The BALCH Family

Thanks to "The Balch Family in America," by Galusha BALCH, 1897, we now know that Rev. Dr. Hezekiah BALCH, DD, and Hannah LEWIS were the parents of John Tennant BALCH.

John Tennant BALCH and Allie BADGER were the parents of Andrew Jackson BALCH.

Andrew Jackson BALCH and Amanda J. VOYLES were the parents of Samuel M. BALCH.

Andrew and Amanda BALCH's household was located in the 1870 census of Marion Co., IL:

Name               Age  Occupation   Birthplace

Andrew J. Balch     48    Farmer      TN
Amanda J.           36  Keepshouse    IL
Ann E.               7                IL
Samuel M.            6                IL

Amanda J. VOYLES and Andrew Jackson BALCH married 26 Jan 1860 (Source: Madison County Illinois Marriage Records Index: 1851-1865, Vol. 2, by Jane Shelley and Elsie M. Wasser).

1930 census, Dallas county, Texas
ED 57-103, Supv Dist 10, Sheet 11B

BALCH, Floyd R.      Head     Machinist, flooring  M W 32 M  OK  IL  AR
BALCH, Annie         wife     clerk, office        F W 26 M  LA  LA? MS
BALCH, Catherine     mother                        F W 58 WD AR  AL  MS
BALCH, Calvin        brother  checker, flooring    M W 24 S  TX  IL  AR
Conetser ?, Edith    boarder                       F W 25 S  LA  LA  LA

The 1920 census of Montgomery Co., TX (vol. 126, e.d. 115, sheet 5, line 5) lists the household of the adult Samuel M. BALCH:

	                   Birth   Father's     Mother's
Name             Race Age  place   Birthplace	Birthplace

Samuel M. Balch  W    56    IL        TN           IL
Ella K.          W    48    AR        AL           MS
Floyd R          W    23    OK        IL           AR
Ethel U          W    20    TX        IL           AR
Mamie Pearl      W    18    TX        IL           AR
Archie Jewel     W    16    TX        IL           AR
Calvin J         W    14    TX        IL           AR

Floyd R., C.J. and A.J. BALCH lived in Houston, TX at a later age (when they were adults); Mamie SKAINS lived in Trinity, TX, and Ethel CHANEY, in Iola, TX (as adults). One of the brothers (Calvin) and one of the sisters (Mamie?) had a twin who died at a very early age. Floyd was born in Indian Territory in 1896. He served during World War I in the 76th Balloon Company and died in Houston, Texas, on 7 December 1955.

1910 Trinity  county, Texas
Vol. 138, ED 115, Sheet 192

Name                Age  Occupation  Birth  Fatherís    Motherís
                                          birthplace  birthplace

BALCH, Samuel M. W  45   laborer/     IL       TN          IL
Katie            W  38                AR		
Floyd R.         S  13                OK       IL          AR
Ethel U.         D  11                TX       IL          AR
Mamie P.         D   9                TX       IL          AR
Archie J.        S   7                TX       IL          AR
Calvin           S   4                TX       IL          AR

Samuel worked in saw mills where he kept track of personnel records, specifically hours worked. He last worked in a saw mill around the Beaumont, TX, area.

1900 San Jacinto  county, Texas, Pct. 5
Vol. 95, ED 83, Sheet 7, Line 21

Name                    Age   Date of Birth   Birthplace
BALCH, Samuel   White   38      May 1862         IL
Ella            wife    29      April 1871       AR
Floyd           son      3      Sept. 1896    Indian Terr.
Ethel           daughter 1      March 1899       TX

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