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Street sign for Corser Street in Dudley, West Midlands, UK


During my research in a wide variety of sources I have come across some of the names in my One Name Study used in place names - streets, geographical features, and even a village bear a name. Some are named after people who lived in the locality, but for others the origin is still obscure. I'm always interested to hear of any other instances.


In England there is a street called Causer Close in Coseley, West Midlands.

In Scotland there is a hamlet called Causer in the Badenoch District of Inverness.

There is a Causer Road in New Zealand, in Maungaturoto, North Island.

In the USA there is a locale called  Causer Well Corral in Esmeralda County, NV. 

In Portland, Maine, there is the Tracy-Causer Building.


In the USA there is a school called Causier School in Knox County, TN.

In England there is a Causier Street in Mile Town, Sheerness, Kent.

In Saskatchewan Province, Canada, a lake has been named after Russell G Causier, Sgt RCAF, who was killed in 1942.


There is a road called Corsar Croft in Arbroath, Angus, Scotland.


 There are several streets named Corsair in England:

Corsair, Whickham, Newcastle upon Tyne, in the county of  Tyne & Wear.

Corsair Close, Staines, in the county of Middlesex.

Corsair Drive, Dibden, Southampton, in the county of Hampshire.

Corsair Grove, Hull, in the East Riding of Yorkshire.

Corsair Road, Staines, in the county of Middlesex.

There are two instances of places named Corsair in the USA:

The Corsair Mine is in Mineral County, CO.

Corsair Canyon is a valley in Barnstable County, MA


In King Henry VIII's reign there was a street called Corsers Rewe in Hereford.

There are three streets in the West Midlands region of England called Corser Street:

Corser Street, Stourbridge, Postal District DY8 (Birmingham A-Z page 82, 3F)
Named after Henry Corser, Solicitor & land owner, a member of the Corser family which originated in Upton Cressett, South Shropshire.

Corser Street, Wolverhampton, Postal District WV1 (Birmingham A-Z page 30, 2B)
Named after Charles Corser, Solicitor and landowner, a member of the Corser family which originated in Whitchurch, North Shropshire.

Corser Street, Dudley, Postal District DY1 (Birmingham A-Z page 54, 3B)
Not known after whom this street is named, but came into use by 1871.

There was at one time a Corser Street in Smethwick, north west of the centre of Birmingham, but it was demolished in 1966 to make way for the Oldbury Road (A 457), near to where Galton Bridge Station is now.(Birmingham A-Z page 57, 5H)

There was a Corser Street in Barnstaple, Devon, named after the Rev John Corser, of the Corser family which originated in Whitchurch. He married the daughter of the owner of a lace factory in Barnstaple, who built houses there for his workers. The street existed until the late 1950s, but is now built over.

In Whitchurch itself there is Corser House, presumably named after one of the family which originated there.

There are several places named after Corser in the USA:

Corser Lake is in Valdez-Cordova County, AK

Elm Creek, a stream in Ontonagon County, MI, is also known as Corser Creek.

Corser Brook is a stream in Coos County, NH

Corser Hill is in Webster, Merrimack County, NH, home of the descendants of John Corser of Boscawen, and named  after the family homestead there.

Near Corser Hill in Webster, NH is Corser Hill Cemetery.

There is an historical locale called Corsers in Douglas County, NV

Part of the Bullion Shaft mine, in Storey County, NV, is also known as Corser Mine.

Levi Corser Memorial Park, in Bristol Township, Ontario County, NY, is named after Levi Spencer Corser, a descendant of John Corser of Boscawen.

There is a Corser Street in Holyoak, MA. 

In the Canadian Province of Nova Scotia there is a Corser Gulch,where exploitable minerals were found in 1933.

In Queensland, Australia, there are several places bearing the name Corser:

Corser's Bridge gives southern access across the Burnett River to the town of Mundubbera, about 100 miles west of  Hervey Bay, the largest citrus growing area in Australia and which has the largest orchard in the Southern Hemisphere, the "Golden Mile" of over 5000 acres. The bridge was originally opened by Edward Bernard Cressett Corser, of the Corser family which originated in Upton Cressett, South Shropshire.

Corser Avenue is a delightful little street in the northern part of Maryborough, and was named after Bernard Henry Corser, son of the above E.B.C.Corser.

Bernard Corser Park  is situated in the suburb of Sunbury in Maryborough, and is bounded by four streets. There is a plaque in this park commemorating its opening by Bernard Henry Corser.

Corser Street  is a very long street in Hervey Bay, and was  named after E.B.C.Corser, who owned a seaside holiday home in the vicinity from 1870 until about 1915.

Corser Street in Toowoomba South is named after Leonard Henry Corser,  prominent lawyer of  that city who now lives in Brisbane, and  is also of the Corser family which originated in Upton Cressett, South Shropshire.

Corser Street in Port Bundaberg is named after E.B.C.Corser, who pioneered a seaside development in this area in the 1880's which is now the site of a Bulk Terminal Port Loading facility at the mouth of the Burnett River, 16 kms from the provincial City of Bundaberg.

There is also a Corser Drive in Alligator Creek, and a Corser Street in Point Vernon.

Also in Australia:

There is a Corser Road in the City of Morwell, in the Gippsland area of the State of Victoria, named after Mr John N Corser, who owned a factory in this very short street.

There is a Corser Close in Fadden, Australian Capital Territory.

 There is a Corser Street in the Kewdale area of Perth, Western Australia, named after the firm of house builders Corser & Son, later Pacesetter Homes.

There is a Corser Reef off the coast of  Western Australia, at latitude 30 degrees 34.0 minutes South, longitude 115 degrees 3.2 minutes East. 

In Christchurch, New Zealand,  there is a street called  Corserland Street, named after Edmund Norcross Corser, a farmer who owned land in the city.

Also near Christchurch a stretch of waterway  feeding into the Avon river is called Corser's Stream.



In Switzerland in the Canton of Vaud there is a commune called Corsier. In that commune there is a village called Corsier-Sur-Vevey . The village has some claim to fame internationally, because in its cemetery are buried Sir Charles Spencer Chaplin, (Charlie Chaplin), his wife Oona, and James Mason.

Also in Switzerland, there is a commune called Corsier in the Canton of Geneva.  


The town of Shrewsbury in Shropshire had a street called Corvisors Row, found in records and maps of the late 17th and early 18th centuries.


There is one instance of a place named for a Courser in the USA,  Courser Memorial School in Somerset County, ME. 


There is a town called Coussa in the Ariège  sub-region of the Midi Pyrenées region of France.


There is a port on the island of Seeland (Zealand)  in Denmark called Korsor.


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