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                                              Parts from research of Elaine Nagel Jones, etc.

JAMES LARKINS born about 1758 and died 13 July 1828 in Harrison County, OH.  He married KATHERINE/ CATHERINE KEIGER (born about 1760 in Germany) on 3 July 1783 in Lancaster, PA.  Katherine died 27 April 1837 in Tuscarawas County, OH.  Katherine married 2nd Ludvig Gerlinger.  James and Katherine's known children: 

1. John Larkins born before 1794 m. Sarah ? died 1845 in Portage County, Ohio.
2. Seth Larkins born before 1794.
3. Thomas Calvin Larkins born 17 Oct 1799 in Pennsylvania and died in 1850 near McComb, OH.
4. James Larkins born 5 Aug 1802 married 1 Sept 1831, Rebecca Sharp in Harrison County, OH.
5. Elizabeth (Betsy) Larkins born 1806 married Joshua Cook 18 January 1827.
6.  daughter, name unknown. 

(1.) John Larkins, son of James and Katherine Larkins married Sarah _____? They had: James Larkins and Isiah Larkins born 23 Nov 1823 in Warren County, Ohio.  Isiah married Sarah A. Baskin? 4 Jan 1865;  Benjamin Larkins married Ellen ___?;  Amanda Larkins married John F. Hoffman 12 November 1863 in Seneca County, OH.

1870 Ohio Census June 10, 1870; Hardin County, Blanchard Twp, p 320, family #150
Isiah Larkins, 34, m, w, OH, cabinet maker, $700 real estate
Lenora, 27, f, w, OH, keeping house
Annie, 5, f, w, OH
John, 3, m, w, OH
Rena? H, 3/12, f, w, OH, born March

Other Larkins found in Hardin & Seneca Co.
Larkins, Benjamin 31 M W OH OH
Seneca SenecaTwp 1870
Larkins,  Ettie 72 F W PA OH Seneca Seneca Twp 1870
Larkins, James  49  M  W  OH  OH  Hardin  Blanchard Twp  1870

1880  Ohio Dunkirk, Hardin County, Page Number   20D
Larkins  Self  M  Male  W  43  OH  Works In Wagon Shop  PA   PA
Larkins   Wife  M  Female  W  37  OH  Keeping House  VA  PA
Annie L.
Larkins   Dau   S   Female   W   15   OH   At Home   OH   OH
Larkins  Son   S   Male   W   12   OH   At Home   OH   OH
Larkins   Dau   S   Female   W   10   OH      OH   OH
Larkins   Son   S   Male   W   5   OH      OH   OH

                            Revolutionary War Record of James Larkins

James Larkins enlisted 25 April 1777, lived in Connecticut, Pennsylvania and Ohio.  Born in Connecticut (per Doretta Wing, Owosso, MI) enlisted at Manockase in Frederick County, Maryland. Grade: Private, Line: Pennsylvania. Bounty Land Warrant Record Co., Warrant #9837, acreage; 100, Issued March 10, 1795 to Michael Steven assignee.  4th Reg. of Dragoons of Pa. on February 17, 1813 James petitioned War Department by what authority they gave Michael Steven his land.  They said war records may have that information, but records were burned.  James discharge papers with land warrant were lost or stolen by Steven.  James couldn't leave service and was later wounded in the thigh.  Was a Sgt. under Capt. David Hopkins and Col. Stephen Moyland and Capt. John Heard and Capt. Erasmus Gill.  4th Reg. Light Division. Injured 1782 while on the lines at Becon's  Bridge, South Carolina, was severely wounded in the thigh discharged Sept 22, 1782.  Battles engaged in; Brandywine, Germantown, Monmouth, Capture of Cornwalis.  Enlisted near Taney, Maryland.  Applied for pension February 4, 1819 in Harrison County, Ohio, aged 61 years.  In 1820, he said his wife was 60 years old.  "Historical Collections of Harrison County, Ohio"

James Larkins, 1819, applied for his own pension.  Under Capt. David Hopkins, he was in battle of Germantown, Brandywine, and Monmouth.  He belonged to detached company of Dragoons under Capt. John Heard at siege of York  and capture of Cornwalis.  Transferred to another detached company of Dragoons under Capt. Gill in S. Carolina, here wounded in thigh and continued service till 9 March 1783 time of ratification of definition treaty of peace with Great Britain.  Although he received a conditional discharge at Lancaster, PA on Sept 1782 signed by Jonah Hallett, discharge papers lost.  He's of reduced circumstances, in need of assistance of his country.  Associate Judge Samuel Boyd agreed and sent papers to Secretary of War to give pension.  His pension certificate is 558, lists his belongings and worth, debts owed to him and by him.  He says he is infirm with rheumatic afflictions, unable to do 1/4 or 1/2 days work.  Wife 60 and sickly, unable to do but little work.  Has 3 children at home, 1 son will be 21 years old by October next, 1 son will be 18 by August 5 next, 1 daughter age 14 very sickly.  Taylor by trade but can do little work because of failed eyesight.  Property valued at $55.56 1/2 cents.  Owed money to Beach Spring Congregation - possible church he belonged to.

31 January 1856, daughter Betsy Cook aged 49, appeared at Wyandott County, State of Ohio, Probate Court.  She resided at Wyandott, applied for her father's (James) pension.  Parents were married July 3, 1783 by Henry Mechlenberg, D.M. at Lancaster, PA.  His executor of will applied for pension due and paid to James Larkins at time of death.  At this date she and her brother James Larkins of Green County, Ohio are only surviving children of James and Catherine Larkins.

James appears in the 1810 census of Somerset County, PA, Turkeyfoot Twp, microfilm number 0193619, page 423, with wife, 4 males, and 2 females.

