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Iasiah Seth STAFFORD, b. 13 May 1808 SC d. 6 May 1862 and Jeannetta KIRKLAND, b. 27 Dec 1819 d. 24 Sept 1870. His parents were Leroy STAFFORD and Rachael Providence AUDEBERT, both of SC. Her parents were Edward KIRKLAND (of LA), whose parents were Sarah HAY and Jesse KIRKLAND, and Celeste BAILLIO (of LA), whose parents were August BAILLIO and Amelia LESSARD.

VEDDER-STAFFORD fiftieth wedding anniversary. Numbers 16 and 22 are the celebrating couple. Photo taken in Galveston, Texas.

Jacob Suydam VEDDER

Julia VEDDER, only sister of Jacob Suydam VEDDER

Julia STAFFORD, married Brewer W. KEY , philanthropist of children of Galveston, Texas. Julia was the sister of Kate, Seth, Earl and Margaret Jeannetta STAFFORD

My maternal grandmother, Margaret Jeannetta STAFFORD, dressed in her brother's (Seth STAFFORD) clothes, in backyard of her parents' home. I was told she felt SO wicked!

Margaret Jeannetta STAFFORD Crow, wife of Asa Lee CROW Sr. (ca. 1911), sister of Kate, Earl, Seth, and Julia STAFFORD. Date of photo unknown.

Margaret Jeannetta STAFFORD Crow, sister of Kate, Earl, Seth, and Julia STAFFORD. Date of photo unknown.

Kate STAFFORD, sister of Earl, Seth, Julia and Margaret Jeannetta STAFFORD. She married John D. Featherstone, Sr. Her nieces and nephews knew her as "Nanny." They had two sons: the elder, John D. Featherstone, died at age 17 years from bleeding to death from an accidental gunshot wound while hunting. He dropped his gun and the discharge hit him in the leg. His friends knew nothing about tourniquets and applying pressure and he bled to death while they rushed him back to Galveston. Nanny never got over this terrible loss. (Source: Mary Kate Crow Sinclair) Another photo of John D. as an infant

H. Kirkland STAFFORD (need to find out where fits in family--probably through the BAILLIO or KIRKLAND families.

Jno. L. SPURLIN, married Margaret "Maggie" VEDDER

Kate VEDDER, married Col. William Maner STAFFORD--parents of Kate, Earl, Seth, Julia, and Margaret Jeannetta STAFFORD. Kate had "goiter."

Maner STAFFORD, son of William Maner STAFFORD and Kate VEDDER, with Aunt Mirah. A former slave is buried in the STAFFORD plot in the Episcopal Cemetery in Galveston, Texas; I wonder if she is Aunt Mirah. My mother said she chose to stay with the family when freed.

Maner STAFFORD, son of William Maner STAFFORD and Kate VEDDER. He died when a young child, not much older than the age in this photo.

William Maner STAFFORD, Confederate soldier. Ended up a colonel. He was in the Battle of Galveston (TX), and Battle of Poison Springs, AR

William Maner STAFFORD, Confederate soldier. Man on his left is unknown.

William Maner STAFFORD, Confederate soldier

Three STAFFORD brothers of the Confederacy. Number 3, my grandfather William Maner STAFFORD, was known as "the Boy Soldier." Mickle Wm E, Well Known Confederate Veterans and Their War Records, Vol. I, New Orleans, LA: Wm. E. Mickle, April 9, 1907, page 69.

I found the preface to be interesting:

"In presenting this work to the public I cannot refrain from expressing surprise at the lack of interest which the Veterans have shown in the book. It was to be expected that the number who would insert portraits would necessarily be limited; but that so few should have responded to the circular asking that war records be sent in is a matter difficult to comprehend. It is possiblly to be accounted for by reason of the advanced age of the Veterans, and the little and brief interest they show in any matter.

"Of late, however, a desire to insert portraits and records has been manifested, but the long-delayed publication could not be deferred to accommodate these parties. It has been decided, then, to issue a second volume of the work if there should be found a number interested sufficient to warrent such an undertaking. Those who contemplate taking advantage of this offer should at once communicate with me."

Wm. E. Mickle
New Orleans, La.,
April 9, 1907

Col. William Maner STAFFORD, dapper gentleman

Col. William Maner STAFFORD as a younger man, possibly ca. 1900)

Col. William Maner STAFFORD(ca. 1925), father of Margaret Jeanetta STAFFORD

Col. William Maner STAFFORD, father of Margaret Jeanetta STAFFORD. Photo taken by Morris' Studio, Galveston, TX, evidently for History of Galveston. When a child, my mother, Mary Kate Crow, loved crawling in bed with her Grandpa. He would talk about his experiences in the Civil War as a Confederate soldier. Being a child, Mom was not interested--she just loved the time with her Grandpa. As an adult, she wished she had listened (don't we all).

Near the Cathedral Door, written by Katharine VEDDER Pauls. It is about Col. William Maner STAFFORD and his respect for his mother's Roman Catholic faith. Just about every time my mother and I passed by that church in Galveston, she told me of her grandfather's mother being Roman Catholic and his father being Episcopalian. When they married, they decided to raise every other child Episcopalian; however I saw recently copies of baptismal records for some of the siblings. I guess it was my great grandfather's lot to be raised Episcopalian.

Col. William Maner STAFFORD, father of Margaret Jeanetta STAFFORD.

Isaac "Ike" STAFFORD, Confederate soldier--brother of William Maner and Josiah Seth STAFFORD

Isaac "Ike" STAFFORD, Confederate soldier--brother of William Maner and Josiah Seth STAFFORD. A note on back states, "With love to Kate - who is a 'good one' and buried several of my family and maybe have to do same to me. I.C.S." Kate is most likely his sister-in-law, Kate VEDDER Stafford (Mrs. William Maner)

Charles BROWN, child of Milton BROWN and Grace (?) VEDDER.

Margaret Jeannetta STAFFORD. Born in Galveston, b. 10/26/1889 d. 4/30/1973, survived the 1900 Storm, died in Galveston. Photo by Willyerd 2215 Market Street, Galveston, ca. 1890's?. My mother often told me that boys would come to her house to visit--to visit my grandmother, not my mother.

Mary Kate CROW, perhaps around 1925, with sibling.

Mary Kate CROW. Born 1/22/1915, Galveston, Texas, died 6/10/2001, Houston, Texas.

(ca. 1930). Daughter of Asa Lee CROW Sr. and Margaret Jeannetta STAFFORD; wife of William Stanley SINCLAIR, Jr.

Mary Kate Crow Sinclair at tomb of her great-great-grandfather, Leroy Augustus STAFFORD, Greenwood Plantation, Cheneyville, LA, April 1982

Mary Kate Crow SINCLAIR, January 2001

Obituary of Mary Kate Crow SINCLAIR.

Asa Lee Crow and Col. Wm. M. Stafford in front of the latter's home

Mary Kate Crow toddler

Seth Stafford and daughter Betty

Sources: VEDDER/STAFFORD Bible, family papers, family tradition, Federal censuses.

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