Folkungaätt, Kings of Sweden

Below follows the genealogy of the Folkunge family, sometime Kings of Sweden and one of the oldest known families of that nation. There are several distinct families that belong to this one line, amongst which are "AMA" and "TILLBAKASEENDE ULV". The line starts with Folke Filbyter of whom nothing else is known. He is reported to have had a son, who in turn had a son named Folke "the Fat" and who was known to have lived at the beginning of the 12th century, and who was married to Ingegärd of Denmark. They had a son, Bengt Snivels whose descendants follow:

1. Birger Brosa, known 1160, d. 1202, m. Brigida Haraldsdotter of Norway.
1.1. Filip Jarl, known 1193, killed in 1200, m. N. N.
1.1.1. Katarina Filipsdotter, m. Lars N. N., a judge.
1.2. Knut Birgersson, killed 1208, m. N. N.
1.2.1. Magnus Broka, known 1230, m. Katarina Eriksdotter, from the Erik line of Kings of Sweden. Knut Katarinasson, killed in battle 1251.
1.2.2. Cecilia Knutsdotter, m. Filip Birgersson (Aspenäsätten).
1.3. Ingegärd Birgersdotter, m. King Sverker II of Sweden.
1.4. Folke Jarl, known 1208, killed 1210.
1.4.1. Sune Folkasson, known 1237, died 1247, m. Helena, daughter of King Sverker II of Sweden. Katarina Sunadotter, abbess, known 1250, died about 1252. Benedikta (Bengta) Sunadotter, known 1240, died 1261, married Svantepolk Knutsson (Skarsholmsätten). N. N. Sunadotter, known 1244.
1.4.2. Holmger Folkasson, known 1248-1254, m. Christina Fastadotter. Lars Holmgersson. Ulf Holmgersson, known 1276-90, married Cecilia Haraldsdotter (Vingad Lilja). Harald, died 1305. Holmger Ulfsson Ama, known 1291-1307, married Ingegärd. ? a daughter. Kristina Holmgersdotter, known 1335. Karl Ulfsson, known 1307. Folke Ulfsson, known 1307-1321, married 1stly Ingrid Larsdotter; 2ndly Sigrid Mårtensdotter. Lars Ulfsson, known 1305-1350, married 1stly Ramborg Nilsdotter (Lillie); 2ndly Ingrid Anundsdotter. *by 1?* Katarina, known 1323. *by 1?* Helena Larsdotter, known 1335-1359, married Jon Knutsson (Aspenäsätten). *by 2?* Ulf Ama, known 1335-1342. *by 2?* Holmger Ama, known 1342-1359. *by 2?* Kristina Ama, known 1335-1352, married Birger Algotsson (hjorthorn). a daughter, married Torkel Andersson (delad-båt). Holmger Ulfsson, known 1304-1311, married Elena Sigmundsdotter (båt). Ulf Holmgersson, known 1331, died 1335. Karl Holmgersson, known 1323, died before or about 1335. a daughter, known 1326, married Birger Magnusson (Magnus Marinassons Ätt). Katarina, known 1338, died before 1343, married 1stly Torsten; 2ndly Ulf Magnusson Lejonbalk.
1.4.3. Benedikta Folkadotter, m. Johan Ängel.
1.4.4. N. N. Folkadotter, m. Rörik N. N. (Rörik Birgerssons Ätt).
1.4.5. N. N. Folkadotter, m. Ulf Fase
1.5. Magnus Birgersson.
2. Magnus Minnesköld, killed 1208, m1. N. N., m2. Ingrid Ylva.
2.1. Bengt Magnusson, known 1219.
2.1.1. Magnus Bengtsson, known 1247, died 1263, married Ragnhild. Bengt Magnusson, known 1269, died about 1294, married 1stly Margareta; 2ndly Sigrid. Magnus Bengtsson, died before 1304. Ingeborg Bengtsdotter, died 1314, married Birger Petersson (Finstaätten). Ramborg Bengtsdotter, known 1313-1349, married Erengisl. Katarina Bengtsdotter, married Knut Jonsson (Aspenäsätten). Ulfhild Magnusdotter, known 1269-1279, married 1stly Bengt Magnusson; 2ndly Birger Magnusson (Aspenäsätten).