Under the Act of July 4, 1783, John Pierce, Esquire, Paymaster General and Commissioner of Army Accounts issued certificates for payment to the officers and soldiers of the Continental Army.  James was issued four certificates:  #75883 for $216.54,  #75973 for $180.00,  #76158 for $91.45, and  #76313 for $80.00 which was for serving the entire war. His commanding officer was Col. Stephen Moylan, appointed Col. 4th Continental Dragoons 5th January 1777.

Historical Collections of Harrison County, Ohio, page 107, "James Larkins of the Pennsylvania line, died July 13, 1828, aged 70 years"

THOMAS CALVIN LARKINS (1) was born in Pennsylvania Oct 17, 1799.  His mother was of German extraction, his father Irish.  He married Sarah BARTLETT 2 Sept 1821 in Muskingum county, Ohio, who was born in Connecticut in 1802. Thomas died near McComb, Ohio in 1850.  He had one sister Elizabeth (Betsy) who married Joshua COOK 18 Jan 1827 and lived near Tiffin, OH. They had 2 sons; John COOK and David COOK.  The latter was a presbyterian minister. Thomas had a brother named Seth LARKINS but nothing is known about him.  He had a brother named John LARKINS. This John LARKINS had a daughter named Mary Ann who married Charles M. LOTT on 6 May 1852 in Seneca county, Ohio. He had another daughter named Amanda who married John F. HUFFMAN/HOFFMAN on 12 November 1863 in Seneca county.  John LARKINS also had three sons; James, Isiah, and Benjamin LARKINS.  James lived near Williamson, Ohio.  Isiah was a lieutenant in the 32nd Infantry during the Civil War.

1860 Ohio, Seneca Co, Ohio page 2
Charles M. Lott  32  farmer  $1100  PA
Mary Ann  31  Ohio
Amanda  4  Ohio
George W. Scott 8/12  Ohio
Elias Osborne  14  NY

Thomas and Sarah had 12 children:  1. James Washington Larkins, born 31 January 1826.  2. Samuel Bartlett Larkins b. 4 Oct 1827 died 1 Nov 1899  3. Seth Larkins,  4. John Larkins,  5. Thomas Larkins,  6. Alfred Larkins,  7. Catherine Anne Larkins,  8. Desirah Larkins,  9. Sarah Bartlette Larkins,  10. Mary Larkins,  11. Elizabeth Larkins married Joseph KLINE 18 Mar 1847 in Seneca County, OH.   12. Hester Jane Larkins.  Hester Jane died near Hoytsville, Wood County, Ohio when about eight years old.   Mary died when 18, unmarried and without issue.  Seth Larkins died at McComb, Ohio at 21, unmarried and without issue.  Thomas died at two years old. 

(1) From the old Larkins History, 1920.

1850 Census of Ohio, Portage Twp., Hancock County., #432-692 E

Thomas C. Larkins  50 Farmer  $400  b. VA? 
Sarah                     48                       b. CT
Seth                       20 Farmer            b. OH
William                    19 Farmer           b. OH
Sarah  Bartlette       17                       b. OH 
Mary                      15                        b. OH
Elizabeth                 13                        b. OH
Alfred                      7                         b. OH
Hester Jane              5                         b. OH

1. JAMES WASHINGTON LARKINS was the son of Thomas Calvin LARKINS He was born 31 January 1826 in Carroll county, Ohio. He was the third child of Thomas C. LARKINS and Sarah Bartlett. James married Catherine ROBINAULT 22 March 1855 in Seneca county, Ohio. Catherine was born 29 April 1834 and died 18 March 1918. James and Catherine had nine children (see below).  James was a carpenter and many of the homes and barns around Ottawa were built by him. Some of the children were born in Ohio, and some were born in Michigan. The Ridge Road cemetery on Ridge road about 7 miles west of Oakley, MI was set off from land that belonged to him.  Many Larkins, Boyds, and Harrises are buried in this cemetery.    See Robinault Lineage

James W. and Catherine Larkins had nine children:  1. James Edward Larkins m. Ida M. Bashelier and lives near Oakley, Michigan.  2. Mary Catherine Larkins married Alexander R. Harris and lives on Ridge Road near Oakley, Michigan.  3. William Calvin Larkins lives near Oakley, Michigan.   4. Ida Larkins married Elliot Cester Woodruff and lives near Oakley, Michigan but lived in Belmore, Ohio at one time.  5. Dora Larkins married Ira Allen Overpack lives near Oakley (more on Overpacks below).  6. Emma Larkins married 1st David Runyan and lives near Oakley.   7. Ella Larkins married Amos Glick and lived on West Peet Road near Oakley, Michigan.   8.  Nettie Larkins married a Porter and lives near Belmore, Ohio.   9.  Grace Larkins (1872- 1923) married George Albert Overpack and lives near Oakley, MI.  
George and Ira Overpack

Photo of James Washington Larkins and Catherine Robinault Larkins

Silas Overpack of Logging Fame (offsite)

2. Samuel Bartlett Larkins born about 1828 married Doretta Knoke and had six children.  

1. Leonidas Larkins, now deceased, left William Larkins, Frank Larkins, and Mary Larkins as heirs at law. His wife is deceased. William Larkins works for the Ohio Oil Company and may be addressed at Elks Club, Findlay, Ohio.  Mary Larkins lives in Toledo, Ohio, probably unmarried.  Frank Larkins, probably married, address uncertain. 

2. Albina Larkins, born about 1860 now deceased, married Frank Dillinger, now deceased.  Only child is John L. Dillinger, a lawyer at Avoca, Iowa.  Hazel May Dillinger, wife.

