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The Descendants
of Robert Comfort
in America

Much of this information is taken from my handwritten notes copied from a "Comfort-McKune Family Reunion" book shown me by an aunt sometime in the early to middle 1960's. These notes are unfortunately much less detailed than the book was; I plead youthful indiscretion. But in my defense -even public photocopy machines were not easy to find back then, let alone scanners in most home offices! You must forgive a youngster armed with only a fountain pen, please.

As far as I know, all of this material is accurate. Some of it I have substantiated by comparing it with work by other researchers, some of it I have not, but it seems consistent with all other known, verified data.

This page is intended as a starting place for Comfort descendants. I urge everyone with any additional information to share it with me for possible inclusion on this website. The more of us working together, the better we can put the twigs and branches of the COMFORT family tree together.

ROBERT COMFORT -also spelled "Robart" and also spelled "Cumfort" arrived in Newtown, Long Island, New York, aboard the "America" in 1698.

His son:
ROBERT COMFORT, JR. -- In 1715 he enrolled in Captain Daniel Stevenson's Military Company at Newtown. On 19 October 1722 he married Elizabeth Betts, whose parents were Mercy Whitehead & Thomas Betts. Robert, Jr, and family moved north up the Hudson to Fishkill in Dutchess Co., around 1740 or so.

Their son:
RICHARD COMFORT [15 August 1745 - 6 or 7 March, 1824] In 1767 or '69 married Charity Perkins [17 Nov 1747 - 11 Aug 1815], AKA "Young" & "Shaw."
They moved at Ulster County in 1778, and thereafter to Orange & Tioga Counties. . . my records here are very sketchy, but he seems to have been a pioneer/traveling type.

Their son:
JOHN COMFORT [4 October 1776 -5 April 1850] Born in Deerpark Township, Orange County, he died in Lanesboro PA, of which town he was one of the principle founders.
In 1798 he married Phoebe Gildersleeve [23 Oct 1776 - 1830]

Their son:
JAMES S. COMFORT [17 September 1805 - 5 or 17 January 1885], born in Harmony Township, Susquehanna County, PA. On 3 June, 1830 he married Mary Anne McKune [9 Sept 1810 -3 May 1884], of Sullivan County, NY. She had previously refused an offer of marriage from Robert E. Lee of Virginia, when he was a cadet at West Point.

Their daughter:
ELIZABETH REDDY COMFORT [1 December 1841 - 28 February 1909] Born in Harmony Township. On 28 December 1865 she married NOEL RUFUS WARNER [27 October 1841 - 28 July 1915]

Their Daughter:
LAVINIA ROSE WARNER [29 January 1875 - 31 March 1955] was a devout Christian woman, my dear grandmother. On 14 February 1895 she married BERTON IRA BICE [AKA "Boice" and "Boyce"] [22 Mar 1872 - 14 Jan. 1923] They had 12 children, including:

Their son:
CECIL ARTHUR BICE [AKA "Boice" and "Boyce"] [21 December 1917 - 10 December 1983] legally changed his name to CARL ARTHUR BOICE in July 1949 in Broome County, NY.  He was my honoured father.


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