Lawrence County, Tennessee Connections

Lawrence County, Tennessee Connections




As of 5/12/2009 I have removed all pages related to my research. I will be revamping the entire site so please check back at a later time.

Hello! My name is Melody Cox! Welcome to my genealogy site! My mother and I have put a lot of work into our research. I hope what you find here is informative. This website includes the genealogy of my family. It includes lines both on my grandmother and grandfather's sides. Please DO NOT take my research to be the gospel! People do tend to make mistakes and I am by no means perfect. This site is an ongoing project for me. You may use my research as a "guide" so to speak.

I'll be happy to answer any emails in regards to my research and will be willing to assist someone in any way possible. Also, if you have anything to add or correct to these pages please email me! I'll be more than happy to cite anyone who has any information on here. In addition, I'd love to put up any pictures, letters, records, etc that you may have!

I have alot of people I wish to thank but in fear of leaving someone out I will not publish a know who you are and I am forever grateful to you! I would, however, like to give a special thanks to my Great Aunt Aline Crews who has gone above and beyond in helping us obtain records and such.



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