Snyder Cemetery, Harman, WV


Nelson Stone "In Loving Memory"

John Edward Nelson, b. 24 Aug 1955, d. 5 Jul 1956  "In Memoriam, A flower in the Garden of God. 

Cooper Stone

Estin Rollin Teter, Jr., 1920-1942

Cooper Stone

Cooper Stone

Mullenix Stone

Benjamin H. Pennington, b. 10 May 1884, d. 25 Oct 1956, "At Rest"

Ann Bonner, aged: 90 years, "Rest Mother"

Mabel E. Teter, 13 Sep 1901, 31 Oct 1988

Estin R. Teter, 2 Sep 1897, d. 13 Jun 1987

Harman Stone

Harman Stone

Jas. V. Cooper, b. 13 Jun 1907, d. 15 Jan 1933

Sherman K. Cooper b. 11 Dec 1897, d. 1 Jun 1931, "In Loving Memory of My Husband" and  "At Rest"

Argel N. Snyder, b. 8 Oct 1896, d. 31 Jan 190? "Dau. of P.A. and S.J. Snyder"  Corner of Tombstone is missing (which contains the date).  

Cooper Stone

Jacob Morgan Cooper, born and died, 6 Jul 1949, son of Clarace and Virginia Cooper

Franklin Jacob Cooper, b. 11-5-26, d. 11-9-26

Chance Franclin, Frenchie? [Frenchie Clarace Cooper],  b. 27 Jun 1922, d. 14 Feb 1923, Footstone: CFC,  son of Mr. and Mrs. C? G. H. Cooper "At Rest"

Johnny Snyder Cooper, b. 17 Aug 1901, d. 10 May 1907, Footstone: JSC, son of J.S. and C. V. Cooper

Capt. Sampson Snyder, b. 19 Aug 1840, d. 6 Mar 1910.  Footstone S.S., Father "Thy Trials ended, His rest is won"

Elizabeth Snyder, 1844-1928, "Mother", At Rest", Footstone: E.S., Oval photo on stone.

Tacie E. [Harman], 25 Oct 1907, d. 10 Jun 1918, Dau. of S.P. and Nettie Harman, Footstone T.E.H.

Cheryl Jean Harman, b. 1 Jul 1968, d. 19 Sep 1970, "Our little Darling.  If tears could build a stairway, and memories a lane; I'd walk right up to heaven and bring you home again." 

  Harman Stone

Ellsworth S. Harman, 2 May 1901, d. 18 May 1980, "Beloved Brother, Oldest son of Simon and Nettie Snyder Harman."

Iva P. Harman, 1 Feb 1903, d. 29 Jul 1994, "Shore"

Harman Stone

William Myron "Billy" Snyder, b. 17 Jan 1946, d. 21 Jun 1968.  "At rest With Mother in Heaven" Veteran's Stone: West Virginia, Sgt 4453, CBT CTNG, WGAF.

Harman Stone

Snyder Stone

Paul Curtis Snyder, b. 1 Aug 1941, d. 23 Sep 1941, "Our Darling, Christ loved him and took him home."

Wilbur Blake Snyder, b. 21 May 1913, d. 17 Dec 1913, "Our Baby", son of Blaine and Cora Snyder.

Hilda E. Snyder, b. 18 Feb 1923, d. 14 May 1994, "Beloved Mother", daughter of J. Blaine and Cora Cooper Snyder.

Snyder Stone

Note: Married 29 Jun 1905

Snyder Stone

Cooper Stone

Melvin H. Cooper, b. 14 Aug 1916, d. 27 Sep 1962, Veteran Marker: West Virginia, GMI, USNR, WWII. 

Cooper Stone

Grayce Shears Cooper, b. 29 Aug 1905, d. 18 Sep 1974

Location: SW of Harman, Rt, 33,  Harman, WV.  Transcribed by Woody Rush on 22 Nov 2003.  Photo from Woody Rush.

Note: 49 stones read, only 6 stones were unreadable.

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