CON/CONN Family - England & Australia


"The Conn's of Sedgefield, County Durham, England.

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Our Con / Conn family has been traced back to George Con & his wife Elizabeth Wood in Sedgefield, County Durham in the 1740s.

Between the 1850s & 1949 some members of the family branches immigrated to Australia & New Zealand. In Australia mainly to what are now the areas of Newcastle, NSW & to Victoria.

This is an ongoing project with contributions from Conn descendants in Co. Durham, England & from some branches of the Sedgefield Conn's in Australia & New Zealand.

We hope the information presented in the Family Tree is helpful to anyone who is interested. Every endeavour has been made to try & ensure the information is correct but our apologise if something is not. Feel free to get in contact.

Try the links below to the "Family Tree" at Rootsweb Worldconnect or the "History, Immigration & Settlement of my line in the Colony of New South Wales" or just have a look around Newcastle.

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