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I have created this site to share my CONDLIFFE family tree, hoping to find new families hence expanding the Condliffe ancestry.

Condliffe is my mother's maiden name. I am Jane Allen, I was brought up in Church Lawton, Cheshire, and now live just a few miles away, on the Cheshire/Staffordhshire border.

In the recent past my ancestors lived around the Betchton area near to Sandbach in Cheshire. As the Trent and Mersey canal runs through Betchton, and like many local families, some of these Condliffes became boatmen and boatbuilders, therefore spreading far and wide along the canal network, and from there around the world. I have links with families in Australia, America, and New Zealand

We seem to have descended from the 'Condlyffe's of Leek Fryth' in the ancient parish of Leek in the Staffordshire Moorlands. The family, with others, were trustees of the Meerbrook chapel from Sir Ralph Bagnall from 1543. One line became renowned attorneys in Leek, although they died out in the 1870's they donated their money to build the Condlyffe Almshouses in Leek, and endowed funds for the tower at Meerbrook chapel.

Branches from the earlier lines include my line who moved to Astbury, Cheshire, before arriving in Betchton. They were farmers & innkeepers before working on the canals. The Macclesfield branch were barber chirugeons, the Derbyshire families watch and clockmakers, later moving to Liverpool some of them ramained clockmakers & some became Innkeepers. It is likely that some of these Liverpool Condliffes are the origins of, as yet, unlinked families in America. There are probably many more families out there, waiting to be linked with their ancestors.

I have come across many, many variants of the spelling of the names, sometimes spelt several ways in the same 'legal' document!! eg Condliffe, Condlyffe, Conlif, Counderliffe, Cuntcliffe, Condlove, Concliffe, Names like Gantliff(e) may link in, certainly in Church Lawton families, and maybe the Cundliff's of Macclesfield may prove to link. I have not seen any evidence to link with the many Cunliffe's from the Lancs area, but would not rule out a connection from early times.

Most of my information is from parish records and wills from the Staffordshire and Cheshire areas, or from some contacts. There are also many personal family documents at Stafford record office, archived by the legal firm in Leek, some dating back to 1543.

Anyone who wishes to add their family to my tree,or their link to my page, or give comments, or even critisisms, I would be delighted if you contact me.

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