3.  Charles S. Larkins,  On the 1910 census for Findlay, Hancock County, Ohio, Charles is 45 years old , so born about 1865. He is living with wife Etta Taylor, daughter of John W. Taylor* of Findlay.  Etta was 43 years old and  they were married 24 years, have 2 children but none living.  On the 1920 census Charles is still living in Findlay, Ohio.  Charles may have lived in Breckenridge, Texas at one time.  Taylor data from "History of Hancock County, Ohio", 1910, J.A. Kimmell, page 350.    Photo of Charles

4.  Samuel B. Larkins, 909 N. Main St., Findlay, Ohio, married. 

5. Doretta Larkins married to Ben Davis, 4216 1/2 Northcote Avenue, East Chicago, IN.

6. Almeda Larkins married _____? Campbell who is deceased, RFD #1, Findlay, Ohio. 

Census 1860 Ohio, Hancock, Findlay Twp, p 69, family #955 July 9.
Samuel B. Larkins, 32, OH, stone/marble cutter, $700, $500
Doretta W, 29, Hanover
Leonidas W., 2, OH.
Albina A, 5/12, OH.
Sarah, 58, NY.

Census 1870 Ohio, Hancock Findlay Twp, p 118, family #146, July 26.
Samuel Larkins, m, w, 42, OH, marble dealer, $4000, $1000
Doretta, f, w, 39, Hesse Darmstadt, keeping house, parents foreign born
Leander m, w, 12, OH, att. school
Alvina, f, w, 10, OH, att. school
Charles, m, w, 6, OH, att. school
Samuel, m, w, 1, OH.

Census 1880 Ohio, Hancock, Findlay,  Page Number   618A
Samuel Bartlett Larkins   Self   M   Male   W   52   OH   Farmer   MD   CT
Doretta W. Larkins   Wife   M   Female W  49  Hesse Darmstadt  Keeping House  
Leonidas W. Larkins   Son S Male W 22 OH   Harness Maker OH Hesse Darmstadt
Albina A. Larkins   Dau   S   Female   W   20   OH   At Home   OH   Hesse Darmstadt 
Charles Larkins Son   S   Male   W   16   OH   At Home   OH Hesse Darmstadt 
Samuel Larkins  Son   S   Male   W   10   OH   At Home   OH  Hesse Darmstadt 
Almeda Larkins   Dau   S   Female   W   7   OH      OH   Hesse Darmstadt 
Doretta Larkins   Dau   S   Female   W   4   OH      OH   Hesse Darmstadt

1900 Ohio, Findlay, Handcock Roll:T623_1284, ED:65, Page:18A.
Samuel B. Larkins Jr., Head,W,M,Aug,1869,30,M,8,2b,OH,OH,Germany,3b,
Harness maker,O,1b,yes,yes,yes,O,F,F,5.
Lee,  Son, W, M, Aug, 1897,2, S, 3b, OH, OH, OH, 13b.

Following data from James E. Larkins of Port Aransas, Texas:  Samuel Bartlett Larkins b. 4 Oct 1827 in New Baltimore, Ohio, died 1 Nov 1899 in Findlay, OH.  He married Doretta Wilhelmina Knoke born in Hesse-Darmstadt, Germany and died 3 April 1904 in Findlay.  Both are buried in Maple Grove Cemetery in Findlay.  Samuel B. Larkins also lived in the Hoytsville, Ohio area and worked in the Stone/Marble business.  He had two brothers for certain: Alfred, a Civil War vet who died 1925 in Moorhead, MN and John W. who lived in Visalia, CA.  Maybe a brother Sereno and a sister Catherine. They had 10 children, four of whom died young, the survivors:  i. Albina Amelia Larkins married David Franklin Dillinger 2 June 1881. Their sons Jack Louds Dillinger, Charlie S. Dillinger (lived in Iowa), John L. Dillinger  (No! not that Dillinger)  ii. Charles Sherman Dillinger married Etta Taylor and son Earl died at 17.  iii. Samuel Bartlett Larkins Jr., married Jennie Keelor 1871-1942) on 26 Nov 1891.  Samuel died 17 Nov 1927 and both are buried in Maple Grove Cemetery in Findlay.  iv.  Almeda Augusta Larkins married Lawrence Campbell on 17 June 1893 and he died 2 June 1919.  v.  Doretta Wilhimina Larkins married Benjamin Davies 17 April 1893 and had a daughter Gladys Mae Davies.  vi. Leonidas Wilmer Larkins born 10 Sept 1857 died 12 Oct 1906 married Caroline Frances Wurmser 13 Oct 1881, born 27 April 1854 died 17 Jan 1918.  Caroline's family was from Alsace-Lorraine.  Leonidas was a harness maker and both are buried in Maple Grove Cemetery in Findlay.

1900 Ohio Hancock Co. Findlay Twp. ED 65
Dillinger, Frank D. age 46 b Feb 1854 in Pennsylvania
Has been married for 19 years Occupation,  policeman,  both parents born in PA
Wife - Albina A. age 40 b Jan 1860 in Ohio
Has given birth to 3 children/ 1 still living
Father b. Ohio  Mother b. Germany
Child - John L.  age 10 born Nov 1889 in Pennsylvania

Leonidas Wilmer and Caroline Wurmser Larkins had four children:  i.  Frederick Augustus Larkins died at age 3.  ii. Frank Street Larkins born 21 Oct 1891 in Findlay, Ohio died 1 September 1959 in New York City, NY where he spent most of his life.  He married a woman named Frances and they adopted a daughter, Mary Ann Anelli born 4 May 1894 in Findlay.  Mary Ann married Edward Kaufman died 21 March 1964 and lived most of her life in Toledo. One son Newell married Irene Nahos of Toledo and they adopted a son named Kerry.  iii.  William Henry Larkins born 26 Oct 1884 and died 2 March 1967.  He married Ethel Charlotte Honecker 13 Oct 1928 in Findlay. She was born 25 Nov 1906 died 10 March 1959.  They are buried in Maple Grove Cemetery.  William H. Larkins worked at Marathon Oil Company after a career in show business.  They had one son; James Edward Larkins born 19 March 1933.  He married Carol Anne Swisher  19 June 1955.  She was born 21 April 1933.  They have two daughters:  Carrie Elizabeth Larkins Johns of Coconut Creek, Fl and Michelle Maria Larkins Joseph of Live Oak, Texas. 

