Eka / Hinsekindätten

Eka / Hinsekindätten

This family has two main branches which cannot be connected genealogically. It is, however, certain that they both belong to the same family.

*** Part 1 ***

Eka af Hinsekind, or, Hinsekindätten beins with Atte Trottasson "the elder", known 1312, who had issue a son, Atte, known 1369-1395. This younger Atte had issue:

1. Trotte Attesson, known 1372-1428.
1.1. ? Atte Trottesson, died after 1446, married 1433 Sigrun Gisesdotter (sparre över blad).
1.1.1. Trotte Attesson, died before 1475.
1.1.2. Anders Attesson, known 1475, married Margit Bengtsdotter (Balk). Anders Andersson, known 1500-1518, married 1stly Birgitta Henriksdotter Gyllensparre; married 2ndly Elin Björnsdotter Krumme. Anna Andersdotter, married Peder Christersson Siöblad.
1.1.3. Sigrid Attesdotter, married, but to whom is unknown.
2. ? Sven Attesson, known 1372-1400.

*** Part 2 ***

The best known branch (as it supplied the maternity of King Gustavus I) of the family, commonly referred to only as Eka begins with two brothers and a sister:

1. Trotte Petersson, known 1333-1362, died before 1364, married Ingegärd Johansdotter (Folkungaätt).
1.1. Magnus Trottesson, known 1364-1411, married 1stly Katarina Olofsdotter; married 2ndly Märta Magnusdotter Kase.
1.1.1. Gregers Magnusson, known 1402-1441, married Ingeborg Magnusdotter Kase; married 2ndly Jutta Valdemarsdotter Bydelsbach. ? Katarina, died before 1451.
1.1.2. Johan Magnusson, known 1402.
1.1.3. Märta Magnusdotter, known 1402-1406, married Klaus Ulf.
1.1.4. Karl Magnusson, known 1421-1467, married Birgitta Arendsdotter Pinnow. Trotte Karlsson, known 1464, killed in battle 1471. Magnus Karlsson, known 1471-1484, married 1stly Sigrid Eskilsdotter Banér; married 2ndly Märta Bengtsdotter (Ulv). *by 1* Cecilia Magnusdotter, married Erik Johansson Vasa and became the mother of King Gustav I Vasa (reigned 1523-1566). *by 1* Måns Månsson, died about 1525. *by 1* Trotte Månsson, died 1512, married 1510, but whom is unknown. Måns Trottesson, died about 1525. *by 1* Karl Månsson.
1.2. Johan Trottesson, known 1378.
1.3. Elin Trottesdotter, known 1370-1378.
1.4. Birgitta Trottesdotter, died after 1442, married Kort Gortz.
1.5. ? N. N. Trottesdotter, known 1378, married Lars Björnsson.
1.6. ? N. N. Trottesdotter, known 1378, married Tideka Pinnow.
2. ? Folke Petersson, known 1368.
3. ? Katarina Petersdotter, married 1349 Gjurd Gote.

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