2.2. Eskil Magnusson, d. 1254, m. 1217 Kristin, daughter of Nils Blaka.
2.3. Karl Magnusson, killed 1220.
2.4. Bengt Magnusson, known 1220, d. 1236/7.
2.5. Birger Jarl, regent of Sweden, b. about 1200, d. 1266, married 1stly abt. 1235 Ingeborg Eriksdotter, daughter of Erik Knutsson, king of Sweden, and 2ndly. Mechtild von Holstein.
2.5.1. Richiza, d. about 1288, m1. Håkan Håkansson, King of Norway; m2. Henrik von Werle.
2.5.2. Valdemar, King of Sweden 1250-1275, d. 1302, m1. Sophie of Denmark; m.2. Luitgard N. N. Erik Valdemarsson, d. 1261. Ingeborg Valdemarsdotter, d. abt. 1290, m. 1275 Gerhard von Holstein. Erik Valdemarsson, b. 1271/2, d. about 1331, m. Ingeborg Knutsdotter (Aspenäsätten). *by 1* Valdemar Eriksson, known 1345-1369, married Ingegärd Karlsdotter (? Färla IV). Erik Valdemarsson, known 1375-88. Richiza Valdemarsdotter, m. Przemyslaw II of Poland. Marina Valdemarsdotter, m. 1285 Rudolf von Diepholz. Margareta Valdemarsdotter, known 1288. Erik Valdemarsson, born about 1273.
2.5.3. Magnus Ladulås (="Lock-barn"), King of Sweden, born 1240, died 1290, married Hedvig von Holstein. Erik Magnusson, killed 1279. Birger Magnusson, born 1280, King of Sweden, died 1321. Magnus Birgersson, born 1300, murdered 1320. Erik Birgersson, known 1315. Agnes Birgersdotter, known 1318. Katarina Birgersdotter, known 1318. Rikissa, known 1347. Ingeborg, died 1319, married 1296 Erik Menved, King of Denmark. Erik Magnusson, born about 1282, murdered 1318, married Ingeborg Haakonsdatter, daughter of the King of Norway. Magnus Eriksson, born 1316, King of Sweden, died 1374, married Blanka of Namur. Erik Magnusson, born 1339, King of Sweden, died 1359, married Beatrix von Bayern. children, died young about 1359. Håkan Magnusson, born 1340, King of Sweden, died 1380, married Margareta Valdemarsdotter, Queen of Denmark, Norway and Sweden (the Union Queen). Olof, born 1370, died 1387, last of the Folkunga Dynasty. a daughter, died young. a daughter, died young. Eufemia, born 1317, died 1363, married 1336 Albrecht I von Mecklenburg. Valdemar Magnusson, killed 1318, married 1stly Kristina Tyrgilsdotter, daughter of Tyrgils Knutsson (Tyrgils Knutssons Ätt), married 2ndly Ingeborg Eriksdotter, daughter of the King of Norway. Erik Valdemarsson, born 1316, died young.