3. John W. Larkins died about 1900 leaving Sorena Larkins as an only son and heir at law.  Sorena died some years ago leaving Ella Larkins his wife, but no children.  Ella Larkins later married Jake Routson and died a few weeks ago. At the time of death she lived on Taylor Street in North Findlay, Ohio.  From James E. Larkins, Port Aransas, Texas:  John W. Larkins was born 31 Dec 1825 and later moved to a farm in Visalia, CA. Wife was Elizabeth or "Lib" died of typhoid pneunonia Monday, 18 Oct 1886.  Had a daughter Louisa Larkins. John W. Larkins died 14 Dec 1898 at age 72 y. 11 mo. 24 days. Buried 16 Dec 1898. 

4. Alfred Larkins born born 17 Dec 1843 in Ohio. (Data from James E. Larkins) served in the Civil War, Co. F. 21st Reg. Ohio Vet. Vol. Inf,  He was at Murfeesboro, Jan 1863.  He married Mary Pressnell (2 Nov 1865) of Findlay and moved to Iowa about 1874. Mary was born in England in 1846. In 1888 he was a newspaper editor* in either Hickson, Cass County or Christine, Richland County, North Dakota.  Son Samuel born 27 April 1869 in Findlay, Ohio.  He died in Christine, ND age 29, funeral 12 Aug 1898 at Lutheran Church of Christine, ND, burial in Independent Cemetery. Alfred and Mary also had two daughters, Susie and Lola May Larkins. Lola May married Frank Hollands 21 Dec 1892 in Hickson, ND.  They had two children, Clarence Frank Hollands who lived in Oshkosh, Wisconsin and Pearl Hollands who lived in Moorhead, Clay County, MN.  Alfred Larkins died 19 March 1925 in Moorhead. 

Their children were: 1. Oscar Larkins b: 1867 in Findlay, Hancock, Ohio, 2. Samuel Larkins  b: 27 April 1869 in Findlay, Hancock,Ohio 3. Anetta Larkins  b: 1871 in Hancock, Ohio,  4. Florence M. Larkins b: 23 May 1875 in Findlay, Hancock, Ohio  5. Susie Mina Larkins b: 26 March 1876 in Findlay, Hancock,OH.  6. Thomas P. Larkins  b: 23 March 1879 in Biglick Twp., Hancock, Ohio,  7. Lola May Larkins b: 1881 in Ohio.

*In the book "History of Richland County", Christine City History, page 133,  a newpaper, the Eagle Times, and a print shop were run by Tom Larkins and  C. C. Clemens printed the paper.

1870 census Ohio, Hancock County, Findlay
Alfred Larkins, 27, b. Oh, marble cutter/polisher
Mary, 23,
Oscar, 3
Samuel, 1
1880 , Ohio, Hancock County, Big Lick Twp.
Alfred, 37, stone cutter, b. Oh, Pa, RI
Mary, 33, b. Eng
Oscar, 13, b. Ohio
Samuel, 11,
Anetta, 9
Florence M. 6
Susie M. 4
Thomas P. 1       all children born in Ohio

1885 Iowa Hancock Co. Boone Twp.
LARKINS, Alfred age 42 b Ohio
Wife - Mary A. age 38 b England
Children (all born in Ohio):
Oscar - age 18 - (listed as dumb, meaning deaf and/or mute?)
Samuel B. age 15
Annetta W. age 12  (retarded)
Susie - age 8
Thomas P. age 5

1900 North dakota, Richland County, Eagle Twp.
Alfred, 57, b. Dec 1842, married 35yrs, b. Oh, PA, NJ, farmer
Mary, 53, b. Dec 1846, Eng, had 6 children/ 5 living, To US in 1851?
Oscar, 33, b. Feb 1867, Ohio
Annetta, 27, b. Apr 1872, Oh  (retarded)
Lola May 19 , b. 1881 Ohio
Richard Presnell brother-in-law?48, widow, b. Jun 1851, Eng, to US in 1854?
1910 North Dakota

Alfred is listed as Alpheos Larken age 67, widowed, born Ohio and parents born
Pennsylvania and New Jersey. Living in the North Dakota Soldiers Home.
1920 Minnesota Clay Co, Moorhead
Nels Eckberg, 51, b. Sweden, US in 1888, car repair
Lola (Larkins) (Hollands), 45, b. Oh
Clarence Holsworth?(Hollands)  (very faint and hard to read) 25, step son, b. ND, Wi,  Oh
Pearl Hollands                          17, b. ND, Wi, Oh
Ralph Hollands,                                 14,  b. "      "     "
Alfred Larkins, 77, widow, father-in-law
Nettie Larkins, 48, single, b. Oh  (Anetta? retarded)
1920 North Dakota
Thomas P. Larkins (the baby from 1880) is in Minneapolis, married to 

Ethel, dau Mona, b. abt 1903, North Dakota

1920 census for Moorhead, Clay County, Minnesota shows that Lola is married to Nels Eckberg.  There is also a son Ralph, now 14.  Alfred Larkins is 77 and living with them is a daughter-in-law (also named Larkins), whose given name I cannot read.  I also could not have read Larkins if I didn't know what it should be.  Very bad copy.

