This wide-spread family originated in the southern parts of Hannover in Germany from whence they spread throughout Europe. We will here account for the branches that spread to Denmark. The line begins with a set of siblings as follows:

1. Regitze, married Otte Skinkel.
2. Eler Hardenberg, known 1417, died before 1475, married Mette Pedersdatter (Present; died about or before 1475).
2.1. Hr. Joachim Hardenberg til Kjeldkj�r, died before 19 June 1475, married Metter Bertelsdatter (Tinhuus; died after 1500).
2.1.1. Erik Hardenberg of Kjeldkj�r, killed 1500 at Ditmarsken, married before 1494 to Anne Corfitzdatter R�nnow (died after 1530). Corfitz Hardenberg til Skjoldemose, died after 1539, married before 1518 Mette Christensdatter (Skram). Erik Hardenberg til Skjoldemose, a.k.a. "The Poor", died after 16 July 1595, buried at Mesinge church, married 1stly about 1558 Regitze Christoffersdatter Ulfeld (died 1571, buried Mesinge church); married 2ndly Birgitte Jensdatter Daa (died 8 March 1581 at Svendborg, buried 14 April 1591 at Vor Frue church, Copenhagen). All issue by first spouse. Anne, born 28 December 1558 at Torslundegaard, died 12 August 1612, buried Mesinge church, married 1stly 24 October 1585 at Nykj�bing to Anders Bielke til Bellinge (killed 5 April 1588 by Peder Eggertsen Sandberg, buried 24 May 1588 at S�nderkirkeby church); married 2ndly Sivert Sehested til Urup (died 1612). Corfitz Hardenberg til Torslundegaard, died 9 April 1601 at Vern� Abbey, buried 21 May 1601 at Rygge church. Regitze, a nun at Maribo Abbey. Christen Hardenberg, died before 1562. Knud Hardenberg til Skjoldemose, died from the plague in Swedish captivity at Uppsala in 1564 or 1565, married Mette J�rgensdatter Urne (buried 6 Septermber 1587 at Aarhus cathedral). Mette, born about 1563, died 15 June 1617, buried 30 June 1617, married 9 May 1585 at Copenhagen to Christen Friis af Hesselager (born 21 December 1556 at �rb�klunde, died 29 July 1616 at Oslo, Norway). Jakob Hardenberg, drowned 4 November 1561 at Staffurfjord, buried 17 January 1562, married Helvig Nielsdatter Lykke (died 1561 at Hvale). They were both buried at Bergen church, Norway. two children that both died young. Margrethe, died 1610, buried January 1611 at Ystad, married 1stly Palle Grubbe (died before 15 June 1561); married 2ndly Daniel Bildt til Morlan (died about 1585). Anne, died 15 February 1589 at Br�gentved, buried 25 March 1589 at Ringsted church, married 11 January 1573 at Copenhagen to Oluf Mouridsen (Krognos; born 13 March 1535, died 25 June 1573 at Clausholm, buried 2 September 1573 at Ringsted church). Jakob Hardenberg til Hvedholm, died July 1542, buried St. Hans Abbey, Odense, Denmark, married 1stly at Sandholt to Edel Torbernsdatter Bille (died 1527 in childbirth, buried St. Hans Abbey); married 2ndly about 1534 to Sophie Pedersdatter Lykke (died about 1570, buried St. Hans Abbey). *by 1* a son, born and died in 1527. *by 2* Anne, died 1575, married about 1555 Erik Rud til Fuglsang (born 1519, died June 1577 at Fuglsang). *by 2* Edel, died 2 April 1581 at Arreskov, buried 9 May 1581 at Horne church, married Frands Bille (killed in action 10 September 1563 at �land, buried at Visby church, Gotland). *by 2* Helvig, born 28 March 1540 at Hvedholm, died 14 July 1599 at Odense, buried 23 August 1599 at �ster H�singe church, married 1558 at Copenhagen to Erik Rosenkrantz (born 1520, died 8 November 1575 at Arreskov, buried 5 February 1576 at �ste H�singe church). Eiler Hardenberg, born about 1505, died 1565, married Karen Eriksdatter Rosenkrantz (died 1549 at Gulland, buried Marie church, Visby). Corfitz Hardenberg, died young, buried Kloborg church. Stygge Hardenberg, died at Hvittenberg, buried at Klovborg church. Erik Hardenberg til Vedtofte, born 1529 at Dragsholm, died 13 March 1604 at Skovsbo, buried 26 March 1604 at Rynkeby church, married July 1561 at Odense to Anne Eilersdatter R�nnow (born 1541 at Hvidkilde, died 15 June 1609 at Skovsbo). Jakob Hardenberg til Skovsbo, died 19 August 1602 at Mattrup, buried 2 September 1602 at Klovborg church, married 27 October 1594 at Horsens to Maren Lauridsdatter Skram (Fasti) Christen Hardenberg til Skovsbo, born 1567, died 31 January 1600 at Copenhagen, buried 13 March 1600 at Rynkeby church, translated to Klovborg church. Eiler Hardenberg, died young. Karen, died young, buried Klovborg church. Anne, born 1566, died 2 April 1625 at Vedtofte, married 30 April 1587 at Odense to Johan Rud (died 1609). They were both buried at Raarup church. Mette, born 22 December 1569 at Ringsted, died 4 May 1629 at Eskebjerg, married 22 June 1616 at Odense to Predbj�rn Gyldenstierne til Vosborg (born 26 October 1548 at Estrup, died 13 July 1616 at Vosborg). They were both buried at Ulvborg church. Kirsten, buried 23 December 1639 at St. Knuds church, Odense, married 22 June 1589 at Odense to Axel Brahe til Elved (born 28 May 1550 at Knudsrup (died 14 August 1616 at Dalum Abbey). Both buried at Veflinge church. Beate, died young, buried Klovborg church. Regitze, died young, buried Klovborg church. Mette, died 1549 at Visborg, buried at Visby church. Kirsten, died unmarried, buried Klovborg church. Mette, married Didrik Henningsen Qvitzow (died 1561, buried at Fl�dstrup church). Anne, died 1566, married Knud Ebbesen (Ulfeld; died 1541). Both buried at Kv�rndrup church.
2.1.2. Mette, died after 1528, married Hr. Markvard R�nnow til Hvidkilde.
2.1.3. Anne, died after 1535, Abbess of Maribo Abbey.
2.2. Johan Hardenberg, known 1475.