2.5.4. Erik, died 1275.
2.5.5. Bengt, born about 1254, died 1291.
2.5.6. Kristina, married Sigge Guttormsson.
2.5.7. *illegitimate issue* Gregers Birgersson, died 1276. Knut Gregersson, known 1282-5. Gregers Knutsson, known 1298-1312. Bengt Knutsson, known 1308. Margareta Knutsdotter, known 1308, married Birger Tomasson, known 1290. Kristina Knutsdotter, known 1312, married Staffan Röriksson (Röriksönernas Ätt). Magnus Gregersson, known 1285-1319, married Ragnhild Erlandsdotter (Finstaätten). Peter Magnusson, known 1298, died 1310, married Helena. Gregers Magnusson, known 1318, died 1348, married Birgitta Bryniolfsdotter (Bengt Hafridssons Ätt). Magnus Gregersson, known 1349-58, governor of Scania, married Märta (from Jylland in Denmark). Gregers Magnusson, died young. Katarina Gregersdotter, known 1351, married Nils Ingevaldsson (Hammerstaätten). Ingeborg Magnusdotter, died after 1358, married 1324, Karl Dansson (Dan Jonssons Ätt). Margareta Magnusdotter, known 1318-1328. Kristina Magnusdotter, known 1328-1364, married Finvid Nilsson (Frössviksätten). Knut Magnusson, known 1326-1328. Karl Magnusson, known 1328-1347, married Cecilia Birgersdotter (Jooph). Birger Karlsson, known 1366-1402, married 1stly Ragnhild Eriksdotter; 2ndly Ingrid Gustavsdotter (Rossviksätten). Karl Birgersson, died before 1379. Filip Karlsson, known 1359-1407, married 1stly Ingeborg Kettilvastadotter; 2ndly Margareta Johansdotter. Cecilia Filipsdotter, known 1375, died 1427, married 1stly Olof Karlsson; 2ndly Nils Kurk. Bengt Karlsson, known 1362-1411, married Ingrid Ragvaldsdotter (Lindöätten). Gregers Bengtsson, known 1430, died 1473, married 1stly Valborg Olofsdotter; 2ndly Anna Eriksdotter (Väsbyätten); 3rdly Kristina Bengtsdotter (Königsmark). Bengt Gregersson, known 1453, died 1466. Erik Gregersson, known 1459. Birgitta Gregersdotter, known 1469. several other children, dead before 1466. Johan Magnusson, known 1328-1340. Ingegärd Johansdotter, known 1365-1390, married 1stly Trotte Petersson Eka; 2ndly Henrik Reventlow. Helena Magnusdotter, died before 1345, married Karl Orestasson (färlor). Karl Gregersson, known 1285, died 1308, married Ramborg Israelsdotter And. a daughter, died 1301, married Filip Ingevaldsson (Örnsparre). a daughter.
2.6. Elof Magnusson, known 1253-1268.
2.6.1. Filip Elofsson, known 1262. Peter Filipsson, died before 1262, young.
2.6.2. N. N. Elofsdotter.
2.6.3. Cecilia Elofsdotter, known 1287, married Magnus Karlsson Lejonbalk.
2.6.4. Bengt Elofsson, known 1293, married Katarina N. N. Margareta Bengtsdotter, married before 1315, married Erik Turesson Bielke. Elof Bengtsson, known 1359. Sigmund Elofsson, known 1356, died about 1386-1387, married Bengta Jonsdotter (Aspenäsätten). Cecilia Sigmundsdotter, known 1389, died before 1430, married 1stly Magnus Bengtsson Ulv; married 2ndly Magnus Birgersson Bååt. Sune Sigmundsson, known 1363. Bengt Elofsson. Helga Bengtsdotter, died 1393, married 1stly Magnus Knutsson; married 2ndly Gustav Abjörnsson. Lars Elofsson, known 1363. Cecilia Bengtsdotter.