1930 North Dakota  Thomas Larkins is still there. age 51

1900 Census, North Dakota, Cass County, Harwood Township page 78
Hollands, Frank>w>m>Feb>1869>married>7 yrs>WI>England>OH>farmer
Lola May Hollands >wife>w>f>May>1875>25>married>7 yrs>2 children>2 Living>OH>OH>England
Edna>daug>w>f>Oct>1893>6>single>WI>WI>OH>at school
Clarence Frank>son>w>m>Dec. 1894>5>single>ND>WI>OH>
John>brother>w>m>Oct>1875>single>MN>England>OH>farm laborer

1920 Federal Census, MN, Hennipen Co.
Larkins, Thomas, age 40
Larkins, Ethel, age 38 [b. WI]
Larkins, Monie [?], age 17 [dau]

1930 Federal Census, Hennipen Co, MN
Larkins, Thomas P., age 58, b. OH, Fire Insurance Adjuster
Larkins, Ethel M., age 48
Also living with the family are the mother-in-law and Aunt.  Surname is hard to read, looks like Bernholtz [?], Eugenie, age 70 and Bernholtz [?], Emily A. [Aunt].

5. Catherine Anne Larkins married 1 Dec 1844 in Wood County, Ohio, John Taylor.  She died at New London, Canada.  She had three boys and two girls, all now deceased.  A daughter-in-law, Hattie Taylor lives in Port Huron, Michigan.

6. Desirah Larkins married William Taylor.  They had one boy Cloridan who died when 21 unmarried and without issue.  Another boy Thurman Allan Taylor died at Kanter, Ohio, leaving a wife, two boys and a girl.  Alfred Wilmer Taylor married Joe (Josephine?) Wormer who lives in Findlay, Ohio.  He is probably living but address is unknown.  Leonidas Moore Taylor did live in North Findlay, Ohio.  Mary Taylor Elliott died in Indiana, married to Austin Elliott and had two boys and a girl.  Jane Taylor Hollowell married Bill Hollowell and died at Findlay, Ohio leaving a number of children.  Amanda Taylor married John Husser had five children or more and at one time lived on Larkins Street in North Findlay, Ohio. 

Most of this information was written down in  1920 by an unknown Larkins family member. 

*dates from Ridge Road or Ford Cemetery on Ridge Road near Oakley, Michigan

                             Larkins Family History continued by
              Virgil (Dolly) Boyd Strickland, Winter 1980-1981

James Washington Larkins was born January 31, 1826 in Carroll County, Ohio and died in 1898 on the farm on Ridge Road near Oakley, Michigan.  He was the third child of Thomas C. and Sarah B. Larkins. He had a fair education, a great scholar in arithmetic, often ahead of his teachers. He left home at an early age to learn a trade and become a carpenter.  Many of the houses and barns around Ottawa, Ohio were built by him.  His father died and he took care of his mother and the younger children.

On March 22, 1855 he married Catherine  Robinault/Robinalt   born 29 April 1834 and died 18 March 1918, of Seneca County, Ohio.  This is where they lived when the war of the great rebellion (Civil War) broke out.  They lived in Ottawa, Ohio.  He became one of the finest workmen in the country and was a great man. 

James W. and Catherine Larkins had nine children, two boys and seven girls and all lived to manhood and womanhood.  Part of these children were born in Ohio and the rest were born in Michigan.  Coming to Michigan they settled on a farm on the Ridge Road about seven miles west of Oakley in Saginaw County.  Here they owned a big farm with land on both sides of the road.   The family lived in a big two-story home.  There were big barns and lots of other buildings and a beautiful fruit orchard on the land across the road.  A cemetery was started on one edge of this land to the east of the barns and it is in this cemetery that James C. and Catherine Larkins are both buried as well as their children, many grandchildren, great grandchildren, even to great-great grandchildren. The cemetery is now a county cemetery.   Larkins Family Photo      Their children were:       

1.  William Calvin Larkins, born 1 April 1856, in Ottawa, Seneca County, Ohio.  He married 1st Emma Laura Ohler 17 Dec 1879 in Putnam County, Ohio. They had a son James Larkins and a daughter, name unknown.  He had one son that died young, perhaps James. There may have been other children.  William lived near Oakley at one time but later moved away.   He died in 1931.

This from Elaine Rumler of Viola, Illinois, 1995: William Calvin Larkins owned a farm in Ashley, Michigan.   Later he bought a farm sight unseen and moved his family to Farwell, Michigan, so the majority of his descendants live up there.  My mom's dad, Ray Calvin Larkins, died in a train accident in 1928 when she was two years old.  Her mother (from Iowa) brought them all back to Iowa and that's where we all are. 

William Calvin's 2nd wife was Martha Maria DeForest  (Married 9 July 1891).  Martha was born 14 March 1863 in Port Huron, Michigan and died 9 Oct 1943 in Farwell, Michigan.  They had children:  1.  Ray Calvin Larkins born 22 April 1892 in Saginaw County, Michigan and died 11 April 1928 in Muskegon, MI.  Ray married Beatrice Margret Gibson born 7 Feb 1900 in Davenport, Scott County, Iowa on 6 Aug 1918.  Beatrice died 29 March 1956, Davenport, Iowa.  2. Pearl Melissa Larkins born 3 Oct 1895 in Ashley, MI died 25 Aug 1949 in Farwell, Michigan, m. John Edwin Hall.  3. Viva Beatrice Larkins born 27 Jan 1989 in Ashley, Michigan died 8 March 1981 in Elsie, Michigan, married Marion Hayward 6 Nov 1917 in Clare, Michigan.  4.  Loretta Ester (Retty) Larkins born 16 Sept 1899 and died 11 Aug 1975 in Farwell, Michigan, married Randle Dee Shaw  5. Mary Catherine Elizabeth Larkins born 5 Sept 1902 in Gratiot County, Michigan died 27 March 1945 in Mt. Pleasant, Michigan.  6. Ida Jane Larkins born 30 Aug 1906 in Farwell, Michigan, married 1st. Robert Howell about 1926.  She married 2nd 12 July 1941, John Bauer born 7 Jan 1891 died 20 Sept 1979 in Farwell, Michigan. 

