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In the course of my researches I have come across several books and other published material about people bearing  names in my One Name Study. The following is a listing of the examples I have found so far. I will be pleased to hear of others to add to the list.

William F Arlington  & Helen Corser  Bentley             The Corser Family.                        Privately published 1989

James Austin Mason            Conversion Of Edward Corser Esq Of  Stourbridge In The County Of Worcester To The Catholic
                                           Faith With Remarks Thereon As Connected With The Mission At That Place.               Published in 1838                    

James Austin Mason     Wonderful Discoveries And Portentous Disclosures Elicited From A Ghost By The Rev J A  Masons Pamphlet On                                         Mr Corsers Conversion To Catholicity Together With A Review Of The  Said Pamphlet And.    Published in 1839

Walter Harris        Paul's Determination How To Preach A Sermon Preached At The Ordination Of The Rev Enoch Corser To The Pastoral                             Care Of The First Church In Loudon Newhampshire March 5 1817.     Published in 1978 


In the course of my researches I have come across several books and other published material written by people bearing  names in my One Name Study. The following is a listing of the examples I have found so far. I will be pleased to hear of others to add to the list.

Samuel Bartlett Gerrish Corser            Genealogy Of The Corser Family In America Embracing Many Of The Descendants Of  The Early        Settlers Of The Name In Massachusetts And New Hampshire With Some Reminiscences Of Their Transatlantic Cousins.
                Published in   Concord NH   1902                                        

Kira Corser                 When The Bough Breaks Pregnancy And The Legacy Of Addiction.        Published in 1993 

Kira Corser                Struggle To Be Borne.    Published in 1988
Harry Prosper Corser         Totem Lore Of The Alaska Indians.              8 editions published between 1910 and 1994 
Harry Prosper Corser     Totem Lore And The Land Of The Totem  Published between 1925 and 1930
Harry Prosper Corser       Through The Ten Thousand Islands Of Alaska. Published 1931

Harry Prosper Corser   Seventysix Page History Of Alaska.               3 editions published between 1927 and 1937

Harry Prosper Corser       Legendary Lore Of The Alaska Totems.            Published in 1910

June Corser Li       Bayesian Statistical Inference For Coefficient Alpha.     Published in 2002 

W J L Corser            The RAF Masirah Railway.           RAM Publications  Published in 1993

W J L Corser       RAF Marham.             GRM Publications     Published in 1995

W J L Corser     Wings On Rails: Industrial Railways In The Logistic Support Of Britain's Air Defence Forces 1914-1994.
                          Arcturus Press        Published in 2003

P Corser    West Rhins Wigtown District Dumfries Galloway Region.    Published in 1985

P Corser                  North Kyle Kyle And Carrick District Strathclyde Region.   Published in 1985

Marie Corser     Genealogical Research In Christchurch.   Published in 1989

Marie Corser            New Zealand Probates Volume One An Index To Pre1900 Records.    Published in 1994

Marie Corser           The Corser Family    Published in 2010

Eduardo Corser     Verdades Politicas.     Published in 1887 in Spanish.

Eduardo  Corser    Reivindicacion Articulos Politicos.      Published in 1879 in Spanish.

William Corser    Substance Of A Speech Delivered By The Rev W Corser Upon The 17th Day Of December 1792 At A Meeting Of The         Inhabitants Of Bridgnorth Etc.        Published in 1792 

Jean E Corser      Changes In Color And In The Ascorbic Acid Calcium And Phosphorus Content Of Beans Cooked By Different Methods.                               Published in 1943

C E Corser                Sand And Gravel Resources Of The Country Around Dorchester And Watlington Oxfordshire. Description Of 125 000 Resource Sheet Su 69 And Part Of Su 59.          Published in 1981

C E Corser     Sand And Gravel Resources Of The Country North Of Newmarket Cambridgeshire And Suffolk. Description Of 125 000 Sheet Tl 67 And Part Of Tl 66.     Published in 1982

C E Corser    Sand Gravel Resources Of The Country Between Wallingford And Goring Oxfordshire. Description Of 1 25 000 Sheet Su 68 And Part Of Sheet Su 58.       Published in 1981

C E Corser         The sand and gravel resources of the country around Abingdon, Oxfordshire.           Published in 1978  

Patrick Gould Corser    Wall Cracking In Residential Structures From Surface Mining And Hard Rock Construction Blasts.
                                     Published in 1979

Frank Corser                 Tahiti Travelers Guide.              Published in 1987

Douglas James Corser               Recollections Of Early Point Howard.      2 editions published in 1993

Thomas Corser         Collectanea Anglopoetica Or A Bibliographical And Descriptive Catalogue Of A Portion Of  A Collection Of Early  English Poetry.                     Published in 1883 

Mildred Corser Scott              Triple S.               Published in 1975

Elwood S Corser              A Moral Eclipse.      Published in 1900

Elwood S Corser                Record Of The Life Of Elwood Spencer Corser.     published in 1911

André Corviser               Dictionnaire d'art et d'histoire militaires.                           Published in 1988 in French

André Corvisier              Le Soldat.             Published in 1964 in French

P Kenneth Corsar            Discovering Greek Mythology.                Published in 1977

P Kenneth Corsar             Discovering the Greeks.                     Published in 1977

Robert Cowser, Bob Cowser         Dream Season: A Professor Joins America's Oldest Semi-Pro Football  Team.
                                                      Published in October 2004

Constance Corssar         French Verbs & Vocabulary Bingo Games.    Published in 1995

Gordon A Causer          Inside British Society: Continuity, Challenge and Change.             Published in 1987

H Phillip Causer           M.I.A (Missing In Action).     Published in 1977

Jean Corser               Manuscript Writing: A Handbook.           Published in 1931

Sharon X Carser              Motocross cycles.                

Levi S Corser                   Political History of The Town of Bristol.

Kenneth Charles Corsar     Primulas In The Garden.                       Published in 1954

Haden Corser              Reports to Right Honourable The Secretary of State for The Home Department on the Circumstances attending an   Explosion which occurred at the Elemore Colliery, on the 2nd of December 1886.                         Published in 1887

Joan D Corser                  Tales of Mannikin and Bubbikin.                        Published in 1984

Frank Corsar                   The Australian Bartender's Guide to Cocktails.                   Published in 1990

Gary Corsair                   The Groveland Four.               Published in 2003

Caroline Corser                Three Cheers for the Good Years!

Edward Causer              A treatise on the morbid respiration of domestic animals.     Published in  1822

William S Corser           Profiles of our Civil War Ancestors                  Published June 2009, available from


I have found two publisher who were bearers of names in my One Name Study. I will be pleased to hear of others to add to the list.

Courcier               There was a publishing house called Chez Courcier in Paris, active in the early years of the 19th century, which published
                             many books in French

George Corser             Published at least 15 books in Spanish in Caracas in the period 1839 - 1865

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