*** Part 1 - The Older Lykke Family ***

This family begins with a man called Iver, who had a son called Hr. Peder Iversen Lykke, known 1325, died about 1373. He had issue as follows:
1. Hr. Iver Lykke of Egholm, known 1373, died before 6 July 1400, married Margrethe (Glob).
1.1. Hr. Erik Iversen Lykke, known 1400-1406.
1.2. Hr. Jens Iversen Lykke, known 1395, died before 2 May 1419, married Cathrine Jensdatter Rud (died before 1440).
1.3. a daughter, married Hr. Mogens Munk of Boller (killed 18 August 1410).
2. Hr. Niels Lykke, known 1371-1392.
3. a daughter, married Jon Nielsen (Bille) of Solbjerg. Some of their descendants took the name Lykke.
4. Karen, married Hr. Iver Thomesen (Lange) of Krogsgaard (known 1377-1406).
5. Birgitte, married Hr. Erik Jensen (Munk) of Stadsgaard, from whom the newer Lykke family sprang (see part 2, below).

*** Part 2 - The Younger Lykke Family ***

The younger line commences with a Niels Jensen of Ormslev, known 1351. He had issue a son Jens Nielsen, who had issue as follows:

1. Peder Jensen of Ormslev, known 1400-1421.
2. Hr. Erik Jensen of Stadsgaard, known 1390-1409, married Birgitte Pedersdatter Lykke (see above, part 1).
2.1. Jes Eriksen, known 1405, decapitated 9 December 1536 at Motala, buried at Vadstena Abbey, Sweden, married before 1415 Birgitte Ulfsdotter (Tre Rosor) of Ervalla (died before 1443).
2.2. Peder Lykke of Stadsgaard, born about 1382, knight, died after 19 June 1444, married 1stly Kirsten Christensdatter Skram; married 2ndly Johanne Nielsdatter (Bild; died after 1461). All issue by 2nd spouse.
2.2.1. Hr. Christoffer Lykke of Stadsgaard, known 1451, died before 1480, married Margrethe Bosdatter Høg (died after 1523). Johanne, died after August 1537. Anne, married before 1511 to Manderup Holck of Barritskov.
2.2.2. Niels Lykke of Skovsbo, known 1458, died after 18 May 1484, married Helvig Madsdatter (Bølle). Mads Lykke of Skovsgaard, died after 1511, buried Viborg cathedral, amrried Anne Mortensdatter Krabbe (died after 1525). Søren Lykke, known 1492. Hr. Jabob (Joakim) Lykke, known 1488, died 1541, buried Aarhus cathedral together with two of his wives (1 & 2), married 1stly Helvig Pedersdatter Høeg (Banner); married 2ndly before 1510 to Maren Pedersdatter Bille (died before 8 March 1528); married 3rdly before August 1538 to Anne (died after 1543). *by 2* Eiler Lykke of Torp, died after 1 September 1576, buried Rær church, married Karen Nielsdatter Krabbe. Erik Lykke of Torp and Veierslevgaard, married 11 July 1570 at Stubbergaard to Anne Iversdatter Juel (died after 1586). Niels Lykke of Torp and Tanderup, died 14 February 1575, married Karen Mogensdatter Gyldenstierne (died after 1625), both buried at Bedsted church. Mogens Lykke, died aged 4 years and 14 days, buried at Bedsted church. Jakob Lykke of Torp, Tanderup, and Stubbegaard, died after 1630, married 7 October 1599 at Copenhagen to Sophie Eriksdatter Rud. Niles Lykke of Skovsbo, Elved, and Harrested, known 1624, died about 1683 at Skovsbo, married 1stly Helle Holgersdatter Ulfstand; married 2ndly about 1638 Margrethe Nielsdatter Vind (born 1614 at Bergen, Norway, died 1641 in childbirth); married 3rdly 21 September 1645 at Odense to Margrethe Henriksdatter Gyldenstierne. All issue by third spouse. Jakob Lykke, died at Sorø 1664 or 1665. Preben Lykke, died young. Erik Lykke of Skovsbo, born 15 May 1651 at Stenalt, died 6 May 1701, buried at Rynkeby church, married Øllegaard Nielsdatter Sehested (born 4 September 1668 at Mullerup, died 23 June 1717 at Skovsbo, buried 13 August 1717 at Rynkeby church). Niels Lykke, died young. Margrethe, died young. Helle Margrethe, died 1711, married 1674 at Skovsbo to Jens Dyre (died 1697). Sophie, died young. Sophie, died young. Erik