County Line Formation Templates by State

The formation of today's counties within states have occurred over many years, and in some cases several centuries.  Most areas that make up the current United States of America have been subject to changes in both sovereignty, region or province/state throughout it's history.  The tables contained herein are for the purpose of clarity in finding just where certain documents of recorded events might be now found, based on what local or regional zone the event originally occurred in.

   I am currently in the process of compiling tables for all fifty US states, tables that will allow the viewer to find out what jurisdiction actually held sway over, for instance, where a distant ancestor was actually born or died.  Interesting in itself, but sometimes absolutely necessary information that is needed to track down (often elusive) primary documentation of such events. 

   For instance, if family lore has it that many-times-great uncle Mortimer was born in Knoxville, TN in 1767, this would, perhaps, give one a starting point for looking for documentation of his life using birth records, tax records, census data, etc. in the present day Knox County government offices.  This would seem to be the only logical choice, unless one realized that in 1767, there was no city, town or even village of Knoxville, nor a Knox county, nor even a State of Tennessee. These areas were all part of the Washington District (later Washington County) in the state of North Carolina --with many records even today being held in Raleigh, NC as well as Knoxville, TN.  This opens up myriad new locations in which to conduct one's searches for those missing pieces of past family.   


- Robert J Boyce, Jr.