I have completed a site update on October 9, 2009. First of all I apologize for being late with this update, but since the last update I have moved to a new state and changed jobs. I try to get as much on the site as possible each update, but still have lots to do. If you have submitted an addition or update, please be patient and I will get them on the site as soon as possible. Updates this time come from obituaries, various birth and death records as well as information from generous Conley researchers. Your input, updates and corrections are always greatly appreciated. Please check out your line and if there are any additions or corrections, contact me and help us to share our family history.


Jerry Conley's genealogy web site is a must see if you do research on Conley and related families. He has put so much effort into making his site so good. I am amazed each time to see how much work he puts into preserving our family history. The site is updated regularly and the deserves frequent visits. Jerry includes a page that shows his most recent updates. Find the link to his website on my HOMEPAGES link on the home page.

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