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Thank you for stopping by my little corner of the world. For most of my life I have had an interest in history. For over eighteen years I have had a keen interest in computing which evolved into the Internet. I started my research into my family in March of 1996 which was prompted by a friend of mine. I started with an ancestry of the Conover family which was created for membership in the family association by one of my father's cousins and some very basic information which my grandmother Swift had done for her in 1933. This was a start 110 names of ancestors, very few of which went back to the origins of my families in America, some of which I am still searching for.

The Old Family Tree
Planted in America 1630 A.D.
Written by J. Taylor Conover b. circa 1834
Tune of Marching Through Georgia
From over the broad ocean the Holland people came,
And planted in New Netherlands the Couwenhoven name,
Since sixteen hundred thirty, this old family tree has stood,
In all its pride and beauty, the bright glory of the wood.
Hurray! Hurrah!   This grand old tree has stood,
The joy of the forest and the pride of the wood
Beloved by the fathers and honored by the sons,
The mothers and daughters and all the dear ones.
It is flourishing and growing now, despite its good old age,
Though many a mighty tempest, has poured thereon its rage,
 But when its spreading branches were bent with the wintry blast,
 its roots then went down deeper and more firmly it stood fast.
Its head towers higher and its branches spread around
Its strength comes from the earth below; its heart remains still sound.
In the thrift of its buddings, and vigor there is zest,
While the shade of its foliage calls the weary ones to rest.
Couwenhoven is old style and Dutch, too, if you please
But as honest and as true as the sunshine or the breeze.
The oak, too, is old fashioned and long has it stood;
In all its life and glory its the pride of the wood.
Hurrah then for this tree of our forefathers that still stands,
The pride of all our people that have sprung from these bands;
Whose word was eer their bond, and whose blood was as blue
As the best in the land, the azure Holland hue.
Descended from old Holland stock, New Amsterdam vein,
Of old Manhattans early men with Knickerbocker fame,
Their names are told in story oft of hard and stormy times,
And the lives of their descendants are recorded in these lines.
Good ancestry will tell for sure, then for this tree hurrah!
In noble lives, whateer the choice, the pulpit or the law,
Then let us shout another time for this old tree hurrah!
Our family tree that stands today, which came from foreign shore.

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