Cooper Bible Cemetery, Seneca Rocks, WV

Bennett Cemetery (Harman WV)

Transcription of Bennett Cemetery

Amos J. Bennett, b. 27 Oct 1848, d. 22 Aug 1925, Tho' lost to sight, to memory dear. 

Elizabeth Bennett, b. 18 Jun 1854, d. 7 Nov 1925, Her life was beauty, truth, goodness and love.  

Zernie Bennett Cooper, 1882-1941, He giveth his beloved sleep.

Eva Elizabeth Cooper, b. 9 Mar 1877, d. 7 June 1963.  

Elizabeth Bennett, wife of Aaron Bennett,  b. 10 Jul 1820, d. 10 Aug 1910, Asleep in Jesus.

Etta D. Bennett, b. 27 May 1883, d. 28 May 1883, Sleep on dear child and take thy rest, In Jesus' arms .....blest.


Lester A. Bennett, b. 21 Dec 1900,  d. 21 Dec 1900.

Martin S. Bennett, b. 1 Mar 1880, d. 21 Jun 1894*.

Mamie Bennett, Daughter of A.J. and E. Bennett, b. 13 Jul 1892, d. 20 May 1894.

  Martin V. Bennett, 1st Serg, W VA State Guards, 2 Oct 1839, 27 Jun 1900. 

Mary E. Bennett, wife of J.C. Myers, b. 16 Aug 1884, d. 23 Aug 1911, She was a kind and affectionate wife.  A fond mother and friend to all.  

Lee Cunningham, husband of M.E. Cunningham, son of Solomon and Mary J. Cunningham, b. 30 Apr 1860, d. 4 Jan 1892.

Martha Ellen Cunningham, b. 25 Jun 1863, d. 11 Jan 1947.

Glenn Cunningham, son of L. and M.E. Cunningham, b. 6  Oct 1887, d. 20 Jun 1888.

Goff Cunningham, son of L. and M.E. Cunningham, b. 10 Jun 1886, d. 13 Sep 1886, Our dear child hath gone before, to greet us on that blissful shore.


Washington M. Johnston, son of S and J.[eanetta] Johnston, b. 14 May1880  d. 20 Nov 1886.

Stickley Y. Johnston, b. 26 Apr 1888, d. 17 Sep 1901, son of NS &H, Johnston.  Weep not, father & mother for me For I am waiting in glory for thee.

Jenetta, wife of M.S. Johnston b. 23 May 1848, d. ? Dec 1905, [date number is hardly there], Her toils are past, Her work is done, She fought the fight, The victory won.  

Sarah E. Johnston, wife of M.S. Johnston, b. 27 Nov 1846, d. 18 Sep 1886, The soul has now taken its flight, To mansions of glory above.  To mingle with angels of light, And dwell in the kingdom of love.  

Infant son of H.H. and S.M. Payne, b. 16 May 1889, d. 21 Jun 1889.  Budded on earth, To bloom in heaven.  

Maggie F. Snider, wife of E.E. Snider, d. 10 Jun 1893, aged ? ? years, 10 mos. 13 days, She is not lost but gone before,.  Gone but not forgotten.  

Maggie L. Snyder?, 8 May 1893, d. 17 Aug 1893. Budded on earth, to bloom in heaven.  Gone home to its mother.    

Harman S. Teter, b. 21 Sep 1885, d. 28 Sep 1886, s/o R. Teter.  

Musa E. Teter, daughter, E.G. & M. Teter, b. 18 Feb 1893, d. 30 March 1894.

Melvin P. Groves, son of J.M. & Cora Groves, b. Dec, 18, 1896, d. July 20, 1897.

Wilson A., son of Wm & Rosie Bowers, b. 10 Jan 1895, d. 30 Mar 1895.  [Inscription is difficult to read, ends with "your eternal gain".

Directions to cemetery: 1/8 mile east of Harman on US 33.  Turn right on private road 2 miles.  

My thanks to Woody Rush for the transcription of the cemetery and the photos. 

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