Note:  Per Aunt Ida Larkins Bauer, youngest daughter of William C. Larkins:  William C. and Martha Maria Larkins had a big beautiful farm in Ashley, Michigan.  William sold it and bought a farm in Farwell, Michigan evidently sight unseen because he believed it had a house on it.  When they got there, there was no house on the farm and Martha sat down and cried.  They had to move into a farm house off the farm where Ida was born.  They later built a house with lumber from an old saw mill.  All of William and Martha's other children were born in Ashley, Michigan.  William came to Farwell in Clare County, Michigan in 1906.  He was good in math like his father.  He had asthma and coughed from the hay when he milked the cows.  William's marriage to Maria is recorded in Saginaw County Court House in Saginaw, Michigan (book I, Page 181, record #2698.  Licence date July 8, 1891.  He was age 35, residing in Oakley, Michigan, born in Ohio.  Maria was 28, residing in Oakley and born in Saginaw County, Michigan.  William was a teamster by trade and she listed no occupation.  He spelled his mother Catherine's name Robinault.  Witness to marriage was Isaac and Ella Larkins.  The following information furnished by Ida Larkins Bauer to Lynnwood Shaw: William was born April Fool's Day in 1856 near Sidney, Ohio.  The Larkins were small farmers, supplying their livelyhood from their farm.  In 1891 Maria and William were married and settled in Ashley, MI.  William began working for Elmer Fuller in Ithaca, dredging and laying tile.  The farm and the surrounding area that they resided was on very low ground and drain fields were uncommon at this time.  Thus, during the spring rains, water would seep into the house, forcing the family to seek refuge upstairs.  This eventually led William to trade the farm in Ashley for one in Grant Township, Clare County, sight unseen.  Unfortunately, upon arriving to their new home, they found the farm but no house.  William continued to work for Elmer Fuller, coming to see his family when transportation afforded.  Their youngest daughter Ida, was delivered by Dr. Lamb in Grant Township.  William found work close to home with the county, surfacing the road with his team of horses.  Meanwhile, Martha Maria stayed on the farm, selling eggs and cream to the local merchants.   Contact Elaine Rumler at  clogginattitude2003 "at"

1900  Michigan, Gratiot, Elba Twp

William C. Larkins Apr 1857  OH  OH OH   farmer
Martha M  Mar 1863  MI  PA  CAN  married 10 yrs, 7 births, 6 living
Ray C Apr 1892  MI
Pearly M Oct 1895  MI
Viva B Jun 1898
Loretta E Sept 1899
Carrie Phy Jul 1883 stepdaughter  MI  MI  MI
Laurie Phy  Feb 1886  MI  MI  MI stepdaughter

1910 Michigan, Clare, Grant Twp
William C. Larkins 54   farmer
Martha 47  married 18 yrs, 9 births, 8 living
Pearly 15
Viva 12
Retta 11
Mary 8
Ida 3                 (
all birth info is the same)
John Brand, 46, nephew,  retired,

2.  Mary Catherine Larkins born 18 Sept 1857in Ottawa, Ohio and died 17 May 1928 in Brady Twp, Saginaw County, Michigan was the oldest daughter of James W. and Catherine Larkins.  She married Alexander Rudolphous Harris (born in 1835) on 26 November 1881.  Alexander was a widower with eight living children, some already married.  Mary became their beloved stepmother and more like a sister to some of them.  They moved to a farm in Brady Township near Brady Center.  Mary often taught in the Brady School and raised three of her grand children and well as eight of her own children and eight step-children.  Alexander died 25 Feb 1911.  Mary never married again and died in 1928.. 

Nettie Harris married Wallace Boyd.  They lived on a farm in the Adrian, Michigan area.  Nettie and Wallace had four children:  i.  Frances Boyd married and had one son named Basil Boyd. Frances died young and Basil was raised by his grandmother.  ii. Catherine Boyd was married and had one daughter named Charlene. Charlene died young.  iii.  Esther Boyd married a man named Sabo and it is believed they had two daughters.  iv.  Basil Boyd died as a teenager.  Nettie married 2nd a man named Bird and they operated a hotel in Hudson, Michigan for years.  Later Nettie moved to Toledo, Ohio where she spent the rest of her life.

Mary C. Harris born 19 January 1884 died 31 March 1972  (Good Friday) married George S. Boyd (no known relation to Wallace Boyd who married Nettie Harris) on 6 May 1906.  George Boyd was a civil engineer and followed the oil wells for work chiefly in Texas and Louisiana.  Later they returned to Michigan where they lived on the old Harris farm until they moved to Owosso, Michigan where George died 28 March 1946. Mary (Mamie as she was known) and George had six children:  i. Virgil Irene Boyd born January 26, 1907 in Lima, Ohio (died January 28, 2001 in Elsie, Michigan.)  She married Warren Strickland.  ii. Mancell Lee Boyd born 18 Nov 1912 in Rodessa, Louisiana,  died 11 Sept 1973 in Carson City, Michigan. He married Wava Hammond, 10 Dec 1936.  iii.  Alma Elnora Boyd born 26 July 1914 in Rodessa, Louisiana married Theodore Roosevelt Bates.  iv.  Dora Jasmine Boyd born 22 June 1917 and died 2 November 1921.  v.  George Sylvester Boyd Jr., born 10 Sept 1919 in Burkburnett, Texas married Esther Johnson in Rockford, Illinois.  vi. Richard Case Boyd born 31 Aug 1921 in Burkburnett, Texas, married Helen I. Tribfelner, died June 12, 1965 in Canada while on a fishing trip. For more data on this family see:  Boyd descendants 

Alma Harris married William Reynolds.  He was a Woodsman and an outdoorsman.  They had three children.  Alma died when the youngest baby, Mildred was three weeks old and the three children were raised by their grandmother, Mary C. Larkins Harris.  Alma died and was buried in Supulpa, Oklahoma. William Reynolds the father of these children disappeared for many years, but was later known to be living in the state of Washington.  i.  Aldo Reynolds born 26 May 1906.  Amy is his wife.  They had two daughters, Muriel Reynolds Sicard and Ardis Reynolds Kingsbury.  ii. Ella Reynolds married Willis Woolston.  They had one son Kenneth Reynolds and one daughter Kathleen Woolston.  iii.  Mildred is married and lives somewhere near Benton Harbour, Michigan. She has a daughter. 

