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The Ebba Brahe and its Bell

We have a ship's bell as a dinner Gong! See a better photo at http://members.aol.com/SMartinBSc/men.html

From the Ebba Brahe built for P. Valin in Quebec Canada in 1853

Is a similar ship to the Ebba Brahe but I cannot find any illustrations of the actual ship in Canadian or British Archives.

She worked for the Liverpool firm of JS De Wolf and Son performing emigrant trips

1857 Arrival in Victoria http://proarchives.imagineering.com.au/index_search.asp?searchid=4 Just Insert "Ebba Brahe" in the place for ship in the request.

She was later owned by an Anglesey firm

She became leaky and was sold in Port Louis, Mauritius

She ended her life as a Hulk in Calcutta, India

How the Bell ended up in the possession of Irvine Burgess of Liverpool can only be speculated - perhaps an unpaid rent?

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