Thomas CROW, Sr.
b. ca 1760
Elizabeth HARKINS
Francis CROW
b. 1785 SC
b. 1797 KY

Daniel Reid CROW___________m. 16 Mar 1843__________Sarah A. E. BODERY
b. 15 Oct 1823 AL                 |                b. 1 Feb 1824
|            |          |         |                   |
John F.   Evaline    Louiza      Asa Lafayette       Rufus
                                 b. 1846 AL
                                 (1) m. 1871        (2) m. 1/1/18__
                                 Mary Foree BETTS    Jennie RUSSELL
|              |              |            |               |            |
Abel Betts   Daniel Reid     M Foree       Asa Lee         Lucy     John Hebert
b. ca 1872   b. ca 1874      b. ca 1877    b. 8 Oct 1884   b. 1880
                                           Charleston, MS
                                           d. 13 Nov 1967 Galveston, TX
                                           m. 25 Apr 1911 Galveston, TX
                                           Margaret Jeannetta STAFFORD
                                           b. 26 Oct 1889 Galveston, TX
                                           d. 30 Apr 1973 Galveston, TX
                                           Mary Kate
                                           b. 1/22/1915 Galveston, TX
                                           d. 6/10/2001 Houston, TX
                                           m. 2/6/1937 Trinity Episcopal Church, Galveston, TX
                                           William S. SINCLAIR, Jr.
                                           b. 2/4/1913 Ft. Lawton, WA
                                           d. 5/10/1997 Houston, TX

The farthest back I have been able to research my branch of the CROW line is Thomas CROW, Sr. (b. ca 1760), who moved from South Carolina to Alabama in 1818. (It is said that my CROWs were in Virginia prior to South Carolina.) Francis CROW (b. 1785 SC) was issue from the marriage of Thomas CROW, Sr., to Elizabeth HARKINS. Daniel Reid CROW (b. 15 Oct 1823 AL) was issue from the union of Francis CROW and Elizabeth MATKIN (MADKIN)(b. 1797 KY).

Daniel Reid CROW married Sarah A. E. BODERY (b. 1 Feb 1824 AL). In the 1850 Census of Morgan Co., AL, this family is listed as follows:

Name                     Age            Birthplace

Crow, D. R.              27              AL
Crow, Sarah A. E.        26              AL
Crow, John F.             6              AL
Crow, Evaline             5              AL
Crow, Louiza              2              AL
Crow, Asa                 3              AL
Crow, Rufus               4/12           AL
Evans, Nancy              15             TN

D.R. CROW and Sarah BODERY married 16 Mar 1843 (Gandrud PJ: Alabama Records, Morgan Co., Vol. 105).

In the same 1850 census, Daniel's father's household is listed:

Name                      Age          place

Frances CROW              65            SC
Elizabeth                 53            KY
Celia S.                  22            AL
Susan                     17            AL

Asa Lafayette CROW (b. 1846 AL), son of Daniel R. and Sarah CROW, moved from Decatur, Morgan county, Alabama, to Mississippi with his brothers, Riley, Daniel, and George shortly after the Civil War. In 1871, Asa married Mary Foree BETTS in Charleston, Mississippi. They had 6 children: Abel, Daniel Reid, Asa Lee (born 1884), John Herbert, Foree and Lucy.

The 1880 census of Tallahatchie Co., MS, lists:

                                             Birth      Birth      Birth
Name       Age            Sex Occupation     place    of Father  of Mother

CROW, AL   33              M   Dry good Mkt   AL          AL         AL
CROW, MF*  28              F                  MS          CT         KY
CROW, AB    8              M                  MS          AL         MS
CROW, DR    6              M                  MS          AL         MS
CROW, MF    3              F                  MS          AL         MS
CROW, baby (b. May 1880)   F                  MS          AL         MS

Asa Lafayette CROW came to Charleston, MS following the Civil War and brought his brothers with him and educated them. He had a general store plus 6,000 acres of land that he owned with another man. His first marriage was to Mary Foree BETTS.

Asa Lee CROW, born 1884, would have been on the Tallahatchie county, MS, 1890 census. My mother often told me that his mother, Mary Foree BETTS CROW, had ESP and was known as being psychic. She died when Asa Lee was 4 years old. He was practically raised by his Aunt Kate Crow, sister of Mary Foree BETTS; she lived down the street and after his father remarried, Asa Lee would go there a lot. The two BETTS girls, Mary and Kate, married two CROW brothers.

Asa Lafayette remarried -- Virginia (Jennie) RUSSELL of Arkansas. The children from this second marriage were Van, Ruby May, Harry, Herbert, Russell and Louise.

Asa Lee CROW, son of Asa Lafayette and Mary CROW, left MS at age 14 and moved to Dallas, TX, to live in a boarding house with his older brother Reid CROW and work in the same grocery store. Asa Lee delivered groceries to customers. He evidently lost contact with his family in MS until after 1911 when he took his new bride Margaret Jeannetta STAFFORD (b. Galveston, TX) there to meet his family.

My mother tells the story of Asa Lee and Margaret, his new bride, camping out in tents with the Mississippi relatives. Margaret was a "city slicker" having never lived outside of Galveston, Texas. On this campout, the women were sleeping together in tents, and the men were in their own. During the night, Margaret heard noises which scared her. She yelled for her new husband and jumped in the tent with him. She was not used to cattle.

Asa Lee and Margaret CROW lived briefly in Tennessee. Margaret returned to Galveston, TX, for the birth of their firstborn, Mary Kate CROW b. 1/22/1915 Galveston, TX, d. 6/10/2001 Houston, TX. They lived the rest of their lives and died there where they are buried in the Episcopal Cemetary on Broadway. They were supportive members of Trinity Episcopal Church. Asa Lee was on the vestry and served in other capacities, and he and Margaret donated the altar in the sanctuary. Mary Kate donated stained glass windows in the chapel in her parents' honor.

Because Mary Kate had been Queen of the (Galveston) Mardi Gras and her parents had spent a lot of money on her gown, and a late-night breakfast with band for numerous guests, she and Dad were married in a simple ceremony. Mom wore a red suit with fur trim (she always expressed amusement that she was married in red). Guests who attended came by word-of-mouth. That day, they moved to Dallas, TX, where Mary Kate immediately had her new husband rearrange the furniture in their duplex on their wedding night. Their new neighbors threw a "shower" for them. Gifts were cans of food without labels. My parents would open the cans in preparation of a meal, not knowing if they would find dog food or tuna fish. My mother once tried to please her new husband by fixing one of his favorites: kidney stew. When my father approached their home, he said he could smell the ammonia two blocks away. Mom had bought a bull kidney and did not know she was supposed to get a calf kidney and to flush it out before preparing the dish. (These stories are courtesy of my mother.)

1930 CENSUS Galveston, Galveston county, Texas
ED 84-26, Supv Dist 27, Sheet 2A

CROW, Asa Lee            Head  Proprietor, lumber company  46  MS  AL  KY
CROW, Margaret           wife                              40  TX  LA  TX
CROW, Mary Kate          daughter                          15  TX  MS  TX
CROW, Asa Lee, Jr.       son                               8   TX  MS  TX
STAFFORD, William Maner  Father-in-law                     86  TX  MS  TX
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The majority of Crow and Stroup, South Carolina to Alabama--1818 has been transcribed to the web with the author's generous permission. Please investigate this book even if you do not have STROUP in your family history, as many other surnames are researched.

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