Lykke, died 1624 unmarried. Eiler Lykke, died after 1624 unmarried. Anne, buried 22 May 1658 at St. Knuds church at Odense, married Peder Gersdorff of Sæbygaard (buried 6 August 1651 at Viborg). Dorte, buried 30 June 1647 at Bragernes church, married about 16 May 1637 to Hans Lange of Fosseholm (buried 6 October 1648 at Bragernes church). Anne, born 2 November 1568, died 20 March 1645 at Mullerup, married 30 September 1593 at Viborg to Claus Maltesen (Sehested) of Høiris (born 29 August 1558, died 14 April 1612 at Arensborg), both buried at Møborg church. *by 2* Hr. Niels Lykke, known 1502, knight, died in prison at Trondheim after having fallen from grace by having a son (died young) by his deceased wife's sister and furthermore converted to Lutheranism, married 1528 at Nyborg Eline Nielsdatter (Gyldenløve; died shortly before August 1532). Helving, born before 2 July 1530, died 1561 at Hvals during childbirth, married Jakob Hardenberg of Skjoldemose (drowned 4 November 1561 at Staffurfjord, Norway, buried 17 January 1562). Niels Lykke, died after 1555, married Lisbet Mogensdatter Juel. Iver Lykke of Buderupholm, known 1536, died before 5 April 1555, married 17 August 1539 at Vegholm, married Oliva Tygesdatter Krabbe (died after 1563). Jakob Lykke, died young. Tyge Lykke, died young. Christoffer Lykke of Buderupholm, Skovsgaard and Grinderslev Abbey, died after 1603, married 1stly Anne Nielsdatter Rosenkrantz; married 2ndly 22 September 1588 Edel Mogensdatter (Harbou; died after 23 October 1635). *by 1* Olive, died 3 January 1653, buried 24 January 1653 at Gjessing church, translated to Aalsø church, married 18 September 1597 at Hessel to Iver Juel og Gjessingholm. *by 1* Berete, died unmarried. *by 1* Iver Lykke of Buderupholm, died 10 December 1648, married Anne Mogensdatter Kaas (Sparre-K.; buried at Taarup church). Anne, died before 23 January 1658. *by 2* Mogens Lykke of Hessel, born 1589, died 1 February 1620 at Viborg, buried 15 February 1620 at Viborg cathedral, translated to Aalsø church. Maren, married Vincentz Rosenkrantz of Gundersted (died after 1584). Anne, born 8 April 1554 at Vreilev Abbey, died 1623 at Randers, married 23 October 1580 Mourids Stygge of Holbækgaard (died 1604). Peder Lykke of Skovsbo, died 1563, married Lisbet Johansdatter Urne (died 2 January 1584 at Klingstrup). Johan Lykke, killed before 1585 by some peasants near Jena. Lage Lykke of Klingstrup, died before 28 March 1615, married 18 August 1594 at Vendsyssel to Johanne Godskesdatter Bildt. Iver Lykke, killed at Dresden after 1608. Helvig, a nun at Maribo Abbey. Maren, married 21 February 1585 at Copenhagen to Thomas Norman de la Navité of Skovsgaard. Susanne, died at Svendborg before 5 August 1630, married 25 February 1593 at Visby to Bendix Hartvigsen (died 9 November 1603 at Klingstrup). Gertrud, died before 1612, unmarried. Pernille, died after 1627, unmarried. Karen, died 1540, married February 1539 at Valden to Erik Krabbe of Bustrup (born 9 August 1510, died 6 January 1564 at Aastrup). Susanne, buried 24 November 1596 at Hundstrup church, married Kjeld Krabbe of Nebel (died 5 May 1550, buried Vester Vandet church). Kirsten, married Mikkel Nielsen (Tornekrands) of Kyø and Kollerup (died 12 January 1552). Helvig, married Lucas Krabbe of Vesløsgaard. Sidsel, an Abbess at Mariager Abbey, died 6 January 1582 at Mariager Abbey, buried at Mariage church. Hilleborg, Abbess at Mariager Abbey, succeeding her sister in that position, died 8 November 1583 at Mariager Abbey, buried at Mariager church. Gertrud, stayed at Mariager Abbey, buried there 6 February 1600. Karine, known 1482 at Mariage Abbey. Anne, died after 1511, married Markvard Iversen (Skjernov) of Meilgaard (died 1449). Hilleborg.
