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Alphabetical Index of Families

Alphabetical Index of Families

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Name of Family or Major Holdings -E- Place of Origin
Eboli [countess of; Hautville]Normandy -> Italy
Edessa [count; cf Boulogne-sur-Mer]France
Ehrenbielke Sweden
Ehrencrona Sweden
Ehrenkrona Sweden
Ejerica [baron of; Barcelona]Iberia
Eka Sweden
Ekeblad Sweden
Elche [lord of; Barcelona]Iberia
von Ellbrecht Oldenburg -> Denmark
Enguera [lady of; Barcelona]Iberia
d'Enseigney [de Thumery]France
de Entenza [Barcelona]Iberia
Entenza y Antillon [baron of; Barcelona]Iberia
d'Escary [de Thumery]France
Estonia [Duke of] Denmark [royal]
d'Evaux [de Thumery]France