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This site contains information on the Cooper family who originated from the parishes of Clatt and Kennethmont (was Kinnethmont), Aberdeenshire, Scotland and covers the period 1689 to present. These parishes are located at the eastern edge of the Grampian mountains. Subsequent generations started migrating towards the larger villages, towns and cities of the region e.g. Insch, Inverurie and Aberdeen.

Some branches of the Family Tree are not linked to the main trunk due to missing / lost / damaged information. Please feedback any comments, corrections or additions required along with the source of the information.

Variations in the spelling of the surname include: Cooper, Coopar, Couper, Coupar, Cowper, Cuper and Cupar.

Kirkton of Rayne - The Old Parish Records (upto 1855) generated here also cover the areas of:


*      Old Rayne (OS Grid Reference NJ675285);

*      New Rayne (OS Grid Reference NJ674296);

*      Sometimes they are referred to as Kirkton of Rain(e), Old Rain(e) and New Rain(e);

*      Sometimes they are referred to only as Rayne or Rain(e);

*      The Statutory Records (from 1855) only refer to Rayne.



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This web site was last updated 2017 Aug 25 with:

Photographs and locations added of the gravestones for:

*      None

Photographs added of:

*      Captain Arthur Davidson

*      Dr. Arthur (David) Pryn Davidson

*      Allan Patrick Cooper

Translation of an invitation from Emperor & Empress of Japan for Arthur Davidson to attend  the 'Sakura' festival on April 20th, 1921 (Sakura is a festival to celebrate the blossoming of the trees in Spring) has been added to the Family Tree, v100.


2017 Jul 29 Update:

Photograph and location added of the gravestone for:

*     Dempster, Frances and Janey Cooper (cremated)

Photographs added of:

*    None

Marriage and death details added for Alexander Leith c28-07-1767 .

2017 May 14 Update:

*      Death of Dr. Arthur (David) Pryn Davidson added.

*      Obituaries added for Hugh Allan and Janet Allan née Cooper.

*      Photograph of Hugh Allan added.

2016 September 10 Update:

*      Five images added of two Cooper gravestones from Sunny Brae Cemetery, Oliver, Tatamagouche, Colchester County, Nova Scotia, Canada.

*      Picture added of gravestone for Thomas and Florence Bonnyman nee Drysdale, also at Tatamagouche.

*      Also included is the Cooper Vault at Wentworth Cemetery although it is not known who is buried there.

*      Further evidence added to the Family Tree that the parents of Robert Cooper d29-03-1889 were E.B. Cooper who married Christina Laws d/o John Laws and Jane Waugh.

*      Pictures of more Canadian family members added.

 2016 March 19 Update:

Photograph added of:

*      John Hugh (known as Hugh) Cooper

Guestbook added.

2016  March 17 Update:

Photographs added of:

*      Frances, Patricia and Dempster Cooper

*      Ronald Thomson

2016 March 15 Update:

Photographs and locations added of the gravestones for:

*      James and Anne Ashley-Cooper

Photographs added of:

*      Janey Cooper

*      Sir Patrick Ashley Cooper

For Your Information - The website of the organisation (Rootsweb) that hosts this genealogy site crashed from 23 February 2016 to 15 March 2016.

2016 February 12 Update:

Photograph added of:

*     Brevet Major George Davidson

Story added about George Davidson Brevet Major 42nd Regiment of Foot.

Various birth, marriage and death dates added for Davidsons.

2016 February 05 Update:

Photographs added of:

*      Christian & John Duff, Marjorie & Donald Watts, Hugh & Esme Duff

2016 January 26 Update:

Photograph and location added of the gravestone for:

*      Hugh and Janet Allan

Photographs added of:

*      Amy Isabel Davidson née Pryn & Travers Cosgrove

*      James and Anne Ashley-Cooper

Maps added showing location of lairs for:

*      Newmonthill Extensions Cemetery, Forfar;

2016 January 08 Update

Identification of burials for lairs D73 to D76 added, Dunnydeer Cemetery.

Photographs and locations added of the gravestones for:

*      Jessie Cooper née Simpson

*      Patricia Cooper

*      Marjory Rose Cooper

Photographs added of:

*      Hugh and Arthur Davidson

Obituary added for:

*      Travers Cosgrove

Downloading / display of Family Tree has now been removed and replaced by a request for an email version.

2015 December 31 Update

Photographs added of the gravestones for:

*      George Cooper who married Elizabeth Lesly and family at Clatt Churchyard;

*      George Cooper who married Elizabeth Roger and family at Clatt Churchyard;

*      George Cooper who married Elizabeth Ledingham and family at Clatt Churchyard;

*      Patrick Cooper who married Harriet Roger and family at Nellfield Cemetery, Aberdeen;

*      Carol Yule Cooper née Ritchie at Peterhead.

Photographs added of:

*      Carol Yule Cooper née Ritchie;

*      Arthur and Marjory Cooper.

Maps added showing location of lairs for:

*      Auchterarder Cemetery;

*      Extension to Clatt Churchyard;

*      Dunnydeer Cemetery, Insch.

Stories from Dr. George Cooper in audio form, provided by John Watts, have been added.

Descendents of Christina Anne Reid, whose mother was a Davidson, added along with various other births, marriages and deaths.

Ordnance Survey grid locations added for graves in the UK.

2015 October 31 Update

Location of Margo Cooper's grave in Auchterarder cemetery and death of Hugh Cooper added along with various births, marriages and deaths. Location of some other graves by lair number / GPS location (Ordnance Survey / British National Grid and Latitude / Longitude / WGS 84) added.

