Family of Valentine Cooper

Family of Valentine Cooper

Of Hardy County Virginia, now West Virginia

Valentine Cooper died in Hardy county around 24 Apr 1835. See the following link to view a transcription of his will: ( It is also of interest that Valentine's name is found on Anna Maria Hire's will ( Valentine owned land in Hardy county and is buried on the farm of Conway Ours near Rough Run WV. According to his tombstone, he died at the age of 90 years.

According to WPA records, also buried in the cemetery with Valentine Cooper are, M.C. Calendar, b. 1752, d. 5-5-1828, age: 76 years; M.C. Calendar, d 1-2-1822; and R.A. Calendar, d. 8-7-1809. According to these records, Valentine was born 12-24-1774 and died 4-24-1835, age 90 years and 4 months. Obviously the math doesn't work for these dates and at the time the picture was taken (1993), most of the dates had faded and were difficult to read. This was the only stone with markings clear enough to read.


We know nothing about Valentine's parentage. His wife name is Mary (as found on many land deeds in Hardy county) and there are many theories as to her name. A common belief is that her name was Bible. However, no documentation has been found to substantiate this belief. Valentine's signature taken from documents at the courthouse in Hardy county are shown below. It is difficult to make out Cooper from Valentine's signature. Perhaps his name was anglicized but his signature still reflects the original spelling. Possible suggestions have been Kufer or Kifer. Kufer is the German equivalent of Cooper.

Valentine's Signature 1812, age 66

Valentine's Signature from will, Apr. 1835, age 89

Family of Valentine and Mary Cooper

Valentine COOPER ( - 24 Apr 1835) & Mary

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