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Carnell Cemetery, Little Richland Creek, Humphreys County, Tennessee

Carnell Cemetery, Humphreys County, Tennessee

by Ben Couch

Carnell Cemetery

Located on Highway 13 about two miles north of Waverly, the Carnell Cemetery is directly across from the large, modern Richlawn Cemetery that is used nowadays by most in the area to bury their family members. Before it was sold to the present day occupants, the Hart family, this piece of land belonged to the Scholes family. The cemetery is about 50 feet from their back door. There are three huge cedar trees probably spaced about 20 feet from each other. They form a triangle with John W. Cearnall (as it was spelled both on his tombstone and in census records) buried right in the middle. I think only one stone is upright and intact. The rest are toppled over, broken, and/or halfway buried. All in all, it is in bad condition; however, we have Mr. Hart to thank for cleaning up the cemetery. He said that when he started it was so overgrown that he didn't realize there were more than two stones. Although there are ten identifiable graves, there are probably several others buried in the cemetery.

Stone of Annis Viola Carnell


* Ailene July 4, 1915 - July 19, 1918


* Annis Viola (dau. of H.H. & Francis J. Carnell) January 11, 1891 - August 27, 1902
* Richard D. (son of Milton Clyde [son of John W. and Martha Ann White Carnell] and Adline Yarbrough Carnell) March 17, 1863 - November 6, 1929 (same stone as Ella)
* Elizabeth (Dixon) (wife of Hubbard Carnell) 1771 - Aft. 1860
* Ella (Hall) (wife of Richard D. Carnell) February 6, 1876 - March 12, 1918
* James J. W. (son of William Dixon [son of Hubbard and Elizabeth Dixon Carnell] and Angelina McCracken Carnell) January 19, 1835 - August 24, 1900
* John W. (Cearnall) (son of Hubbard and Elizabeth Dixon Carnell) January 9, 1808 - October 20, 1853 aged 45 years 9 mo 11 days
* Hubbard (Cearnall) 1761 - June 1845
* Rufus L. (Cearnall) (son of John W. Carnell) August 23, 1850 - November 29, 1850


* Emily L. (daughter of James K. Polk [son of Margaret E. Carnell McGee, the daughter of William Dixon Carnell] and Mary Elizabeth (Betty) Latimer McGee) May 27, 1869 - March 10, 1871
* Mary Elizabeth (Boon) (wife of James A. [Alec] McGee, son of Polk and Betty Latimer McGee) died January 18, 1890, age 17 yrs 2 mo 26 days

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