2.2.3. Hans Lykke of Havnø and Rugaard, known 1458, died after 1505, married Elne Jensdatter (Munk; died after 1511). Hr. Peder Lykke of Fannerup and Demstrup, known 1505, died 3 February 1535 at Søholm, buried at the Greyfriar church at Odense, married 1stly Karen Pedersdatter (Reventlow); married 2ndly before 1507 Kirsten Pedersdatter Høeg (Banner; died 1542 at Demstrup, buried Mariager church). *by 1* Hans LYkke, died young. *by 1* Anne, married before 1528 Claus Daa of Raunstrup (died about 1575), both buried at Herlufsmagle church. *by 2* Hans Lykke, died unmarried. *by 2* Hr. Jørgen Lykke of Hverringe and Overgaard, died 26 December 1583, known as the "Last knight in Denmark", buried 6 February 1584 at Udbyneder church, married about 1539 Beate Aagesdatter Brahe (died 24 July 1602, buried 7 August 1602 at Mariager church). Christian Lykke, died unmarried, buried 20 December 1573 at Udbyneder church. Peder Lykke, died young, buried 16 December 1563 at St. Nikolai church, Copenhagen, translated to Udbyneder church. Ove Lykke, died young, buried at Udbyneder church. Hans Lykke, buried 24 July 1566. Hanrik Lykke of Hverringe, Overgaard, Bonderup, Kokkedal and Gisselfeld, born November 1555 at Mariager Abbey, died 26 June 1611, buried 11 July 1611 at Vordingborg church, married 31 July 1580 at Randers to Karen Frandsdatter Banner (born 1559 at Kokkedal, died 30 June 1616). Gertrud. Frands Lykke of Overgaard, Kokkedal, Hevringholm, Nielstrup and Rugaard, considered one of the four richest men in Denmark, buried 15 september 1655 at Kjøge, married 29 September 1621 at Viborg to Lisbet Esgesdatter Brok (born about 1603, died 19 May 1652, buried St. Mortens church at Randers). Henrik Lykke, born 8 September 1622, died 25 September 1630. Cai Lykke of Gisselfeld, Rantzauholm, Hellerup, Rødkilde, Brendegaard and Flintholm, died suddenly 8 July 1699 at Bramminge, buried Bramminge church, married 1660 Øllegaard Axelsdatter Gyldenstierne (died 18 October 1697 at Bidstrup, buried Granslev church). Esge Brok Lykke, died young. Christence, born 14 April 1636 at Gisselfeld, died 11 July 1667, buried 31 July 1667 at Copenhagen, translated to St. Mortens church at Randers, married 1stly 9 September 1655 at Copenhagen castle to Frands Brockenhuus of Sebberkloster (born 12 February 1623 at Halsnø Abbey, died 7 April 1660 at Copenhagen); married 2ndly 4 November 1661 to general Frederik von Arenstorff of Rosenov (born 24 June 1626 at Rosenov, died 15 May 1689 at Copenhagen, buried at Udbyneder church). Jørgen Lykke of Overgaard, born 16 April 1590, died 7 April 1616. Anne, born 30 April 1595 at Vordingborg, died 1641, married 1stly 11 June 1615 at Copenhagen to Cai Rantzau of Rantzauholm (born 6 July 1591 at Rantzauholm, died 5 April 1623 at Kalundborg, buried 15 April 1623 at Kalundborg church); married 2ndly 10 March 1629 at Nyborg to Councillor of the Realm of Denmark Knud Ulfeld of Hellerup (born 2 March 1600, died 3 June 1646). Christian Lykke of Gisselfeld, born 