Originally a German family von Krummendik, which branched out to families in both Sweden and Denmark. Raneke only shows the branches for those countries, though presumable DAA 1900 holds more information. Part 1 shows the Swedish branch, and Part 2 the Danish.

*** Part 1 - Sweden ***

The Swedish branch starts with Markvard Krummedige, a knight, known from 1381-89. He had issue:

1. Eggert Krummedige, known 1408, died before 1412, married Helena Pedersdotter (Porse).
1.1. Eggert Eggersson Krummedige, a knight, known 1446, died 1488, married 1stly Ramborg Mattisdotter (Lillie) and 2ndly Marine Jensdatter (G�ye).
1.1.1. Henrik Krummedige, known 1490, died before 1491.
1.1.2. ? DAA 1911 mentions a daughter of Eggert married to Joseph Reberg.
1.2. Lisbet, married Mogens Eriksen (Bing).
2. Albrecht Krummedige, known 1419, died before 1426, married Merete Steensdatter.
2.1. Eggert Albrechtsen Krummedige, known 1441-52.
2.2. several children of whom nothing is currently known.
3. Hartvig Krummedige, known 1426.
3.1. Hartvig Krummedige, known 1430, died before 1458, married 1stly Catrine Markvardsdotter (Buk), 2ndly Karen Andersdotter (Hak), and 3rdly Anne Henriksdotter (Assendrup).
3.1.1. Henrik Krummedige, known 1513, died before 1530, married Anne J�rgensdotter (Rud). Markvard Krummedige, died young. Oluf Krummedige, died young. Sophie, died 1539, married 1512 Esge Bille.

*** Part 2 - Denmark ***

The Danish branch starts with Erik Krummedige, known 1392, died 1439, married 1stly Beate von Thienen, and 2ndly Karin Hakonsdatter (Frille) and had issue:

1. *by 1* Otto Krummedige.
2. *by 1* Ermengard, married Claus Krumpen.
3. *by 1* Agnete, married 1stly Sten Turesson (Bielke), and 2ndly Axel Nielsson (Ulfeld).
4. *by 1* Elisabet, married Poul Laxmand.
5. *by 1* Margarete, married 1stly Ture Stensson (Bielke), and 2ndly Kristiern Nilsson (Vasa).
6. *by 1* Ebba, married 1stly Tymme Jonsson, 2ndly Karl Kristiernsson (Vasa), and 3rdly Erik Niepertz.
7. *by 2* Erik Krummedige, married 1stly Anna von Qualen, and 2ndly Karen Henningsdatter (Walkendorff).
7.1. Claus Krummedige, known 1488, killed in battle 1500, married 1stly Drude Clausdatter (R�nnow), and 2ndly Else Pedersdatter (Thott).
7.1.1. Claus Krummedige, married Else Hartvigsdatter (Limbek).
7.1.2. Erik Krummedige, known 1525, died 1541, married Sidsel Timmesdatter (Rosenkrantz).
7.1.3. Agathe, married Anders Friis till Haraldskjaer.
7.1.4. Drude, born 1493, died 1555, married Otte Krumpen.
7.2. Margrete, a nun.
7.3. Dorothea, a nun.
8. *by 2?* Anna Eriksdatter, married Albrecht Bydelsbach.

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