Ritas Colorado Clues

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                                         The year is 1895, 30 some years after the first pioneers arrived in Colorado.  Come along with me as I travel in Denver and some of the surrounding areas.  Learn about the folks who lived, worked and left us long before our time.  Read about life in the same newspapers they did. We can't go back to meet them nor bring them to us.  What we can do is take the historical sources made available over the  years by hard working diligent volunteers and present them to others.

Name by name and line by line I have gotten to know many of these folks.  My heart breaks as I read of Alpen Bowes and the  loss of his wife and later his two children, and of the deaths of so many young ones to fever.  Each line is a story in itself, from the deaths of four fireman at the St. James fire, to the flim flam likes of Chas. Appel. 

My thanks go to all of the volunteers who  years ago put the original sources together that I might extract a year to bring to you. These are the true heroes in the world of genealogy.

So, off we go, perhaps we will stop at Herr's Drug Store for a wild cherry phosphate, and later to B. J. James's wallpaper and paint store-and maybe on to.........

The year is not complete, I continue to add sources and surnames, news articles will be periodically added and others removed.  My hope is that somewhere someone will find an end to that "brick wall". Come back often as the list continues to grow.  Little clues to guide you to another path and maybe an answer to that question- "What did great great grandpa do for a living"?

Enjoy and happy hunting!!!

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    March 30, 2000