829
SUTTON, Peter (i729)
SUTTON, Peter (i1800)
SUTTON, Peter (i1953), b.1822-
SUTTON, Philip (i545)
SUTTON, Phoebe (i731)
SUTTON, Phoebe (i743), b.1818-
SUTTON, Phoebe (i1799)
SUTTON, Phoebe (i1947), b.1811-
SUTTON, Polly (i730)
SUTTON, Priscilla (i523), b.1735-
SUTTON, Priscilla (i8463)
SUTTON, Rebecca (i586)
SUTTON, Rebecca (i1803), b.1783-
SUTTON, Rebecca (i1946), b.1810-
SUTTON, Robert (i1955), b.1828-
SUTTON, Rosanna (i579), b.1780-d.1811
SUTTON, Ruth (i599), b.1802-d.1895
SUTTON, Sarah (i519), b.1721-
SUTTON, Sarah (i524), b.1733-
SUTTON, Sarah (i574), b.1769-d.1812
SUTTON, Sarah (i584)
SUTTON, Sarah (i738), b.1809-
SUTTON, Sarah (i8389), b.1818-
SUTTON, Sarah Stewart (i6623), b.1827-
SUTTON, Shadrach (i1802), b.1781-d.1861
SUTTON, Stephen (i597), b.1775-d.1846
SUTTON, Stephen (i741), b.1815-
SUTTON, Susannah (i1943), b.1798-d.1863
SUTTON, Thomas (i1798), b.1784-d.1833
SUTTON, Thomas (i1950), b.1815-
SUTTON, Uriah (i102), b.1741-d.1840
SUTTON, Uriah (i737), b.1806-
SUTTON, Uriah (i1801), b.1779-d.1857
SUTTON, William (i1952), b.1819-
SUTTON, William Rolston (i8386), b.1811-
SUTTON, Zacharias (i463), b.1709-
SUTTON, Zebulon (i100), b.1707-
SUTTON, Zebulon (i582), b.1762-d.1826


SWENDSEN, Florence G. (marriage to Milton Shipman Doty) (i115), b.1894-d.1976


TROTTER, Sarah (marriage to Joseph Martin) (i780)


UHL, Frank (marriage to Phebe Elizabeth Doty) (i7423)
UHL, George (i7427) (living status unknown)
UHL, George (marriage to Helen Searing Doty) (i7424), b.1895-d.1948
UHL, Helen Eileen (i7425) (still alive)
UHL, Robert (i7428) (living status unknown)


UPSON, Martha (marriage to Jonathan Sutton) (i6578), b.1791-d.1859

Van Veighten

VAN VEIGHTEN, Benjamin (marriage to Sarah Runyon) (i8105), d.1747


WARD, Jane (marriage to Gawin Sutton) (i1916), b.1778-d.1863


WEBSTER, Robert (marriage to Sarah Runyon) (i8104), b.1695-d.1719


WESP, Beverly Ann (i122) (still alive)
WESP, Florence W. (i120) (still alive)
WESP, Howard E. (i121), b.1920-d.1968
WESP, Howard F. (marriage to Olive Grace Doty) (i116), b.1897-d.1958
WESP, John Milton (i3843), b.1924-d.1924


WETHERILL, Thomas (marriage to Anna Runyon) (i8107), d.1735


WOODEN, Martha (marriage to Martin Dunham) (i8149)
WOODEN, Peter (marriage to Mary Dunham) (i8150), b.1712-
WOODEN, Rhoda (i8199), b.1737-


WRIGHT, Alice (i155), b.1905-
WRIGHT, Elvin C. (marriage to Olive J. Doty) (i151), b.1870-
WRIGHT, George S., Jr. (i7875) (living status unknown)
WRIGHT, George Sutton (i153), b.1895-d.1945
WRIGHT, Jessie (i152), b.1892-
WRIGHT, Kathryn C. (i154), b.1898-
WRIGHT, Richard A. (i7874) (living status unknown)

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