Counts of Angoulème and of Périgueux

Counts of Angoulème and of Périgueux

*** Part 1 - The Counts of Angoulème ***

Vulgrin I, Count of Angoulème tempore Charles the Bald, died 3 May 886, buried Angoulème-St.-Cybard, married Regelindis, daughter of count Bernhard of Autun, Margrave of Septimania (Autun).THey had issue as follows:

1. Alduin I Coumte d'Angoulème, died 27 March 910, buried, Angoulème-St.Cybard.
1.1. Guillaume II Count of Angoulème, died 945.
1.1.1. Arnauld Mancer, Count d'Angoulème, died a monk at Saint-Cybard 4 March 898-91, married 1stly Raingarde, avunculus Count Guillaume IV, and 2ndly before 13 May 988 Adelarde d'Aunay (died 1020), daughter Vicomte Cadelon III (of Thouars?) and Senegundes de Marcillac. *by 1* Guillaume IV Taillefer, Count of Angoulème, died poisoned by his step-daughter Alaisia 6 April 1028, buried Angoulème St-Cybard, married before 1000 Gerberge d'Anjou (died after 1 May 1041, daughter of Geoffrey Grisegonelle Duc d'Anjou. Arnauld, died young. Guillaume, died young. Alduin II, Count of Angoulème, died before 1 May 1032, married about 1020 Alaisia de Gascogne, daughter of Sancho Guillen de Gascogne. Guillaume Chausard, Count of Marétay, Lord de Seigneur de Matha and ½ Fronsac, died after 4 April 1060. ? Guillaume de Marétay, died after 1067. Arnaud, died after 1028. Hugues, died after 1048. Geoffroy Count of Angoulème, died December 1048, married 1stly Petronille d'Archiac, Lady of Archiac and de Bouteville, (died 24 September 1029, buried St. Paul de Bouteville), daughter of Mainard "The Rich" Seigneur d'Archiac and Viscountess Udulgardis. He married 2ndly Asceline, died after 1048. *by 1* Foulques, Count of Angoulème, died 1087, married Condoha (died after 1087), daughter of Robert? Count d'Eu "Normanigena". Guillaume V Taillefer, died Deutz, 1120, buried Deutz St. Heribert, married Vitapel, daughter of Guillen Amanieu, Viscount de Bezaune and de Benauges (Albret). For his issue see PART 2. Geoffroy, died after 1087. Foulques, died after 1087. *by 1* Humberge, died 1071, married about 1030 Ademar II Vicomte de Limoges (died 15 October after 1090). *by 1* Guillaume, died 20 September 1076, Bishop of Angoulème. *by 1* Geoffroy Rudel, seigneur de Blaye, died after 12 August 1089. Guillaume Frédéland, Prince of Blaye. He had issue which can't be located in my currently available sources. Arnauld "Ferrioli", died after 1099. *by 1 or 2* Gerberge, died 12 February 1068, married Audoin, Seigneur de Barbézieux. *by 1 or 2* a daughter, married Ainard, Sire de Chabanais. *by 2* Arnauld, Seigneur de Montausier, died after 1075. *by 2* Adémar, died 1 September 1101, Bishop of Angoulème. Foulques, died after 1030, married about 1030 Aynors. Odo, died after 1030.
1.1.2. Adémard, died after 942.
1.2. Arnauld, died after 923.
1.3. Odolricus, vicecomes, died after 944.
2. Guillaume I Comte de Perigueux and d'Agen, died about 918, married Regilindis (died after 908).
2.1. Bernard I, Comte de Perigueux, Comte d'Angoulème, died about 950, married 1stly Berthe, 2ndly Gersinde.
2.1.1. *by 1* Arnaud Borracio, Comte de Perigueux, Comte d'Angoulème, Bailiff of St-Cybard-d'Angoulème, died 6 August 962, married Aldealendis.
2.1.2. *by 1* Guillaume III, Comte de Perigueux, Comte d'Angoulème, died 6 August 962.
2.1.3. *by 1* Gaubert.
2.1.4. *by 1* Bernard.
2.1.5. *by 2* Rannulfe Bompar, Count of Perigueux, Count of Angoulème, died in battle against Arnauld Mancer (above) 27 July 975.
2.1.6. *by 2* Richard Insipiens, Count de Perigueux, Count d'Angoulème, died after 975.
2.1.7. *by 2* ? Audoin.
2.1.8. *by 2* Geoffroy.
2.1.9. *by 2* Joscelin.
2.2. Sancia, murdered 4 April ___, buried Angoulème St. Cybard, married Adémar I Count d'Angoulème (died 2 Paril 930, buried Poitiers St. Hilaire), son of Emenon, Count of Poitiers.
2.3. Emma, married Boso I The Old, Comte de la Marche (died after 974).

*** Part 2 - Counts of Angoulème Continued ***

Guillaume V Taillefer, above and his wife Vitapel had issue:

1. Vulgrin II, Count of Angoulème, died 16 September 1140, married 1stly Pontia de la Marche (Montgomery), daughter of Roger de Montgomery, Comte de la Marche, and 2ndly Amable de Châtellerault (died after 1140), daughter of Vicomte Aimery I.
1.1. *by 1* Guillaume IV Taillefer, Count of Angoulème, crusader, died Messina 7 August 1179, married 1stly Emma de Limoges, daugther of count Aimar I de Limoges, and 2ndly about 1147 Marguerite de Turenne, daughter of Count Raimond I de Turenne.
1.1.1. *by 2* Vulgrin III, Count of Angoulème, crusader, died 1181, before 29 June, married Elisabeth d'Amboise (died 1212, buried Fontaines-les-Blanches), daughter of Hugues II, Sire d'Amboise. Mathilde, died after 29 August 1233, married after 1194 Hugues IX le Brun, Sire de Lusignan (died Damietta 5 November 1219).
1.1.2. *by 2* Guillaume VII Taillefer le Jeune, died about 1186.
1.1.3. Adhemar (Aymer), Count of Angoulème, Count de La Marche, crusader, died Limoges 16 June 1202, married about 1186 Alix de Courtenay (Capet), daughter of Pierre of France, Sire de Courtenay. Isabelle, died June 1246, burried Fontevrault Abbey, married 1stly Chinon 30 August 1200 John Lackland, King of England (Anjou/Plantagenet). She married 2ndly about April 1220 Hugues X le Brun, Sire de Lusignan, Count de La Marche, Count d'Angoulème (died 1249, after 15 January), buried l'abbaye de Valence.
1.1.4. Griset, died 1179.
1.1.5. Foulques, died 1180.
1.1.6. Almodis, died after 1191, married 1stly before 1171 Amanieu IV Sire d'Albret (died after 1175), and 2ndly Bernard III, Vicomte de Brosse (died after 1193).
1.2. *by 2* Foulques, seigneur de Matha, died after 1181.
1.3. *by 2* Geoffroy Martel, seigneur d'Anville, died after 1181.
1.4. *by 2* a daughter, married Rannulfe de Jarnac.
2. Raimond, seigneur de Fronsac, died after 1109.
3. Foulques, seigneur de Montausier, born before 1108, died affter 1149.

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