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Author John Conley was born in Jasper County, Indiana. Like so many children of the 1950s, he played cowboys and Indians with other neighborhood children. Years later he would fulfill his childhood dreams when he moved west to the state of Arizona.

John has written a book called The Heart Of A Cowboy. In this book he shares his thoughts and memories of the great American legend "the cowboy". The book includes short stories that help support the cowboy legacy: stories of the famous as well as the not so famous; from the movie hero to the hard working rancher; from western singers to those who wrote the songs; and from rodeos to western festivals.

Due to the efforts of men such as John Conley, the memory of the cowboy will live on forever. So, sit back in a comfortable chair and ride with The Heart Of Cowboy. Return to that by-gone era and ride with Monte Hale, Roy Rogers, Gene Autry, and many more western stars from the 1950s. These are the cowboys who made us all want to become a real cowboy.

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