All the members of this family, originating in Germany and appearing in Sweden in Östergötland, cannot be certainly connected. Two family groups and a few persons that cannot be connected seem to be identifiable:

*** Part 1 *** A man called Kort Nipertz, died 1412, knight, had issue a son, Erik Nipertz, known 1435, judge, castellan, died 1470, married Ebba Eriksdotter (Krummedige). They had issue:

1. Katarina Eriksdotter, known 1476, married ? Erik Nilsson (Oxenstierna).
2. Cecilia Eriksdotter.

*** Part 2 ***

Herman Nipertz, known 1392, had issue a son, Kort Nipertz, known 1402-1404, married Cecilia N. N.

*** Part 3 ***

A. Agneta Petersdotter, known end of 14th century, married Anund Jonsson (Lejonansikte).
B. Ficke Nipertz, known 1392.
C. Nils Nipertz, known 1483.

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