O'Coscraigh, O'Cosgry, O'Coskry, Cosgerry, Coskerry, Cosgery, Coskery, Cosgriffe, Cosgriff, Cosgrave, Cosgrove

New Zealand Cosgrave, Cosgriff, Cosgrove Families

Patrick Cosgriff
Catherine Enright
  Mary Ellen b.c1847 Shanagolden, Limerick, Ireland md.c1866 to James Fitzgerald in Shanagolden
  James      b. 1855 Limerick, Ireland
  Catherine             "
  Timothy               "

James Fitzgerald and Mary Ellen Cosgriff Fitzgerald came to New Zealand about 1867 and settled in
Pahia, Southland, New Zealand. They had four sons and 1 or two daughters. One of the sons was born in
Orepuki, Southland.  Mary Ellen died in 1934 at the age of 87.

Three of Mary Ellen's siblings also came to New Zealand, only Timothy married. Cousins of John, son
of John and Catherine Culhane below.

John Cosgriff
Catherine Culhane of Glin Parish (Loughill is in this parish), Limerick, Ireland
  John  church & records burnt mid 1851
  James  chr 26 Nov 1851
  Denis  no date known. He and two sisters went to New York (according to
            family tradition)


Re: Timothy Cosgrove b 1844 Co Limerick d 1919 New Zealand
Posted by: John Cosgrove  August 07, 2002
In Reply to: Timothy Cosgrove b 1844 Co Limerick d 1919 New Zealand by Juliana

Timothy was the son of Patrick Cosgrove and Catherine Enright who were married on
12 February 1839 in Shanagolden, County Limerick, Ireland.

Timothy arrived in NZ on August 11 1870 with his brother Francis. He was listed in
the manifest as a farm labourer from Craigyard in Ireland.

It appears that he was a cousin of my GGrandfather Jackie Cosgrove who came over
at about the same time and settled in the Arrow Junction. Several of Patrick's
children settled in Gibbston.

John Cosgrove


1920 Soundex Census of New York  v. 287 ed 1428 sheet 28  line 14

Desmond Cosgrave  40  New Zealand  1888 Na 1895
Roberta           32  Maryland  wife

660 Riverside Drive, New York, NY


Andrew COSGRAVE  marr: 3 Sep 1893
Mary Jane Or Ethel ENRIGHT       , Auckland, New Zealand    (source: IGI)


Michael Joseph Cosgrove b. 08 Dec 1880 Arrowtown, Otago, NZ d. 4 Dec 1962
                                 at Gore, Otago, NZ
Johanna Helen Murray b. 14 Dec 1887 Moa Flat, Otago, NZ md. 18 Jun 1909
                                 d. 5 Dec 1927 at Gore, Otago, NZ
  John William b. 1909

John Cosgriff b.c1850 Loughill, Limerick, Ireland md. 23 Jul 1877
                                 d. 28 Apr 1939 Dunedin, Otago, New Zealand
Margaret Murphy b. 15 Aug 1855, Shanagolden, Limerick, Ireland
                                 d. 10 May 1920 Arrowtown, Otago, NZ
  Michael Joseph b.12-08-1880


Edmund Cosgriff (possibly born Cosgrave)
Johanna Power marr. in Solohead, Tipperary 1852
  John Cosgriff - born 1857 - died July 1908 md. Margaret Gorman in Solohead 1880

John and Margaret and several other family members migrated to New Zealand in 1880.

source: Peter Cosgriff, Lincoln University, New Zealand


Date: Mon, 03 Nov 1997
From: Peter Cosgriff
Subject: Re: Cosgriff ancestry
To: John Cosgriff
Organization: Lincoln University
Priority: normal

Dear John

Many thanks for your message of 22 October and my apologies for the
delay in responding.

The New Zealand Cosgriffs are, as far as we know, all descended from
John Cosgriff and his wife Margaret who arrived here from Ireland in
1870.  They were natives of Solohead, a small town in Tipperary near
the border with Limerick. Some of the Irish family were also known as


family tree but we have a similar problem to yours - a lack of
definite information once we get back beyond the great grandparents.

However here is a picture that far back:

Great grandparents  - Edmund Cosgriff (possibly born Cosgrave)
                        Johanna Power in Solohead Tipperary 1852
Grandparents -        John Cosgriff - born 1857 - died July 1908
                        Margaret Gorman in Solohead 1880
         This couple and several other family members migrated to New
            Zealand in 1880.

That is unfortunately all the information that we have.  I have
visited Solohead and attempted to get more but have run into the
proverbial brick wall as many parish records were destroyed during
the Irish Rebellion.  If there is anything more that I can help with
please contact me via Peter and I will do my best to help.

With every best wish in your research.