Bateson A. Harris born 17 April 1887 died Dec 18, 1964. He married Florence Bliss and had two daughters: Edna Harris who married Dick Sloat and Wilma Harris who married Aymour Shannon.  They have one son Aymour Shannon Jr.  Bateson and Florence lived in Carland, Michigan and Bateson was a car salesman.  Later he went into the farm implement busines. 

Dora Harris married Edwin Walker.  She was born in 1888 and they spent all their married lives on a farm on West Peet Road in Brady Township, Saginaw County, Michigan.  They had six children, five boys and a girl. Edwin Walker died in 1956 and Dora died in 1981 at the age of 92 in Dimondale, Michigan.  Their children were:  i.  Basil Walker married Rosalie _____?  ii.  Lloyd Walker is married to Catherine____?  iii.  George Walker married Anne Konkus.  They live near Haslett, Michigan.  iv.  Chauncy (Bud) Walker married Katie Konkus a sister of Anne Konkus.  They live in a house that was property of his father's original farm around the corner on Steele Rd.  v.  Jessie Roancy Walker married Albert Osborne.  Albert is deceased and Jessie lives in Midland, Michigan.  vi.  Edwin Walker Jr., was killed in a car accident when he was a teenager. 

Hazel Harris married Leon Jeffery.  They lived in Sommerset Center, Michigan where they farmed.  Later they moved to Hudson, Michigan where they bought the hotel from her sister Nettie and Leon installed furnaces and did furnace repair.  They had several children; Doris, Mary, Elizabeth, and Lyle all living near Hudson or New Hudson, Michigan.

Katherine Harris, the youngest girl married a widower by the name of Edward King.  They were married in Burkburnett or Wichita Falls in Texas.  They spent most of their lives in the oil fields of Texas and Oklahoma leading a very unsettled life.  They had several children: James Edward, Robert, Herschel, Bateson, Imogene, and Doretta.  Robert is deceased. The rest of this family now live in Northern California. 

James Washington Larkins Harris was the youngest son. He married first, Minerva Hammond who died in Bay City, Michigan in 1962.  James and Minerva had four children; Lloyd and Emery who lives in Flint, Michigan and Dora Harris Hartnell of Ashley, Illinois and Inez Harris Johnson of Saginaw, Michigan.  James 2nd wife's name was Dora and they lived in Evart, Michigan at the time of his death. 

Ariadene Harris, the ninth child died in infancy.
See more Harris Descendants

3.  Ida Jane Larkins born 16 Nov 1859 in Ottawa, Ohio and died 22 July 1926.  She married Elliott Cester Woodruff (1857-1932) on 7 Sept 1882 in Putnam County, Ohio.  They lived on a farm near Chapin, Michigan.  They had several children among them were twin girls, two sons, Lewis and Clarence W. 1889-1930, daughters Ella, Ida, and Bessie Woodruff.   Clarence married Catherine Herron and lived in Owosso, Michigan.  They had two children, a daughter Lovica and a son James Woodruff.  All deceased but Lovica who married Howard Edwards and still lives in Owosso and has two daughters.  Lewis Woodruff was married to Dorothy and had two children a son and a daughter.  Lewis was a bank teller at the Owosso Savings Bank in Owosso, Michigan.  His widow Dorothy married a man named Pretty who lived out on Pretty Road near Kerby Corners, Owosso, MI.   Ella May Woodruff born 7 May 1883 in Putnam Co., OH; died 27 May 1944 in Chapin Tp., Saginaw County, Michigan married 21 Aug 1902,  Karl Reinhart Georg, born 7 Feb 1874 in Dillenburg-Niederosbach, Hesse, Germany; died 1950 in Grand Rapids, Kent County, MI.  He was the son of Johannes Heinrich Georg and Wilhelmina Hess lived  Chapin, Michigan and had several children among them, Ida, Carl, Floyd, Dale and Opal Fay George.  Bessie Woodruff married Clayton Walter.  Ida also married a Walter and had Cester, Ada, and Inez.  No information on the twins.
 George Web Site

4. Emmy Elizabeth (Emma) Larkins born 13 Aug 1861 in Ottawa, Ohio was first married to David Runyan on 20 Oct 1881 in Sheriton Twp, Clare County, Michigan and they had several children:  Julia C. Runyan b. 1886, Wesley Runyan, Gertrude Runyan Green, and Grace Runyan LaBarr.  Emma later married a man by the name of Cleary after the death of her first husband.  They lived in Saginaw, Mich.
See More on the Runyan Line

5.  James Edward (Edd) Larkins born 1 July 1863 in Ottawa, Ohio and died 1946 in Oakley, Michigan.  He married Ida M. Bashelier born 1865 in Indiana and died 1939. They settled on the farm that adjoined his parents to the south.  This is where he lived his entire life and raised a family of two sons and three daughters.  i.  Roland Larkins (1889-1970) married Ivah Sutliff.  They lived in the Oakley, Michigan area. They had at least sons, Rex R. Larkins born 10 Feb 1928 and died 8 Sept 1928.  ii.  Floyd R. Larkins (1888-1947) spent his entire life in the Oakley area.  iii.  William Larkins. iv. Lula Larkins married Jay Walter.  They had one son Donald Walter. Lulu died a very young woman.  v.  Majel Larkins (1904-1971), never married.  She spent her entire life on the home place and raised some of the Walter children. vi.  Ina Bethel Larkins b. 8 Nov 1906 died 29 Nov 1909 fell into a tub of boiling water when a young child.  Photo of Ina Bethel and Majel Larkins

