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This project started out of a collection of information put together by members of my family, simply tying together known ancestry of our parents. The real work started, however, with an unexpected enquiry from a Harley Coulton in the UK, who was doing research into Colton/Coulton lineage there. (Unfortunately, I've lost contact with you, Harley - would you e-mail me if you read this?) His query prompted me to look into our family's  information and then the New South Wales (NSW) Births, Deaths and Marriages records and so on.  . . . . . .   In searching the NSW and then the Victorian records, I made extracts of all 'Coulton's (as well as several other surnames, as I went further back) and compiled these in Excel and Access formats and, using the sort and search capabilities of these, was able to easily piece together groupings of the Coulton name in Australia. The work so far has led me to follow up 5 identifiable 'original' Coulton emigrants (or families), between whom I cannot yet establish any interconnection, but from whom I have been able to establish reasonably plausible Family Trees in Australia.

  Please understand that outside my own branch of the family, which I have identified here as the Windsor Branch (since that is where the first documented Australian birth in this branch was), I have so far been able to corroborate only few of the links I have shown here. The vast majority of the links outside the "Windsor, NSW" branch are, initially, assumptions based on looking at events (with their associated names, locations and parentage) in the NSW and VIC Births Deaths & Marriages, as well as other public records, mainly in the library at Doncaster & Box Hill and at the LDS Family Centre in Blackburn (all regional locations around Melbourne, Australia). I would be really pleased to learn of any information anyone can provide me with, that either confirms or corrects assumptions that I have made, and I will enter such info in the site, together with a reference to the person providing it. If anyone is also doing research onto this name, I would be pleased to provide the spreadsheets I have, if these could be of any assistance. Send e-mail to:

Newani.gif (576 bytes)     New Items on this site:  With an update of 6th June 2000 came the inclusion of some new information on a John Rueben (Ruby) Coulton from Guernsey, taking the Windsor branch one generation further back and tracing the entry of the first of this branch into Australia. The information was kindly provided by Lisa Holliday and I thank her for it!. Lisa was also able to provide more reliable information on Alexander's wife, Margaret Knox and this will also fuel some more searching. Hopefully we'll find some more information which will be posted on this site soon.

With an update of 15th July 2000, I have uploaded the family tree information I have on some of the ancestry of several of the spouses of John Rueben's descendants. You can access this at the appropriate points in the 'Windsor' branch.

So far I have not been able to trace the actual immigration of any of the others branches into the country. No others seem to appear in the convict records. Also, it is somewhat surprising to me that no Coultons appear in the 1828 census of NSW, although it is possible to find traces of the name in Australia back to the early 1800's. Searching the records of other states may solve this riddle.

As with the Windsor Branch, I have identified the other 4 branches I have constructed, by the name of the town or region under which I found the first entry in the official (NSW or VIC) BDM records. Thus there are the following branches to be found at this site:
Branch Name used by me at this site
Eldest Person identified
Number of Entries at this Site
Earliest Person for whom confirmed data has been found
Name Event
Windsor, NSW John (Ruby / Rueben) 116 Alexander Birth, Windsor, NSW, AUS 1833
Tamworth, NSW William 
born approx 1802
158 William
b. ~1802
Death, Tamworth, NSW, AUS 1864
Queanbeyan, NSW (probably) Patrick 39 Patrick Birth,  County Tyrone, Ireland
Bendigo, VIC Samuel, b ~1833
Temple Patrick, Antrium
18 Samuel Birth, Eaglehawk, VIC, AUS
21st March, 1859
Cambridgeshire, UK Uriah, b. 1750
Shepreth, Cambridgeshire, England
54 Doubery
b. 1808, Shepreth
Death, Newcastle, NSW,AUS

These 5 branches contain some 386 names. There are a further 238 Coultons in the NSW and VIC BD&M records I have searched, for whom I have not yet been able to find a logical interconnection, either with any of the above 5 groups or within a new grouping. In particular there are lots in the suburbs of Sydney, where the interrelationship based on regions (as was simpler in the case of the Tamworth Branch or the Queanbeyan Branch) is not so reliable. Some groupings suggest themselves and may be apparent to members of those groups.

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Already with the update of 11/11/99, some contacts to others researching the name have been established. Hyperlinks will eventually appear in the relevant locations on the individual pages, however at this early stage, given the number of changes likely to those pages, I will list links to other sites/ e-mail addresses for others on a separate page.

Here you will find a record of updates and modifications made to the site, so you can 'easily' see if something has changed in the area in which you are interested. 

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