*** Part 1 ***

This family, originating in Halland, begins with a man called Knut, who is otherwise unknown. He had issue as follows:

1. Peter Porse, known 1272-87.
1.1. a daughter.
1.2. Peter Porse, known 1300-1314, married Estrid "of Helgamo".
1.2.1. duke Knut Porse, known 1318-1330, councillor of the realm, married Ingeborg Haakonsdotter (daughter of the king of Norway, mother of King Magnus Eriksson of Sweden). duke Håkan Porse, known 1332, died 1350. duke Knut Porse, known 1330, died 1350.
1.2.2. Katarina Petersdotter, known 1346, married 1stly Erengisle N. N.; married 2ndly lars Magnusson (Magnus Marinassons Ätt).
1.2.3. Margareta Porse, known 1324, married Klaus Skriver.
1.2.4. a daughter, married Josef N. N. For their issue, see part 2, below.
1.3. ? Nils Porse, married Tove Ingvarsdotter (Huitfeldt).
1.3.1. Peter Porse, known 1336-1345, knight. Margareta, died about 1360, married Bo Jonsson (Grip). Peter Petersson Porse, known 1364-86, married Ingeborg Magnusdotter (Röde). Magnus Petersson Porse, known 1398, county district governor. Helena Petersdotter, married Eggert Krummedige "the elder". a son.
2. Nils Knutsson, known 1279-1295.
2.1. Åke Porse, known 1315.
2.2. Arvid, known 1325.
2.2.1. Knut Arvidsson, known 1325-1336. ? Holmger Knutsson, known 1357, died about or after 1367.
2.2.2. Pål Arvidsson, known 1325-1336.

*** Part 2 ***

This family, descended from the above through a daughter of Peter Porse (no. 1.2. above), assumed the name. It begins with an otherwise unknown man by the name Josef, who married n. n., above. They had issue a son, Knut Josefsson Porse, known 1355-60, married Birgitta Matsdotter (Törne Matssons Ätt). They, in turn, had issue Magnus Porse, known 1360-1380, married Elin Gregersdotter (Sandbroätten). They had issue as follows:

1. Katarina Magnusdotter, known 1375, died before 1393, married 1stly Karl Bengtsson (Örnfot); married 2ndly Henrik Dume; married 3rdly Ficke "the younger" von Vitzen.
2. Birgitta Magnusdotter, known 1399, died 1450, married 1stly Arvid Bengtsson (Oxenstierna); married 2ndly Erik Stensson (Bielke).

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