Morgan grandhildren

This photo was taken about 1882. Identification by Iva Quaintance Street in 1939. Back row, from left: Amanda Jane Morgan (More), William "Boone" Morgan, Margery "Madge" Ida Morgan (Vannest), Ryan "Gilbert" Morgan, Edith "Arminta" Morgan (Swisher); front row: Tama Rebecca Morgan (Simpson), Amanda Malvira Morgan, Mary Alma Morgan (Quaintance), Harriet "Almeda" (Davis), Fannie Almira Morgan (Koester), John Logan Morgan, Ryan Morgan.

Information below is from the Guernsey Iowa Centennial Book and other sources

James Hillman 1821-1898

James Hillman was born June 2, 1821 in Kent County, England, and came to this country in 1833 with his mother, three brothers, John, George and Charles, and a sister, Sarah. Family tradition tells us that the father died on the voyage and was buried at sea. The Hillmans travelled by cattle boat to Montreal, Canada, then by river to Southeast New York State, where they lived for several years before migrating to Ohio, and then to Ogle County Illinois.

James and John Hillman married Morgan sisters, daughters of John and Eleanor Morgan of Lee County, Illinois, Malvira and Louisa. In 1855, accompanied by brothers George and Charles Hillman, they came by wagon train to Lincoln Twp., Jasper county, Iowa. Sister Sarah had married Abner Moon and remained in Dixon, Illinois. The John Morgan family also came to Iowa that year. John and Eleanor are buried at Dresden cemetery.

James and Malvira Hillman purchased 160 acres of prairie land in section 35 Lincoln Township and late the same season built the two-story log house where their five children were born.

John (1825-1886) and Louisa (1832-1872) settled in Iowa County just across the line from Lincoln Township. They and seven children (William 1852-1864, Harriet 1854-1866, and Harvey or Harry 1863, all buried at Desden Cemetery). They also had a son David (1857-1828) who is buried at Oak Hill Cemetery, Belle Plaine, Iowa; John Sidney Hillman  1855-1933; James Herbert Hillman and Franklin D. Hillman 1861-1950.

George Hillman settled on section 12 in Deep River Township, east of Dresden. He had two children, James D. "Dusty" and Florence O.

Charles Hillman set out on horseback to return to New York after his first winter in Iowa. He was never heard from again.

James and Malvira's  five children were John Henry, James Edgar, Ida Mae, Eva E., William Harlin and Verne:

John Henry Hillman (1855-1882) had two children: Orron O., who  never married, and Ella B. who married Harry Herman. Orron, Ella and Harry moved to Colorado.

James Edgar Hillman (1857-1876) never married.

Ida Mae Hillman (1859-1919) married, J. Owen Smith, a Methodist minister. They had two children, Leslie, a Presbyterian minister and Joye Malvira Smith who married George MacLeod. Leslie married Beatrice Russell. They had four children, Russell Owen, Howard Philip, Ruth Jean, and David Lee. Joy and George McCloud had one son, Robert McLeod, who became a Presbyterian minister, who moved to Omaha.

Eva E. Hillman (1862-1942) married William J. Forby. They had two sons, Loraine Warren who never married, and William J. Forby, Jr., who married but had no children

William Harlan Hillman (1866-1949) married Ida May Wherry, daughter of John H. and Margaret Cox Wherry of Guernsey. They had four children Verne Russell, Harlan James ,Cecil Wherry, and Margaret Malvira.

There are family photos on pages 158 and 159 of the Guernsey Centennial Book.