Congram Family Homepage

Welcome to the Congram Family Web Site.

This site is dedictated to all the CONGRAM family members around the world and especially the ancestors who have helped make us what we are today.


If you can contribute information, photos, copies of certificates etc., or can help correct some of the data please contact me through the hyperlink above CONTACT.


Frankie Congram and Peter Congram
Who have played a major part in providing information for this project.


The information we are providing to you would not be possible if everyone left it to somebody else. We need family members to care about their ancestors and volunteer information, photo's, memories etc., otherwise our ancestors could fade away into obscurity. Any information, no matter how trival, is always welcomed. Connecting family names together is just putting together the skeleton we can add the body by writing our memories down so that others can picture what a person's life was like.

I understand some peoples wish to remain annonymous so I will not publish anything that is not wished to be so, but I would still encourage family members to deposit items into our database/library.

How to use this site.

To find your ancestor click on the CONGRAMS NAMES INDEX hyperlink above and then click on your ancestor's name to view their individual details.

Currently this website provides access to details of every Congram family member found during our research.

To respect some family members wish for privacy, you will not only find basic details(Name, relationship, birth date) of some living members of the family. However this does not mean we do not hold other information.

We hope this website will encourage other family members to contribute to the work already done.

Our aims are:-

  1. Link every family member into the family tree.
  2. Provide a library of Birth, Marriage and Death Certificates.
  3. Provide a library of copies of the Census returns containing family members.
  4. Provide a library of copies of photographs of family members.
  5. Provide a library of descriptions and memories about family members.

Family members wanting to visit their ancestral home, NORTH DEVON and are looking for a place to stay I can strongly recommend our "Home from Home" in Meshaw.
Owners Beth and Mark Dawkins are wonderful hosts and the welcoming Devon Cream tea is the best I have ever tasted. Lower Kitcott Cottages webpage hyperlink

The living space in Devon Fudge Cottage The living space and kitchen in Devon Fudge Cottage View from the decking of Devon Fudge Cottage, Lower Kitcott Cottages showing the large silver barked tree standing in the field next door just beyond the 5 bar gate View from the decking of Devon Fudge Cottage looking up to Meshaw Village beyond the tree covered approach lane to cottages Lower Kitcott Cottages Courtyard with Devon fudge in foreground and Strawberries and Cream far right View from the hill behind the cottages showing the pastural loccation of the cottage complex