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Welcome to Connections!

This page will always be under construction.

This is set up with the intention of having a one place swap shop of information for a group of individuals I call The Collective. I thank each individual for the time they have spent in researching and documenting the lines for the future generations.

On a personal level. I owe my Cousin Natalie Anastasio for the time and training she devoted to a 15 yr.old in the start of a life long quest and career.

The following pages will have family information that has been compiled into BOOKS on all the names that tie into one another plus a few friends. Names will be from A thru Z some of the names we are searching are. BIELSTEIN, BRITTON, CAMPBELL, CRAWFORD, FLETCHER, HICKMAN, JAMES, IRVIN, PEOPLES, WHITE and a lot more.

At Connections we Welcome you to search our holdings but please remember this information is copyright protected and you must have our permission to use it.

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