I am searching for the parents (and maiden name of the mother) of:

Ella Catherine (Catherine Ella?) GIBBINS, b. Apr 22 1871, Crawford county, AR, m. 1888 Indian Territory, Cherokee Nation, Samuel Marion BALCH (S. Byrd presided), d. Sep 16 1941, Houston, Harris county, TX.

Ella is found in the 1920 census of Montgomery Co., TX (vol. 126, e.d. 115, sheet 5, line 5):

	                   Birth   Father's     Mother's
Name             Race Age  place   Birthplace	Birthplace

Samuel M. Balch  W    56    IL        TN           IL
Ella K.          W    48    AR        AL           MS
Floyd R          W    23    OK        IL           AR
Ethel U          W    20    TX        IL           AR
Mamie Pearl      W    18    TX        IL           AR
Archie Jewel     W    16    TX        IL           AR
Calvin J         W    14    TX        IL           AR

Floyd R., C.J. and A.J. BALCH lived in Houston, TX, at a later age (when they were adults); Mamie SKAINS lived in Trinity, TX, and Ethel CHANEY, in Iola, TX (as adults). Ella GIBBINS Balch was a twin (twin was Samuel GIBBINS) and two sets of her children were twins: Calvin J. and Mamie. Their twin siblings died at a very young age. Floyd R. married Mary Sue BERRY and they had one son. Calvin J. married Ethel _______ and they had no issue. Mamie Pearl married Elmer SKAINS; their children were Catherine, Marion, Fred and Elmer Jr.

1910 Trinity  county, Texas
Vol. 138, ED 115, Sheet 192

Name                Age  Occupation  Birth  Fatherís    Motherís
                                          birthplace  birthplace

BALCH, Samuel M. W  45   laborer/     IL       TN          IL
Katie            W  38                AR		
Floyd R.         S  13                OK       IL          AR
Ethel U.         D  11                TX       IL          AR
Mamie P.         D   9                TX       IL          AR
Archie J.        S   7                TX       IL          AR
Calvin           S   4                TX       IL          AR

1900 San Jacinto  county, Texas, Pct. 5
Vol. 95, ED 83, Sheet 7, Line 21

Name                    Age   Date of Birth   Birthplace
BALCH, Samuel   White   38      May 1862         IL
Ella            wife    29      April 1871       AR
Floyd           son      3      Sept. 1896    Indian Terr.
Ethel           daughter 1      March 1899       TX

    The following three Robert GIBBINS are the father of Ella Catherine GIBBINS:

    1860 Fulton county, AR census:
    page 414

    *GIBBINS, Robert, male, 32, farmer, real estate $1000, personal $500, b. AL
    GIBBINS, Jane, female, 23, b. TN
    GIBBINS, Elizabeth, female, 4, b. AR
    GIBBINS, Sarah, female, 2, b. ?
    JONES, James L., male, 24, farm laborer, $400, $300, b. TN

    Jane's maiden name may have been BUTLER

    1870 Franklin, Fulton county, AR census:
    Year: 1870, Roll: M593_53, Page: 144, Image: 292

    Givens, R C, b. Alabama, 43
    Givens, Robert F., b. Arkansas, 7
    Givens, Louisa Mack, b. MS 36
    Givens, Elisabeth, b. Arkansas, 8
    Givens, Elisabeth, b. Arkansas, 13
    Givens, Sarah, 12, b. Arkansas
    Givien, Thomas, 9, b. Arkansas
    Givens, Robert F, b. Arkansas, 7
    Givens, Louisa, b. Arkansas, 2
    Givens, Mary, b. Arkansas, 6/12
    Givens, Hubert, b. Mississippi, 14
    Givens, Jefferson, b. Mississippi, 11
    Givens, Joseph, b. Mississippi, 12

    1880 Montague county, TX census:
    ED 122, Page 428

    *GIBBINS, Robert C., white, male, 52, ?farmer?, b. AL, father b. GA, mother b. GA
    Thomas, male, 19, son, b. AR, father b. AL, mother b. TN
    Franklin, male, 17, son, b. AR, father b. AL, mother b. TN
    Samuel, male, 9, son, b. AR, father b. AL, mother b. TN
    Catherine, female, 9, daughter, b. AR, father b. AL, mother b. TN
    Eliza, female, 6, daughter, b. AR, father b. AL, mother b. TN

    Note: Catherine, in the 1880 census above, I am certain is my husband's p. grandmother for whom I have been searching. Catherine not only is the right age, and born in AR, but twins run in the family (Catherine later had two sets of twins).

    There are other GIBBINS that live close to them on this 1880 Montague co., TX census. I do not know if they are related:

    ED 122, page 429

    GIBBINS, Jesse P, white, male, 21, farmer, b. AR, father b. TN, mother b. TN
    GIBBINS, Robert F., white, male, 18, farmer, b. AR, father b. TN, mother b. TN

    ED 122, page 426

    The following family in Adair county, OK, are the brother, nephew, and niece of Ella K. (Catherine) GIBBINS, based on information received from a family member:

    1920 Census, Adair county, OK
    Vol. 1, ED 2, Sheet 3, Line 39
                                                     father mother
    Name                 Age               Race Born  born   born
    GIBBINS, Samuel E. M 49 rented widowed  W   AR     AR     AR
    GIBBINS, Troy      M 19                Son  MO     AR     AR
    GIBBINS, Ella      F 13                Dau  OK     US     US

    This family lived in Westville, Adair county, OK. Troy was married to Lula (maiden name unknown), an American Indian, who had a Cherokee arts and crafts shop (Lu Lu Gibbins Shop) on 59 Hwy South (Rt. 2, Box 90) in Westville, OK. Lula lived until at least the early 1960's and her maiden name is unknown.

    Ella GIBBINS, Troy's sister, married _____ PHILLIPS; she moved to WA after her husband died.

    I do not know if the following family is connected with our BALCH/GIBBINS families, but they are in the right county and state at the right time, and I hope to find out whether or not there is a relationship:

    1870 Crawford county, Arkansas (Van Buren), page 246
    Name                   Age   Sex   Race                Birthplace
    GIBBINS, Charlotte?     33    F     W    Keeping house      AL
    Jno.                    20    M     W    Farm laborer       AL
    Lucy                    15    F     W                       AR
    Elin ?                  13    M     W                       AR
    N.E. (W.E.?)            10    F     W                       AR

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