***** Part 2 - Hardenberg-Reventlow *****

This family stems from one of the German branches of the Hardenberg family. Its representation in Denmark commences with prince Carl August von Hardenberg, born 31 May 1750 at Essenroda, Hannover, Germany, made a prince in the peerage of Preussia 3 June 1814, knight of the (Danish) order of the Elephant, married 1stly 8 June 1774 countess Juliane Frederikke Christiane Reventlow of Frisenvold and Kr�nkerup (died 17 May 1793 at Regensburg); married 2ndly Sophie von Hassberg); married 3rdly 1804 baroness Charlotte Sophie von Sch�nnemann (born 1 April 1775). He had issue as follows:

1. *by 1* prince Christian Heinrich August Hardenberg-Reventlow of Neuhardenberg, born 19 February 1775, died 16 September 1840, married 1stly 18 September 1798 Jeanette Caroline von Reitzenstein (born 14 November 1777, died 25 December 1819, buried 4 January 1820 at Radsted cemetery); married 2ndly 19 February 1822 countess Emma Louise Frederikke Georgine Hardenberg (born 29 January 1796, died 4 June 1853).
1.1. *by 1* countess Ida Augusta of Hardenberg-Reventlow, born 13 April 1799, died 1 January 1867 at Florence, Italy, married 1stly 1 October 1815 count Harald Holck (born 18 September 1785, died 20 December 1839); married 2ndly 1841 baron Christian Ludvig Johan Adolph Dormund Gersdorff (died 29 December 1846); married 3rdly 29 September 1855 count Simone Dominici d'Almaforto (he was a Sardinian count, died December 1864 in France).
2. *by 1* princess Lucie Anna Vilhelmine Christine, born 9 April 1776, died 8 May 1854, married 1stly 26 June 1796 to count Carl Theodor Friedrich von Pappenheim zu Pappenheim (born 17 March 1771, died 29 August 1853). They were separated in 1817. She married 2ndly 9 October 1817 the Preussian prince Hermann Ludwig Heinrich von P�ckler-Muskau (born 30 October 1785, died 4 February 1871 at Branitz). They were separated in 1826.
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