This family originated in South Jutland, begins with a man called Bonde Snafs til Emmerlev KjŠrgaard, known 1315. He had issue a son Otto Snafs, known 1361, died 1402, married Abel Albertsdatter (Eberstein; died after 1438). Their issue follows:

1. Claus Snafs, known 1409-1411.
2. Hr. Otto Snafs, known 1411-1442, married Henrike van Hemskere (died after 1433).
3. Albert Snafs, known 1420-1438.

The same arms were carried by a later family, perhaps descended from number 1, above, though no proof thereof exists. This line begins with a Henrik Clausen, known 1478-1494. He had issue:

1. Claus Hansen, priest, known 1494.
2. Hans Hansen, provost, known 1512-1531.
3. Knud Hansen.
3.1. Anne, married Hans Vestfalling.
3.2. Kirsten, married 1stly the mayor of Assen Berild Pedersen (P°iske?); married 2ndly the alderman of Assen Hans Nielsen.

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