2.6.5. Ingeborg Elofsdotter, married Anund Haraldsson (vingad lilja).
3. Karl döve, jarl, killed in 1220 in battle in Estonia.
3.1. Karl Karlsson, born about 1220 or 1221, died about of after 1253.
3.1.1. Ulf Karlsson, born about 1247 or 1248, died 1281, buried at Skänninge, married N. N. Karlsdotter (lejonbalk). Filip Ulfsson, known 1296-1333, married 1stly N. N. Karlsdotter (två korslagda stavliljor); married 2ndly Gödelin Gottskalksdotter (daughter of Gotskalk van Kyren). *by 1* Ulf Filipsson, known 1325-1350, knight, married N. N. Staffansdotter (Staffansönernas Ätt; died before 1349). Stefan Ulfsson, known 1365-1390, married 1stly N. N. Haraldsdotter (daughter of Harald Ernilsson Gren); married 2ndly Iliana Åkesdotter (båt; died before 5 August 1424). *by 1* Ramborg Stefansdotter, known 1383, died 8 September 1413, married 1stly Ödgisle Sunesson Lillie; married 2ndly about 1387 Folke Nilsson (Ivar Nilssons Ätt). *by 1* Katarina Stefansdotter, known 1387-1415, married about 1391 Bengt Larsson (Lars Björnssons Ätt). *by 1* Bengta Stefansdotter, known 1395-1400, a nun at Vårfruberga Abbey. *by 2* Ulf Stefansson, known 1405-1436, died about or before 4 May 1438, married 1stly about 18 November 1411 Birgitta Jönsdotter (died about or before 1423; Stenstaätten); married 2ndly Sigrid Nilsdotter (Natt och Dag). *by 1* Stefan Ulfsson, knight, known 1436-1473, died about 1478, buried Strängnäs cathedral, married before 4 October 1440 Birgitta Ottesdotter Peccatel; married 2ndly before 5 February 1457 Sigrid Karlsdotter (Bonde). *by 2* Ulf, d.v.p. *by 2* Karl, d.v.p. *by 2* Jon Ulfsson, known 1446. *by 2* Kristina Stefansdotter, known 1423, died before 10 March 1461, married before 1418 Bengt Uddsson (Vinstorpaätten III). *by 2* Åke Stefanson, died before 16 March 1423. Barnam Ulfsson, known 1370-1378, died before 28 March 1379. Katarina Barnamsdotter, known 1397, died before 4 October 1431, married before 1397 Arvid Pribeka (died about of before 1402); married 2ndly Harald Hemmingsson (died before 23 June 1421). Magnus Ulfsson, known 1354, died before 28 March 1379. Ingeborg Ulfsdotter, known 1343-1395, died before 25 January 1395, married 1stly about 3 July 1343 Nils Hemmingsson (Lejonansikte); married 2ndly 18 February 1356 Magnus Nilsson (Revelstaätten). Ingrid Ulfsdotter, married Jon Kogger. ? Katarina Ulfsdotter. *by 1* Karl Filipsson, known 1320-1333. Holmger Karlsson, known 1356, married before 1356 Kristina Nilsdotter (died before 1383, daughter of Magnus Marinasson). Katarina Holmgersdotter, known 1371-1390, married 27 September 1371 at Tofta Sten Bengtsson Bielke. *by 1* Johan Filipsson, known 1335-1336, married Bengta Nilsdotter (Bielke). *by 1* Ingrid Filipsdotter, married 1stly Ragvald Magnusson (Lejonbalk); married 2ndly Karl Bengtsson (Oxhuvud). *by 2* Magnus Filipsson, known 1341. *by 2* Erik Filipsson, known 1341, died after 1352. *by 2* a daughter, married Karl Haraldsson (Stubbe). *by 2* Bengt Filipsson, known 1341-1381, died before 11 March 1382, married 1stly about or before 1349 Birgitta Karlsdotter Natt och Dag; married 2ndly before 1369 N. N. Magnusdotter (daughter of Magnus Gislason Sparre af Aspenäs); married 3rdly before 1375 Cecilia Ulfsdotter (died 12 March 1399, buried Vadstena Abbey, Ulvåsaätten). *by 2* Magnus Bengtsson, known 1373-1391, died before 1401, married Cecilia Sigmundsdotter (daugther of Sigmund Elefsson, vingad pil). Gotskalk Bengtsson, known 1383, died after 23 April 1453, married Ingeborg Johansdotter Moltke (died before 1441). Bengt Gotskalksson, known 1411-1420, died before 1 May 1441, married 1417 Birgitta Arentsdotter Styke. Arend Bengtsson, known 1441-1471, died before 1477, married 1stly about or before 8 August 1450 Birgitta Bengtsdotter Natt och Dag (died after 9 May 1453); married 2ndly about or before 20 October 