Cothran and Leas and Related Families
The Growth of America
As seen through the Histories of Ten Families

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COTHRAN REUNION June 4-5, 2005
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Some families know a great deal about their roots; others know very little. This site is an attempt to record what I've learned about our family history. In these modern times, families tend to be scattered all over the country, if not the world. One of the goals of this web site is to help our family stay connected even though we live far apart.
Sharing information on common ancestors and family members enables us to better understand how they may have lived and how we are interconnected. Much of my information has been passed on to me. In the spirit of making it available to all and to honor my ancestors I have created this site.
This is a work in progress, so please contact me if you have any information to share.
There are so many who have helped and contributed information and there are organizations which have assisted my research. I would like to say thank you to all of them.
Helen L. Richmond
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