Cooley Cemetery, Turkey Creek Road, Humphreys County, Tennessee

Cooley Cemetery

Final Resting Place of James Cooley, wife, Penelope; son, Eaton Jones Cooley, and his wife, Elizabeth; and other descendants.


James Cooley marker; Picture by John B. Rochelle
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This posting of James Cooley descendants is by no means complete, nor error free. I have of course researched much of it myself and have some primary records; however, it is basically a compilation of histories donated by several individuals who have done a great amount of research on this family. The main purpose of creating this website is to post this family history to a central location whereby all the family has access to the known information. I fully hope and expect to receive additional information from family members who have more to contribute, so check back often.

I especially welcome primary source data. If you can supply copies of deeds, wills, and other primary records, I can add them to the site. I also look forward to receiving pictures. I think everyone would be interested in comparing features, to see if there are any identifiable Cooley traits. The following folks have freely contributed information resulting in this body of knowledge: Linda Rye, Betty Harwood, Frederica Neal, Teresa Beech, Janie Budd, Jim Miller, John Rochelle, Jennifer James, Roberta Poyner, Emily White, Rick Marvel, and Brenda Griffith. I apologize if I have left anyone out...just e-mail me, and I will be sure to correct the omission.

Please note also the attention paid to protecting sensitive data concerning living individuals. I have and will continue to "privatize" this information.

Ben Couch

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