2015 August 16 Update

Further detail added on Mill of Dunnydeer by Betty Cooper, after visit by Jack Thompson. Hit Counter added.

2015 July 30 Update

Picture of Marjory (Margo) Rose Cooper added along with various births, marriages and deaths.

2015 May 16 Update

Death of Janey Cooper, locations of graves in the cemetery at Dunnydeer, Insch, Aberdeenshire, AB52 6LU, Scotland, pictures of the Cooper Family Bible along with various births, marriages and deaths.

2015 Mar 07 Update

Pictures of John Alexander Cooper, his wife Jane (Jeannie) Allan and eldest son Dr. George Cooper added and various minor changes to the Family Tree.

2014 Feb 16 Update

Addition of a picture of the Cooper cousins from Canada at the centenary reunion, Barons, Canada.

Minor changes to the Family Tree.

2013 Aug 20 Update

Stories on:

*      The Cooper Family History by Mrs. Quinn, including stories on John Alexander Cooper (Annex A), Sir Patrick Ashley Cooper (Annex B), Dr. James Cooper (Annex C) and Extracts from letters, regarding the family history (Annex D).

*      An Ancient Story of the Coopers of Clatt by Anne Ashley-Cooper including the Milne and Cook famalies.

Minor changes to the Family Tree.

2013 May 26 Update:

Pictures of cleaned and re-lettered gravestones for John Alexander Cooper with his family and Jack Cooper with Rose Watson along with minor changes to the Family Tree.

2011 Oct 15 Update:

Picture of George Watson Cooper b18-07-1919 was added.

2011 Aug 20 Update:

Pictures of Isabella Torrence b24-May-1856 and Isabella Florence Cooper b23-Aug-1896 were added.

2011 Apr 23 Update:

A page has been added with Local Publications.

2011 Apr 21 Update:

Pictures of gravestones from New Cemetery, Insch, Aberdeenshire, Scotland and Dunnydeer North Farm at Insch.

2011 Apr 18 Update:

Pictures of gravestones from Pugwash, Nova Scotia, Canada.

2011 Jan 15 Update:

Linking Alexina Brownie Cooper to the Coopers at Chapel of Garioch

2011 Jan 04 Update:

A picture of John Cooper c09-Nov-1838 at Shinimicas, Canada. He was the first son of Ross Henry Cooper and Ann Cochrane.

2010 Dec 09 Update:

Information on the Davidsons from 'Fasti Ecclesiae Scoticanae', the 'History of the Society of Advocates in Aberdeen' and 'Australian Dictionary of Biography'.

2010 Mar 14 Update:

Additional information on the branch with John Cooper and Elizabeth Innes.

2009 Dec 05th Update:

Marriage of John Cooper and Elizabeth Innes along with their children, one of whom (Margaret) married William Brander. Also includes children / grandchildren who emigrated to Nova Scotia, Canada.

2009 May 04th Update:

Davidsons of Wrangham (in Culsalmond) and Seggieden added. Also added the children of Elizabeth Davidson / John Reid.

2009 April 18th Update

Various pictures of the Coopers / Watsons, Word version of Family Tree added.

2009 March 03rd Update

Picture of the Coopers / Davidsons at a Shooting Party

2009 February 08th Update

Minor additions to the Fortune family details from the 1881 British Census on CD.

2009 January 20th Update

The Allan branch of the family has been updated with more Fortune family details.

2008 October 18th Update:

Names of Children / Grandchildren of Sally Cooper c08-12-1827, death of James Ashley-Cooper and various updates to Davidsons.     

2008 June 11th Update

Children / Grandchildren of Sally Cooper c08-12-1827 added along with various minor updates     

2007 October 29th Update

Various additions to the Davidson pages

2007 January 13th Update:

Various minor changes.

2005 May 28th Update:

The Family Tree was updated with the family of Rev Patrick Davidson / Elsie Innes and the family of Walter Stevenson Davidson.

Also, another contact from Canada has provided more information on the Tatamagouche branch of the Cooper FT.

2005 April 30th Update:

Family Tree was updated with information on Alexander Hay who is believed to be the father of Alexander Hay b09-02-1835.

Family Tree updated with hypothesis on alternative parents for Robert Cowper / Cooper as E.B. Cooper cannot be found on the Old Parish Records.

Web site index page updated with the name derivatives for Kirkton of Rayne.

2005 March 25th Update:

More information on the branch who emigrated to Nova Scotia from another descendant of Robert Cowper. Also, this branch has been moved to a new section (06).

2004 December TBAth Update

Information  about George Alexander Cooper, the donor of Cooper Park to the town of Elgin (unlikely to be related).

2004 December 12th Update

Robert Cowper from Rayne emigrated to Nova Scotia around 1834. A 5th generation descendant of Robert has provided the family tree for this branch although the link to the main trunk is still missing.

The Family Tree has been updated to include a table showing the number of relevant Wills that are now available online through http://www.scottishdocuments.com.

The Aberdeen and North of Scotland Family History Society OnLine MIs have been added where missing.

Ann Shand's death at Elgin and marriage of her daughters Mary and Margaret have been added.

2004 November 13th Update

The date that the Davidson / Cooper photograph was taken

2004 November 06th Update

Better Davidson / Cooper picture

Picture of Jeannie Allan added

Links & Contacts web page updated

2004 October 30th Update

New Family Tree added