Corn Family Genealogy

Descendants of James Corn - Jackson County, OH
B. 28 September 1804 (Patrick Co., Va)
D. 9 August 1887 (Jackson Co., OH)

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Welcome to the Corn family genealogy website. The information that has been provided here is to inform and educate others on the roots of this branch of the Corn family.

The headstone pictured at right is of James Corn, who is at the top of our family tree. He was born in Patrick County, Virginia, September 28, 1804 and moved to Jackson County, Ohio with his parents and siblings circa 1811. There are some who believe they have identified the siblings, parents, and grandparents of this James Corn, but no one in our branch has physical proof of this.

As genealogists, we are all aware of the work required to find accurate pieces of information. If you have official documents pertaining to this branch of the tree, or have questions or comments on what we have listed on this site, please email me at

The Corn name lives on into the 21st century and will for many years to come. For more information, click on the links above. Happy Hunting!

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James Corn
James Corn, father of our Corn branch
Photo Source: Donn Corn