John Cosgrove         b.c1824 of Loughill, Glin, Co Limerick m 1848
Catherine Cullhane    b.c1829 Loughill, Glin, Co Limerick
1. Denis Cosgriff     b.c1849 Glin, Co Limerick
2. James Cosgriff     b.c1851 & Ch 26 Nov 1851 Glin,  Co. Limerick
3. John Cosgrove      b 1855 Shannagolden, Co. Limerick

John Cosgrove         b.1855 Shannagolden, Co. Limerick
                            d 28 Apr 1939 Dunedin, Otago, New Zealand.
 m 23 Jul 1877 Arrowtown, Otago, New Zealand
Margaret Murphy       b 15 Aug 1855 Shannagolden, Limerick
                            d.10 May 1920, Arrowtown, Otago, New Zealand
1. Michael Joseph Cosgrove  b  8 Dec 1880, Arrowtown, Otago, new Zealand
2. Denis Cosgrove           b 28 Nov 1882, Arrowtown, Otago, New Zealand
3. Timothy Cosgrove         b  8 Oct 1884, Arrowtown, Otago, NZ
4. Jane Margaret Cosgrove   b 15 Feb 1887, Arrowtown, Otago, NZ
5. John Patrick Cosgrove    b 19 Mar 1889, Arrowtown, Otago, NZ
6. Catherine Mary Cosgrove  b 30 Nov 1891, Arrowtown, Otago, NZ
7. Bridget Ann Cosgrove     b  3 Mar 1894, Arrowtown, Otago, NZ

Michael Joseph Cosgrove    b. 8 Dec 1880 (d 4 Dec 1962 Gore, Southland, NZ)
                             m 18 Jun 1909 Gore, Southland, NZ
Johanna Helen Murray       b 14 Dec 1882 Arrowtown, Otago NZ
                                   d 5 Dec 1927, Gore, Southland, NZ
1. John William Cosgrove    b 02 Nov 1909 Arrowtown, Otago, NZ
2. James Alexander Cosgrove b 06 May 1914, Gore, Southland NZ
3. Margaret Helen Cosgrove  b 05 Jun 1916, Gore, Southland, NZ
4. Denis Joseph Cosgrove    b 11 Nov 1918, Gore, Southland, NZ
5. Alive
6. Alive



Timothy Cosgrove, s of Patrick Cosgriff & Catherine Enright
Mary Hourigan  md.29 Apr 1876 Arrowtown, Otago, New Zealand
  Richard Cosgriff  b.c1887 Of, Orepuki, Otago, New Zealand

  Cosgriffe of Dundas:

 Timothy Cosgriffe b.1832 Ireland (Nephew of Michael and John Cosgriffe of Dundas.
   Brother of Patrick Cosgriffe of Toronto, formally of Shanagolden?, Co. Limerick)
   Married: Nov 8, 1858 Church of the Immaculate Conception, Glin, Co. Limerick to
 Johanna Sheahan born about 1839 Ireland, died 1874 Ireland
   Died: 1909 Cleveland, Ohio, U.S.A.

 Timothy a shoemaker in Shanagolden, Co. Limerick, Ireland.  Timothy and children
 landed at Quebec late in 1875 and make their way to Dundas, Wentworth Co., where
 Cosgriff's have been living since 1851.  Timothy had a house built on Creighton
 road, Dundas. In 1885 he purchased the 'Cosgriff Block' from Thomas Dunkin, where
 he operated a shoe shop and lived in an up-stairs apartment until 1899.  Residing
 with Patrick's family in 1901 and later to Cleveland, Ohio with Patrick's family.
 Timothy is buried in Calvary cemetery, Cleveland Ohio.  Johanna is buried in the
 parish of Glin, Co. Limerick.


 Patrick Joseph Cosgriffe
  Born: Oct 1, 1861 Co. Cork?  Ireland
  Married: July 11, 1882, Hamilton, Wentworth Co., Ont. to Sara Ann Kinsella
  Died: 1937 Cleveland, Ohio, U.S.A.

 James Cosgriffe
  Born: 1862 Ireland
  James living with Patrick and family in 1891.  He a baker in Dundas.  His where
  about unknown, rumour is he went west or even to Australia.  What about the
  Yukon Gold Rush?

 Mary 'Minie' Cosgriffe
  Born: Sep 2, 1863 Ireland
  Married: unmarried
  Died: May 24, 1947 Dundas, Wentworth Co., Ontario
  Buried at Holy Sepulchure cemetery, Burlington, Ontario

 John 'Jack' Francis Cosgriffe
  Born: June 9, 1865 Shanagolden, Co. Limerick, Ireland
  Married: Nov 13, 1895 Annie Maud Ford of Hamilton
  Died: Feb 6, 1941 Dundas, Wentworth Co., Ontario

 Timothy H. Cosgriffe
  Born: Dec 8, 1866 Shanagolden, Co. Limerick Ireland
  Married: unmarried
  Died: Feb 6, 1906 Brooklyn, New York, U.S.A.
  He a Brooklyn police constable.  Died in the house of his cousin,
  William Cosgriff.  Timothy is buried in Holy Sepulchure cemetery, Burlington,