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R�mer I

R�mer I

Originally from Mecklenburg this family has also been known as van Rome. The known branch which came to Norway begins with Hr. Henning van Rome, knight, known 1304. He had issue as follows:

1. Olfvir R�mer, probably went to Norway.
1.1. Hr. Svale Olfvirsson, known 1353, died before 1389.
1.1.1. Hr. Otte R�mer, known 1361, Councillor of the Realm of Norawy in 1370, burnt to death in a house fire at his estate Staarum, Nordfjord, the arsonist being his brother Amund Syldehat, married before 1362 to Gertrud Erlingsdatter of Staarum. Elsebe, died about or before 1435, married Hr. Jep Fastulfsson. Svale R�mer, known 1388, died at Bergen long before 1435, married Cecilie Hakonsdatter (Sm�r). Sigrid, married Hartvig Henningsen Bolt of Gemlastadir. ? Torstein R�mer. Salug, died after 1472, married Hr. Gaute Nicholausson Kane of Str�m (known 1442-1483).
1.1.2. Margrethe, married before 1386 to Hr Gaute Eriksson (Galtung; Councillor of the Realm of Norway). Both buried at Gims� Abbey.
1.1.3. Sigrid, married Erland Philippusson of Losne (Councillor of the Realm of Norway, died 1407).
1.1.4. Amund Syldehat, known 1396-1403?.
2. Hr Zabel R�mer, known 1349-1353, married a daughter of Gothmer van Retzowe.
2.1. Otte R�mer, known 1370.
2.2. Harneyt R�mer, known 1370.
2.2.1. Elsebe, married 1stly Jens Henriksen (Gyldenl�ve); married 2ndly before 1419 Hr. Johan Moltke.

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