1600 at Silkeborg, died 1619 abroad. Kirsten, died March 1630, married 1stly 22 December 1577 at Copenhagen to Chancellor Eiler Grubbe of Lystrup (died 19/20 November 1585 at Copenhagen, buried 29 December 1585 at Kongsted church); married 2ndly 2 June 1594 at Copenhagen to Niles Gyldenstierne of Bjørnholm (born 1 February 1558 at Iversnæs). Ide, born 1560, died 10 December 1618, married 18 October 1584 at Randers to Valdemar Parsberg of Bonderup (born 1557, died 6 May 1607), both buried at Hammel church. *by 2* Anne, married 1stly 14 October 1537 at Søholm to Councillor of the Realm Hr. Anders Bille of Søholm (born 4 April 1477, died 23 October 1555). *by 2* Kirsten, died after 17 August 1570, married 1stly 1534 Ludvig Munk (Lange) of Palsgaard (died 20 May 1537, buried at Viborg church); married 2ndly Christoffer Urne of Rygaard (died 1565). *by 2* Sophie, died about 1570, married before 14 February 1534 to Councillor of the Realm of Denmark Jakob Hardenberg of Hvedholm (died July 1534), both buried at St. Hans Abbey, Odense. Erik Lykke of Skovgaard, died before 1536, married Anne Bertelsdatter Kaas (Sparre-K.; died after 1541). Hans Lykke of Havnø, died 11 May 1553, married Johanne Nielsdatter (Rotfeld; died 22 August 1577, buried 2 October 1577 at Grindeslev church). Erik Lykke of Havnø and Eskjær, buried June 1602 at Grinderslev church, married Dorte Iversdatter Krabbe (buried 19 December 1623 at Simested church). Hans Lykke of Krabbesholm, died shortly before 17 November 1648, buried at Grinderslev church, married 1stly Johanne Valdemarsdatter Parsberg (died before 2 December 1619, buried Grinderslev church); married 2ndly before 10 December 1623 Birgitte Clausdatter Shested (died before 1 February 1655). *by 1* Erik Lykke of Vennergaard, died by January 1644, married Mette Henriksdatter Lange (died after 1655). *by 1* Magdalene, died unmarried before 1 July 1630. *by 1* Karen, died 1665 at Laholm, Sweden, married about 6 July 1642 Gabriel Kruse of Tulsted (died 1647, before 20 November). *by 1* Beate, died after 1638, married by 29 November 1648 to Erik Kruse of Gruberholm (born about 1632, died after 1687). *by 1* Anne, died unmarried 1660, before 6 August. *by 2* Niels Lykke of Søgaard, killed 9 November 1657 at Copenhagen by major-general Fuchs. *by 2* Jørgen Lykke of Sønderhoved, killed November 1657 in Swedish captivity, buried at Vester Assel church, married Sidsel Jørgensdatter Hohendorff (born 13 February 1629 at Rønneholm, died 16 November 1685 at Sæby). Hans Lykke, died at Guinea, West Indies. Helle. Birgitte. Johanne, died unmarried before 14 August 1660. Dorte, died after 1678, married before 1655 Egger Abildgaard of Skodborg (died 1705 at Lynderup). Karen, died unmarried after 1689. Iver Lykke of Eskjær, Havnø and Møllerup, died 1652, married 2 May 1613 Sophie Valdemarsdatter Parsberg, both buried at Grinderslev church. Valdemar Lykke of Grinderslev Abbey, Nørgaard and Hvanstrup, born 1 February 1614 at Krabbesholm, killed