This is an old church picture taken by Stolheim Studios in Norway, Michigan
which is in Dickenson County in the Upper Peninsula

Top row: left to right:  Ellen Lind, Arvid Anderson, Rev Hanson?? Leslie Asp
& Agnes Oberg.

Second Row:  First two are unknown, then Margaret (Peggy) Norman, Elsa
Norman, Dagmar Anderson and the last one is unknown.

Third row:  Russell Almquist, ?? Peterson, and the last four are unknown.

To help date the picture, Elsa Norman was Born in 1904 and died May 28, 1921
and judging from the age of Elsa, the photo was probably taken between
1915 and 1920.

A relative of some of the people in the photo:
Herb Norman G.Herb.Norman at
Northern Georgia
Formerly from Norway, Michigan

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