Sparre av Ellinge

Sparre av Ellinge

A family, originally from Scania, that relocated to mid-Sweden, with estates in Frosta, and Harjager County Districts in County Scania, Hagunda in County Uppland, Lyckå in County Blekinge, and Tuhundra in County Västmanland. The DAA 1917 claims that this family stemmed from the below family Sparre af Skaane. However, according to Raneke, the progenitor of Sparre af Ellinge was a man walled Jon N. N. [Jon Vognsen in the Sparre af Skaane genealogy, below] who had issue as follows:

1. Svend Jonsen, died before 1398, married Cecilia Clausdotter (Serlin).
1.1. Nils Svendsen, known 1393-1434, a knight, married 1stly Pernille Pedersdatter (Thott) and 2ndly before 1417 Märta Jonsdatter (Hjärne).
1.1.1. *by 1* Klaus Nielsen, a knight, bailiff, County District Governor, and Councillor of the Realm, known 1425, died about 1452, married 1stly Cecilia (Dode) and 2ndly Katarina Stensdotter (Bielke). Niels Klausen, a knight and County District Governor, known 1481, married Margareta Lagesdotter (Brok av Estrup). Katarina Nilsotter, died 1520, married Peter Turesson (Bielke). Elsa Nilsdotter, married Axel Posse. Pernilla Nilsdotter, known 1555, died before 1557, married Sten Kristiernsson (Oxenstierna). Anna Nilsotter. Margareta. Brita. Margareta. Beata. Klaus. Sten. Knut known 1509, died 1522. Nils, known 1509. Ture, known 1509. Göran. Karl. Hans.
1.1.2. *by 1* Pernilla Nielsdatter.
1.1.3. *by 2* Per Nielsen.
1.1.4. *by ?* Åge Nielsen, known 1421-60. Niels Ågesen, known 1460-93, a knight and bailiff.
1.2. Jon Svendsen af Svenstorp, died after 1421.
2. Bengt Jonsen.
3. Nils Jonsen.

*** Part 2 ***

Sparre av Skaane

The DAA 1917 states that the line begins with a Tulle Aagesen, supposedly mentioned 1287, who had issue a son Vogn Tullesen til Klogerup, who had issue as follows:

1. Tulle Vognsen, known 1357.
2. Hr. Karl Vognsen.
3. Hr. Jon Vongnsen [whose supposed issue is recounted above in part 1].
4. Hr. True Vognsen.
4.1. Tulle Truesen.
4.1.1. Tyge Tullesen, known 1365-1387. Tulle Tygesen, died after 1447, married Christence Henriksdatter (Ulfstand). Jep Tullesen, died after 25 November 1484, married Elsof Henningsdatter Meinstorf til Skurup (died after 30 March 1505). Tord Jepsen til Lyngbygaard, killed 1513 by Niels Brahe, married Berete Johansdatter Moltke til Lyngbygaard. Jep Tordsen Sparre til Lyngbygaard, died before 6 June 1562 at Lybæk, married 21 November 1561 to his cook, the maid Johanna Schmedes (died after 1566). Hektor Sparre, died after 1566. Hr. Oluf Jepsen til Skurup, died 1516. Hr. Aage Jepsen Sparre, died about April 1540. Hr. Mourids Jepsen Sparre til Skurup, died 1 January 1534, buried Lund cathedral, married 1stly Karine Pedersdatter Høg (Banner); married 2ndly Ide Thomesdatter Lange (died after 1538). *by 1* Jakob Sparre til Svanholm, died 16 January 1573 at Svanholm, buried Skurup church, married 1stly 1 February 1540 Clara Andersdatter Bille (died 14 June 1560); married 2ndly Margrethe Axelsdatter Urup (died after 13 January 1583). *by 1* Anders Sparre, died young. *by 1* Gabriel Sparre til Svanholm, born 3 August 1549 at Svanholm, died 16 May 1601 at Gundestrup, buried Skurup church, married 1574 to Lisbet Turesdatter Trolle til Knabstrup (died 2 January 1611 at Svanholm, buried Skurup church). a son, died young. a son, died young. Kirsten, married 1616 at Kjøge to Falk Mogensen Gøye (died before 1623). Anne, died suddenly 1 August 1564, married 1553 Hr. Mogen Gyldenstierne til Stiernholm (born 1485, died 8 October 1569 at Copenhagen, buried 6 March 1570 at the Church of Our Lady, Copenhagen). Gabriel Sparre, died young. Birgitte. Christence, died before 1517, married Claus Ludvigsen Rosenkrantz til Palsgaard (died after 1503). Anne, died before 1528, married Axel Gødiksen Gere til Gunderslev (died after 1510). Aage Tullesen til Hageløs, died after 1459, married Metter Nielsdatter (Banner). Ove Aagesen, known 1484. Hr. Henrik Aagesen Sparre til Klogerup, died after 22 July 1532, married Kirsten Knudsdatter (Has). Knud Sparre til Klogerup, died before 16 May 1568, married 1538 Anne Andersdatter Bille (died 1551 at Klogerup, buried Lund cathedral). Henrik Sparre, known 1568. Hans Sparre til Klogerup, died 1587, married Dorte Hansdatter Ahlefeldt (died after 28 April 1607). Edel, born 9 November 1581 at Copenhagen, died 1599 at Barselseng, buried 11 December 1599, married 18 June 1598 at Copenhagen the German Arent Spar von Grinden-Lichtenfeldt (she became the mother of the German fieldmarshal Otto Christoph Spar). Kirsten, died 1618, married 25 August 1594 at Klogerup to Peder Madsen Laxmand til Frøslev (died after 28 April 1611). Clara, died 1636, married August 1610 at Copenhagen to Hr. Tage Thott til Sierkjøbing (died 1643). Sidsel, died 4 January 1613 at Barselseng, married 2 July 1609 at Malmö to Knud Grubbe til Røgle (born 28 May 1575 at Røgle, died 18 September 1632 at Røgle, buried 23 October 1632 at Lund cathedral). Pernille, born 16 August 1542 at Klogerup, died 10 May 1601 at Hviderød, buried Skurup church, married 1stly Holger Brahe til Hammer (died 1576); married 2ndly Anders Maltesen Viffert til Albæk (died before 24 October 1601). Ingeborg, died after 18 June 1601. Ingeborg, married Marcor Tidemand til Hellerup. Johanne, died 20 March 1568, married 1stly Erik Bille (died 30 April 1519, buried Antvorskov); married 2ndly Hr. Aage Brahe til Sierkjøbing (died 1525). Inger, died after 1510, married Hr. Jakob Jepsen (Ravensberg) til Kindholm (died 1512, buried Roskilde cathedral).
4.1.2. Karl Tullesen. Bodil, married Poul/Peter Andersen (Laxmand; died after 1401).
4.1.3. Jens Tullesen, known 1383.
4.1.4. Hr. Tue Tullesen, married 1stly Godik Pedersdatter; married 2ndly Sophie Neb. Peder Tuesen, at Tommerup monastery. Edle, married Anders Bing (died after 1475).

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