Arms: per pale: dexter or, a lion rampant azure, sinister barry of five azure and argent. Over all a chief azure charged with three mullets of five azure. Crest: Between two spread wings, dexter per fess or and azure, sinister per fess azure and or, issuant from the wreath a lion's head azure.

Johan Bengtsson, of Kunhult, Askeryd parish, co. Jönköping, married Elin Pålsdotter and had issue a son:

Paul Aschling, Lord Ehrenbielke, born 9 September 1630 Olstorp, died 18 April 1700, buried Eksjö Church, married 1670 Magdalena Svinfot (died May 1716 at Kunhult, buried 21 May 1716) daughter of the vicar of Färila Martin Svinfot and Malin Bengtsdotter. They had issue:

1. Helena, born 11 July 1671, died 1 September 1746 Stockholm, married 6 January 1699 at Jönköping to Erik Gammal Ehrenkrona, Baron Ehrenkrona (born 1673, died 1737).
2. Magdalena, born 1674 at Kunhult, died 7 January 1770, married 1stly Johan Teller (died 1697 Stockholm), and 2ndly Achatius Jeremias Hager (born 1663, died 1706).

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