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Vanished Glory:A Family in America by Connie Lynne Smith

Journey with the Dougan Clan through Ireland and America, as they face hardship, adventure, tragedy and triumph. This inspiring saga is based on the true story of six generations of an Irish-American family fighting for survival in a land exploding with opportunity and brutality.

Young Thomas Hill Dougan, of County Donegal, Ireland, comes to America, the only way he can, as an indentured servant. He starts a family in colonial Pennsylvania. Generations of his descendants encounter America's most turbulent times; the Revolution, Slavery, the Civil War, the Underground Railroad, Westward Expansion and the World Wars.

Readers of all ages will be moved by this story of an ordinary American family facing extraordinary obstacles as they are caught up in the drama of history. Their heartbreaking tragedies, and inspiring triumphs over adversity, give voice to the immigrant experience and put a human face on the landscape of America.

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