in action 1657, about 15 October, married 5 May 1642 at Kjøge to Sophie Frederiksdatter Reedtz (born 22 July 1613 at Tygestrup, died before 10 February 1691), both buried at Grinderslev church. Sophie, born 6 August 1643 at Grinderslev Abbey. Frederik Lykke, born 9 August 1644 at Hagenskov, buried Grinderslev Abbey. Birgitte, born 13 March 1646 at Grinderslev Abbey, died 1708, married Otte Friis of Vadskjærgaard and Astrup. Kirsten, born 11 May 1647 at Grinderslev Abbey, died unmarried after 16 June 1719. Dorete Helene, born 2 March 1648 at Grinderslev Abbey, died unmarried 16 June 1719 at Grinderslev Abbey. She was engaged to Frederik Reedtz who died before the wedding. Anne, born 28 May 1649 at Dybvad, died 1650. a daughter, born and died 26 May 1649 at Dybvad. Anne, born 27 July 1650 at Dybvad, died after 16 June 1719, unmarried. Erik Lykke, died before 31 July 1626. Mette, died after 9 August 1660. Johanne, died just before 6 May 1676, married 1647 Herik Below of Spøttrup (died 4 July 1674). Helvig, died after 1642, married Christen Munk of Møllgaard. Axel Lykke of Eskjær, died before 1 June 1640. Mette, died before 1614, married about 10 May 1606 at Viborg to Jørgen Grubbe of Tostrup (born 4 July 1584 at Vordingborg, died 22 November 1640 at Copenhagen). Johanne, died between 20 September 1635 and 6 November 1635, buried Grinderslev Abbey church. Anne, died after 27 March 1610, married Ludvig Munk (Lange) of Kvistrup (died 19 May 1595, buried 30 June 1595 at Gjemsing church). Anne, married Palle Juel of Pallisbjerg (died 1585). Erik Lykke of Skovgaard and Rugaard, died 1592, buried 4 January 1593 at Nørager church, married 1stly 13 August 1559 at Koldinghus to Kirsten Nielsdatter Rotfeld (buried 29 July 1576); married 2ndly 20 July 1578 Margrethe Falksdatter Gøye (died after 1613). All issue by second spouse. Erik Lykke, died after 1604. Hr. Falk Lykke of Skovgaard, Bollerup and Gersnæs, born 2 January 1583 at St. Hans Abbey, Odense, died 7 July 1650 at Copenhagen, buried 25 July 1650 at Copenhagen, translated to Magleby church, married Kirsten Frandsdatter Rantzau (died 1593). Jørgen Lykke of Rugaard, buried 28 June 1633 at Bogense church, married before 18 June 1616 Regina Sigvardsdatter von Rindchaid (died after 1643, though is said to have lost her mind after 1633). Erik Lykke of Fallemose, died 13 August 1643, married the daughter of a vicar and their children were therefore not of the aristocracy. They are not accounted for in the currently available sources of the administrator of this website. Margrethe, died after 1633. Mette, died unmarried 28 January 1629 at Halmstad, Sweden. Anne, died after 5 November 1639, married Frederik Qvitzow of Sandager. Karen, died 1562, married Mikkel Brockenhuus of Brangstrup (died 1555, buried Nørre Lyndelse church).
2.2.4. Birgitte, known 1464, married Knud Saxtrup of Halmstedgaard (died after 1492).
2.2.5. Karen, married Niels Nielsen (Banner).

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