WALTER,  Don D. - Of Grand Blanc, formerly of Owosso, age 59, died Thursday, April 8, 2004 at Genesys Health Park. A memorial service will be held at 1 p.m. Saturday, April 24, 2004 at Brown Funeral Home, 1480 E. Hill Rd., Grand Blanc, Larry Walden officiating. Family will receive visitors from 12 noon until time of service on Saturday. Don was born December 13, 1944 in Flint, MI. He was a member of both the Burton Eagles and the Burton Moose lodges. He retired from General Motors Delphi in 2001 after 36 years of service. Surviving are: mother, Mary Cassle of Owosso; sister, Lucia Carol (Larry) Walden of San Antonio, TX; brother, Jim O. (Linda) Walter of Owosso; sister, Constance Mae George of Stafford, VA; brother, Robert C. (Karen) Kimmel of Perry, MI; sister, Janie (Wayne) Cantrell of Mancelona, MI; many nieces, nephews and friends; good friend, Chris Koschmider of Davison. He was preceded in death by his father, Donald Walter, October 13, 1989. 

6. Annetty (Nettie) Larkins born 15 April 1865 in Ottawa, Ohio and married J.S. Porter 22 Feb 1883in Putnam County, Ohio. They lived in Leipsic, Oh.

7.  Doretty May (Doretta) (Dora) Larkins born 29 May 1870 in Ottawa, Ohio and died in April 1946. married 1st Ira Overpack (1860-1905).  They lived on a farm in Brady Township and had  the following children: 

Alton R. Overpack (1889-1971) married Hazel E. _____? (1891-1954).

Percy Fay Overpack (13 May 1893-26 Oct 1957) married Lillian Sutliff (1894-1983) 25 Feb 1914 and had children, Alton F. Overpack (1916-1918) , Pauline Overpack (1919-1991) who married Lloyd H. Smith (1917-1995) and Alice Doretta Overpack, (ca.  1902-1904) she died after a fall from a relatives shoulders; according to the attending physician Alice suffered from a ruptured  or seperated kidney.

Grace Lucille Overpack (24 Aug 1904-24 June 1977) married Carroll B. Shuster (19 April 1901-19 Sept 1958.  Grace and Carroll had eight children---six still living; deceased are Alice Doretta (Doretta) and Marland.  Arlin Shuster died in August of 2007.

Dora was left a widow quite young and later married Peter Rice (1863-1929). They had at least one child, Delmer Rice, (1911-1921) who died of a ruptured appendix.

8. Grace (Gracy Codelice) Larkins born 27 July 1872 in Ottawa, Ohio and died 1 June 1923. She married George Albert Overpack (1868-1947) 14 Nov 1894 in Oakley, Michigan.   Grace died when a young woman.  They lived on a farm near Brady Center. 

This from Diana Wilkes:  Grace and George had three children, each of whom died at birth--they were each buried down the lane on the Overpack farm, then moved to the Ridge road cemetery when it opened.  George married 2nd. Flora E. Grinemill (1872-1946). They had no children. 

The above info has been researched by a cousin, Connie Cooper--she is the great granddaughter of Ira Overpack through Percy Overpack. (I am the great grand daughter of Ira through Grace Overpack Shuster).  Diana Wilkes  >dameagatha "at"<

9. Ella (Ellanora) Larkins b. Oct 29 1876 in Ottawa, Ohio and died in 1968 in Chesaning, Michigan. . She married Amos Glick (1870-1934) 9 Nov 1898 in Henderson, Saginaw County, Michigan.  Amos and Ella had no children.     

Spelling of first names and birth dates from of above numbers 1 thru 9 from Larkins Family Bible.

3rd annual Larkins reunion was held at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Eliott Cester Woodruff of Chapin, Michigan on Thursday, 26 August 1915.  President: E. C. Woodruff, Vice President: J.E. Larkins, Sec'y Lula Walter, Treas:  Grace Overpack

4th annual Larkins reunion was held at home of Mr. and Mrs. James Edward (Edd) Larkins,  Oakley, Michigan Thursday 31 August 1916, Mrs. Bessie Walter, Sec.

5th annual Larkins reunion was held at home of Peter Rice, Oakley, Michigan, Thursday 30 August 1917, Mrs Mary Harris, Sec, Oakley, Mi.

Hi, I saw your website about the Larkins family. Do you have any additional information regarding James Larkins, son of James Larkins the REV. soldier, who married Rebecca Sharp?

It looks like Rebecca died before 1849 as I found James marrying again that year in Jefferson County, OH.  I have located James in Jefferson county in 1850, and he is in Jackson County, WV in 1860 with wife Lydia and a large number of children. In 1870, it appears that James is across the river in Meigs County living with John and Martha Matthews. From her age, I believe Martha is his daughter. Problem is he just disappears after that census and I haven't been able to find his wife Lydia and the remainder of his children after 1860.

I'd appreciate any other information that you might have on James Larkins.

Merry Anne Pierson    tfsengnr at

Saturday, January 20, 2007

Ronald Larkins, age 49, of Chapin Township, passed away Saturday morning, Jan. 20, 2007, at his home.  Mr. Larkins was a farmer.

The funeral service will take place at 2 p.m. Tuesday, at Misiuk Funeral Home of Chesaning, with Mr. Alex McClelland officiating. Burial will be at Ridge Road Cemetery. Visitation at the funeral home will be Monday from 1 to 9 p.m.

Ronald was born Dec. 24, 1957, in Owosso.

Survivors include: daughter, Sonette Douglas; parents, Bill and Shirley (Meyers) Larkins of Oakley; brother, Stanley Larkins of Westphalia; sisters, Jacqueline (Bill) Crossley of Bannister, Jean Larkins of Elsie; many nieces and nephews; special friend, Shirley Smith.

He was predeceased by: his grandparents, Ivah and Roland Larkins and James and Viola Meyers.

1936 Larkins Reunion Findlay, Ohio and photos

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