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Books of Historical Interest-Introduction to Early Settlement of Western Iowa

Early Settlement and Growth of Western Iowa
or Reminiscences

This book was published in 1906 by Des Moines The Historical Department of Iowa and written by Rev. John Todd, of Tabor, Iowa.

Below are scans of the title page and the photo of John Todd signed by John Todd.

"Most respectfully
John Todd"

This book is the property of Pam Rietsch, she is the webmaster and coordinator of the "Memorial Library" on LivGenWeb, where she has many other books online. Please be sure to visit her site, which is a part of the American History and Genealogy Project

buttonPreface 5
buttonBiographical Sketch 13
buttonSynopsis of Rev. Todd's Life 45
buttonI. - Preliminaries 51
buttonII. - Finding a location in a new country. Ride on the river-St. Louis to Percival-A location found 54
buttonIII. - Return to Ohio. A thousand miles on horseback-A Sabbath at Pisgah-Journey resumed 67
buttonIV. - Interim and removal to Iowa. visit to the East-Journey to Iowa 80
buttonV. - Getting into the work. Preparing the home-The school-house--The river flood--Ague--Moving to higher ground--Early church services 85
buttonVI. - Incidents by the way. The first grave--Worth half a dollar-Old Queen-New accessions-Incidents of 1854-Incidents of '55-6 100
buttonVII. - The Kansas struggle. Causes of the strife - Atrocities-Gen. Jim Lane-Freestate men-Death of Leang Hitchcock-Battle of Hickory Point-Lawrence attacked-Col. Eldridge's party. 108
buttonVIII. - The opening of the Under-ground Railroad. The first passengers through Tabor-Nuckoll's slaves from Nebraska City 134
buttonIX - Later business of the U.G.R.R. Fugitives from Indian Territory-The rescue-Another case-Kidnapped and rescued 145
buttonX. - John Brown's Preparation. Col. Forbes-Stay in Iowa-Invasion of Missouri-Thanks to Almighty God-Conference with Taborites-His last visit to Tabor 154
buttonXI. - Seeking the stray sheep. Magnolia-Olmstead-Dennison-Ida Grove-Smithland-Sioux City-Return through Nebraska-Second Trip
buttonXII. - Amity or College Springs. Offshoot of Knox College-Rev. A. V. House-Results 169
buttonXIII. - Evangelistic and temperance work. Meetings at Glenwood-Magnolia-Percival-Tabor-Whiskey and temperance 174
buttonXIV. - APPENDIX--Indians in Iowa. In Fremont county-General sketch-Dakotas-Winnebagos-Iowas-Illinois-Incidents in Pennsylvania-Sacs and Foxes-Pottowattamies-Wabonsa and his grave.
Note: Chapter XIV
buttonIndex (Book index) 199
buttonSurname Index - Alphabetical index of names found in book.

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Note: Names in bold print are to aid in your search for specific surnames that you are researching, they are not in bold in the book.

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