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Aspen�s�tten / Bl�

Aspen�s�tten / Bl�

This family, landed mainly around Lake M�laren, co. Sm�land and co. �sterg�tland, begins with a man named Filip who died before 1279. He had issue as follows:

1. ? a daughter, married Filip T�rnesson.
2. Johan Filipsson, known 1272, executed 1280, Ingeborg Svantepolksdotter (Skarsholms�tten).
2.1. Knut Jonsson, known 1292-1345, Steward of Sweden, married Katarina Bengtsdotter (Folkunge).
2.1.1. Filip Knutsson, known 1328, died before 1335.
2.1.2. Birger Knutsson, known 1342-1350.
2.1.3. Magnus Knutsson, known 1335, died before 1366, married Helga Bengtsdotter (vingad pil). Katarina Magnusdotter, known 1373-93, married Finvid Finvidsson (Fr�ssviks�tten). Ingeborg Magnusdotter, died before 1389, married Magnus Karlsson (�rnfot). Birgitta Magnusdotter, known 1379-1398, married 1stly Nils Sverkersson (Stubbe); 2ndly Mats Gustavsson.
2.1.4. Jon Knutsson, known 1335-1357, married Helena Larsdotter (Ama). Bengt Jonsson, known 1352-1374, married Ingeorg Gregersdotter (Sandbro�tten). Gregers Bengtsson, known 1396, married 1387 Katarina Erengisladotter (Hammersta�tten). M�rta Gregersdotter, died 1430, married Knut Ormsson (Gumsehuvud). Ingeborg Gregersdotter, d. after 1459, married 1413 Mats �dgislason Lillie af Greger Mattssons �tt. Knut Bengtsson, died 1420, married 1stly Sofia Gertsdotter Snakenborg; 2ndly Birgitta Bengtsdotter. Bengt Knutsson, known 1421. ? Ingeborg Bengtsdotter, married Karl Ormsson. Kristina Knutsdotter, married 1420 1stly Knut Stensson (Sten Lalassons �tt); 2ndly Birger Birgersson Trolle. She might also be the Kristina Knutsdotter that was married to Knut Stensson Bielke. Ingeborg Knutsdotter, married before 1428 Magnus Pik. Helena (Elin) Bengtsdotter, died before 1432, married Ragvald Filipsson (Lind��tten). Laurens Bengtsson, died before 1413. Laurens Ulfsson, known 1395, died 1445, married 1stly Katarina Stensdotter Bielke; 2ndly Ida Johansdotter B�low. It remains to be elucidated which wife is the mother of which children, assumptions below. *by 1* Katarina Larsdotter, married 1stly �ke Laxmand; 2ndly Laurens Snakenborg. One of her weddings stood in 1419. *by 1* Ingeborg Larsdotter, died 1454. *by 1* a daughter, burned to death in a house fire 1415. *by 1/2*? Erik Larsson, died 1460, last of the family. *by 1/2*? Helena Larsdotter, died before 1476, married 1stly H�kan Bolt; 2ndly Einar Fluga. *by 1/2*? Kristina Larsdotter, married Magnus Gustafsson Tre Rosor av Horshaga. *by 2* Detlev Larsson, known 1447-55. *by 2* Filippa Larsdotter, known 1447. *by 2* Anna Larsdotter, known 1447, married Jesper G�rtz. *by 2* Ermengard Larsdotter, known 1447-1448, a nun. Ulf Jonsson, known 1356-93, married 1stly Margareta Petersdotter Bonde; 2ndly Gunhild Uddormsdotter (Rakereds�tten). Knut Jonsson, known 1356-1359. Bengta Jonsdotter, died before 1384, married 1stly Sigmund Elofsson (vingad pil); 2ndly Lars Filipsson (?Leopard). Katarina Jonsdotter, known 1356-1378, married Klemens Petersson (sparre).
2.1.5. Cecilia Knutsdotter, known 1350, married Bo Nilsson (Natt och Dag).
2.1.6. Ingeborg, known 1333, married Erik Valdemarsson (Folkunge).
2.2. Birgitta Jonsdotter, known 1325, died before 1346, married Peter Ragvaldsson.
3. Birger Filipsson, known 1276, executed 1280, married Ulfhild Magnusdotter (Folkunga�tt).
3.1. one or more children, unknown.
4. Ingeg�rd.
5. a daughter, married Karl Tjelvasson (F�n��tten).

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