1462 Hebbla Albrektsdotter Beutelsbach (died after 1484). *by 2* Gottskalk Arendsson, known 1472, died after 1496, married Elin Nilsdotter (Sparre af Hjulsta och Ängsö; died before 1561). Kerstin Gottskalksdotter, died about or before 1515, married July 1507 Nils Bese. Metta Gottskalksdotter, died about or after 1548, married abour or before 1515 Ragvald Pik; married 2ndly Ivar Fleming. *by 2* Johan Arendsson, died before 17 June 1525, married about or before 1515 Agnes Knutsdotter (burned to death 1517 during the fire at Stegeholm, daughter of Knud Aslaksson Baad af Norge). Erik Johansson, died about or before 1530. Knut Johansson, burned to death 1517 during the fire at Stegeholm. Arend Johansson, burned to death 1517 during the fire at Stegeholm. Either Knut or Arend tried to escape the fire but was stabbed to death by the Danes who used eight halberds. a daughter, burned to death 1517 during the fire at Stegeholm. a daughter, burned to death 1517 during the fire at Stegeholm. *by 2* Bengt Arendsson, known 1491, died about or after 1537, married about 1491 Kristina Davidsdotter (Oxenstierna). Märta Bengtsdotter, died 1527, buried Lillkyrka church, married 1stly 1510 at Ekolsund, Trotte Månsson (Ekaätten); married 2ndly 1513 at Åge Jörgensen Thott (executed at the Stockholm bloodbath 28 November 1520). *by 2* Metta Arendsdotter, died before 7 March 1514, married Bengt Gregersson (Lillie). *by 2* Ebba Arendsdotter, died after 1524, married Nils Classon (Stolaätten). *by 2* Birgitta Arendsdotter, married Eskil Isaksson (Banér). *by 1* Karin Arendsdotter, died about or before 1504, married before 1477 Per Eriksson (Örnflycht). *by 1* Ingeborg Arendsdotter, died after 1516, married about or before 1459 Arvid Klasson (Djäkn) (died about 1460); married 2ndly abour or before 1477 Ivar Gren (died after 1495). *by 2* Erik Arendsson, died young after 27 October 1491. *by 2* Margareta Arendsdotter, died young. *by 2* Agneta Arendsdotter, died young. Knut Bengtsson, known 1445-1471, married Anna Gustavsdotter (Ängaätten; died before 16 February 1484). Birgitta Knutsdotter, died after 28 June 1493, married before 16 February 1484 Johan Stensson Bese, divorced. Bengt Knutsson, known 1484, killed before 3 June 1516 by the burghers of Kalmar, married Elin Hansdotter (Stiernsköld). Anna Bengtsdotter, died young. Karina Bengtsdotter, died young. Knut Bengtsson, died young. Sten Bengtsson, known 1527, died before 25 July 1554, married 20 July 1533 Kerstin Anundsdotter (Ulfsax). Anund Stensson, known 1560, died before 1 Januaty 1581, buried Västerljungs church, married before 6 April 1570 Estrid Nilsdotter (Krumme). Sten Anundsson, died young. Claus Stensson, known 1562, killed at the battle of Svartå 20 October 1565. Anna Stensdotter, died about 1591, buried Åby church, married about 1570 Johan Siggeson (Svartingstorpätten; died before 1 January 1581, ennobled but not introduced?). Karin Stensdotter, known 1579, died before 1611, married 1stly Hans Gedhardt von Lewenstein (died after 1576); married 2ndly Jakob Björnsson (Bååt, died before 1 January 1581); married 3rdly 6 July 1589 at Kalmar Christoffer Andersson Gyllengrip (died after 16 May 1599). Claus Bengtsson, died young. Margareta Bengtsdotter, died before 24 November 1547, married Staffan Sasse (died before 1563). Gustav Knutsson, died after 22 September 1484. Sten Bengtsson, known 1453, died before 1468, married Anna Olofsdotter (died about or before 1493; Lindöätten). Bengt Stensson, died before 1493. Magnus Gotskalksson, known 1411. *by 2* ? Märta Filipsdotter, known 1345-1362, married Matts Håkansson (Bergkvaraätt). *by 2* Eggard Filipsson, died young. *by 2* Margareta Filipsdotter, died young. Ingeborg, known 1296, died before 1307, married Knut Mattsson Lejonbjälke.

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