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This is my new web site. It is still in preparation but has many of the features of my original site. I am still having great problems with illustrations but hope to solve them eventually.

STOP PRESS: I think I have cracked it! There are now links to pictures which will open in a new page. This avoids the problem of arranging the text around the illustration. To return to the text use the back button on your browser - closing the window will exit the web site. Some pictures are screen grabs but I can provide jpeg files if required.

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I nolonger have a visitors book but please email any comments.

I hope to put together more of a family history of my Cooksley relatives rather than just a straight genealogical account. What I have included is any information about  people to whom I am related who were born Cooksley, married a Cooksley, were adopted into the Cooksley family or at any time used the Cooksley surname. Also I tried not to give details of living relations. However, some details have in some instances already been made available over the internet and I will refer to these where relevant. Also if you care to plough through the birth, death and marriage details which are increasingly being made available on line a lot of information is generally available. I now have details of 302 people who fit the criteria I set out above. However to this must be added eight children mentioned on the 1911 census who died very young. I have reduced this from more than ten and am still trying to find more. This list of names is still work in progress but have a look anyway - to names list.

I have found that a member of my Cooksley family married into the Cooksley family of Porlock. This is adding a whole new group of people. I have started a list of the names involved - click here. STOP PRESS This could be wrong but is looking hopeful.

While setting up this new site I have still been researching the family and have some new information which has yet to be included. This will be added when I get to grips better with this new host. Another addition is that if you see a name highlighted please click on it to get more information about that person. Just started to add this information to the "names list".

Whenever you think you have something sorted out the unexpected appears. On 1881 Census John Cooksley changed his name to John White! Still trying to work out what was going on.





I will be adding more. Please call again

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